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A blog that details the newspaper articles and events as they occur in Pudgyville.


12/28/20 (Article #407)
Deep Navel Divas to Pursue Official Town
Bouncy Love and Overflowing Love have opted to depart from Pudgyville in order to make their own town. "We figure the odds just aren't in our favor to find someone with our kinks. Plus, it seems like we're the ultimate oddballs out of the town as a whole. It's nothing the town or its residents did that made us want to leave. We just feel we'd be better off making our own town. This way, residents can continue their lives the way the want," explained Bouncy Love. Overflowing Love said their town will be called "Navelle" as a reference to their kinks but have agreed to stay for a farewell party from the town.
12/6/20 (Article #406)
Tubby Teacher Seeking Hefty Help
Ms. Sheila has found it difficult to run the school by herself during the day. "The daily routine of moving from class to class is proving difficult for me. I think it's just finally set in that it's a difficult task to run a building. I'd like to find ponies that can run the behind-the-scenes stuff and someone to help me while I teach," explained Ms. Sheila. Sarah said she has opted to help out but Ms. Sheila says she's looking for a higher ranking individual to fill the void.
11/28/20 (Article #405)
Plump Perfume Princess Booty Bell Broken
Sweet Aroma's new bell has taken a beating this week. "I just couldn't help myself. It's such a realistic replica of her booty and I'd come in and smack it just for that pleasure. Then it stopped ringing for good and I thought it was just temporary. Now it seems like it never rings at all," explained Darling Diamond. Sweet Aroma says it's perhaps inevitable that something like this would happen but wishes she'd gone with the more robust option. Darling Diamond says she'll ask for a replacement from Mrs. Jiggle as soon as possible.
11/20/20 (Article #404)
See-Through Sweety Seeks to Scan Scandalous School
Pop Drops has agreed to take a closer look at the school giving the town so much trouble. "I feel I can do it given I'm practically see-through anyway, or at least look like it. I just need some tweaks to hide myself more. I know it won't be easy, even if I'm successful at becoming even less visible but I'm willing to try for my town," said Pop Drops. Eduardo says it's a possibility but they'll have to somehow change her eyes and hair so they're less obvious.
11/5/20 (Article #403)
Flirty Fabrics Finds Fault for Custom Clothing
Mocha and Rotundity have taken a closer look at the machine that gives them the bad messages. "They're randomly generated from a list and we didn't notice it before but the original menu can be briefly seen before it switches over. This tells us that the machine has been reprogrammed to give a message anyway but it's not a perfect overwrite," explained Rotundity. Mocha says they'll see if they can get it to change back, perhaps at the moment of the switch so that it stays customizable.
11/4/20 (Article #402)
Big Brown Boy Aims for Cheerleader Academy
Truffle has opted to start an academy for cheerleading and feels he knows where to find them. "Of course, I am pretty girly already so I think I have a good idea of what to look for in a real cheerleader. Why else did I pick to be one for Naughty Night? Besides, It'll be fun and sexy to see both my lovely cake eater and others show what they can do," explained Truffle. Mocha says she'll try out but thinks it'll be funny to see her taking requests from the girliest male pony in town.
10/27/20 (Article #401)
Sexy Singer Performs Perfectly for Pudgyville
Songbird Serenade, in spite of the rocky start, has perfomed without a hitch on stage. "She didn't use the song she was known for, just to see if something new would get them to appreciate her. It was actually pretty nice. No telling what the song she was known for was like, though," remarked Mocha. Fatlight says she was awestruck that her friend was able to do so well after everything that happened. Rotundity says they saw her prior to the show to help get her spirits up.
10/19/20 (Article #400)
Deep Navel Divas Aim for Sexiness on Screen
Bouncy Love and Overflowing Love have opted to try out having a movie made. "We're thinking something along the lines of being giants and having someone smaller in our navels as a punishment or something. We're not all that good with the ideas," explained Bouncy Love. Overflowing Love said they'll have to think about it more before they can bring the idea to be produced. Angel Float says she might be able to provide something for them to use during the movie.
10/11/20 (Article #399)
Flirty Fabrics Custom Clothing Delayed
Mocha and Rotundity's custom clothing suffered a delay due to malfunctioning equipment. "Unfortunately, I can't print any more custom shirts due to the equipment I use putting out vulgar messages and only those types of messages. I don't know what's wrong with it because it was fine just a few days ago. I don't want customers going home with that type of message, especially if it's not what they wanted," stated Mocha. Rotundity says there's probably foul play involved but she doesn't have the slightest clue whom might be responsible.
10/3/20 (Article #398)
Plump Perfume Princess Adds Big Booty Bell
Sweet Aroma has added a sexy way to further attract customers to her store. "It now features a replica of my big booty that is used as as bell. You might say it's a bell bottom. Figured I needed some incentive for when I'm in the back and customers are waiting. It's loud enough so I can hear it. I had Mrs. Jiggle make it for me, given she does sculpting and everything," stated Sweet Aroma. Darling Diamond says she adores the booty bell as she calls it since she can now see her best friend's booty, even if she's not in the room.
9/25/20 (Article #397)
Shiny Sweety Brings Color to Luscious Lotion
Jelly Belle Lee has invented lotion that changes color with application. "Each formula is different so it'll change color based on your own body color. I've dubbed it "Color On" with the color's name underneath so for me, I'd probably choose Color On: Red," explained Jelly Belle Lee. Residents says they're willing to give it a shot but aren't sure whether it's better than what they already have. Jelly Belle Lee says samples are available to try out as usual.
9/17/20 (Article #396)
Rotund Relics Prove Puzzling for Fatty Fossil Finder
Shellabye has looked at the fossils she found of The Luscious Lollipop's family and is still scratching her head as to what they're all about. "It's like the fossils aren't willing to give up any details. I hope they're simply too old and too worn away to reveal anything. I think we'd all like to know about The Luscious Lollipop's family but I haven't gotten any clues yet," explained Shellabye. Ms. Sheila says she'll look into them as well to see if she can help.
9/9/20 (Article #395)
Starry Sweetie Returns with Plenty of Photos
Glamour Giggle has returned to Pudgyville with lots of pictures she took from various places on her tour. "There's so many photos I put them together in bundles. Just about everywhere I went there was something to photograph. Of course, I'd also stop for lunch and dinner along the way but I'd take a photo first if I felt like it," explained Glamour Giggle. Nibble Knick-Knack says he's intrigued by the new faces and buildings that have appeared since they were last here. Glamour Giggle says she plans to stay a few days before returning to her tours.
9/1/20 (Article #394)
Family Feud Resolved with Big Booty Battle
Marie and Jingle Jangle Belle settled their feud over Bongo Belle with a Booty Battle earlier this week "I won out but not by much. Bongo Belle's sister really has quite the booty and I'm sure she was determined to win so that I wouldn't get to keep Bongo Belle at my place," explained Marie. Jingle Jangle Belle says that although she isn't happy with the result of the Booty Battle, she's willing to let Marie have him provided that Bongo Belle is not harmed or changed in any way.
8/20/20 (Article #393)
Celebrity Singer Proves Problematic with Fatty Six
Songbird Serenade has been found by the Fatty Six, whom were shocked to see her in that condition, much as she was to see them in their condition. "We're not sure why she's here, or why she's fat like us but I suppose she's thinking the same about us. It seems she's unwittingly caused issues with the town's adored band already. I think she just wants to join the frey but it doesn't seem like the residents here really know what to do with her," explained Fatlight. Porky Pie says maybe the two of them can each have a performance to share the space independently so that those that want to see Flutter Fun and her band can see her and those that want to see Songbird Serenade perform can do so. Eduardo is unsure how to resolve the issue considering he doesn't want to be biased towards Flutter Fun and her band even though they were there first.
8/4/20 (Article #392)
Sexy Sweetie Has Handy Hottie Mom?
Angel Float, whom has intrigued residents with her navel's abilities appears to have a mom with similar handiness. "My mom is similar to me but works with tools intead of electronics. For instance, her navel lets her hold screws and such. The two of us could really get jobs done quickly," explained Angel Float. Mrs. Float says that none of her attachments are compatible with Angel Float's but adds that some of her attachments aren't quite enough to hold some of what they're intended to hold.
7/31/20 (Article #391)
Plump Psychiatrist Seeks Deeper Insight
Nimble Sweet went to the Love Hande family to find out info that could finish connecting the dots regarding their origins. "Luscious Love and Boundless Love don't have the same navels as the other two so maybe they're connected in a different way? They both seem to also have special properties that aren't related to the other two at all. It's probably a bigger mystery than the one I'm hoping to solve more quickly with the other two," stated Nimble Sweet. Luscious Love and Boundless Love say that with the info found with the other two, it's possible that each of them got a piece of the special properties of their parents, or someone else in their past.
7/27/20 (Article #390)
Fatty Six Give Sweet Talker Tubby Trials
Earlier this week, Sugar Love told the Fatty Six he was looking for a mare to be with and was met with a trial from each of them to see how he faired which'd also help potentially identify the right pony for him to be with. "We put him through a variety of ways to test him such as romance dates, general day outs and more physical activities. He did manage to do well in these events and was very charming when he was with us. He even complimented on how big we were. I'm not sure which one of us will end up getting him, if any," stated Fatlight. Rotundity says they need to narrow down which of them would be right for him by asking him questions for what he's looking for.
7/23/20 (Article #389)
Celebrity Singer Causes Chubby Confusion
Residents were met with a pony they'd never seen before that is a well-known singer elsewhere. "Her name is apparently Songbird Serenade but I don't know how she can see underneath her mane. Plus I'm not too sure I like the look of her as a whole," remarked Mocha. Jasmine said Flutter Fun was confused as well in that now her band had possible competition that could ruin their future. Songbird Serenade said she dropped by to see what her friends had been up to since the Festival of Friendship and had gained weight since the event.
7/19/20 (Article #388)
Rotund Residents Celebrate Plump Progress
With Thindependence Day this year, residents used the holiday to honor themselves for their weight gain accomplishements. "We'd all worked hard to gain enough weight to be ready for the battle with Pon-Evil and I think for residents like Bob that weren't thrilled in having to gain weight, this gave them another reason to be happy now that it was all done. Bob, Darren and Kyle said that if it makes those they admire love them more in return, they may end up keeping the extra weight.
7/15/20 (Article #387)
Sexy Sweetie Mysteriously Missing
Rotundity has found that she cannot find Sweetie Belle anywhere. "I've looked everywhere I can think of and she's not anywhere. I do hope she hasn't run off somewhere, or worse," remarked Rotundity. Fatlight says she and the others will try and strategize where else to look, or even if there's a culprit behind the matter. Flippy said she fears that whomever sent the filly school flyers may have taken her in response to a lack of willing to visit the school by request. Eduardo says the only way to find out for sure would be to visit the school but he's unsure that's a good idea since he went there previously and felt lucky he wasn't spotted.
7/11/20 (Article #386)
Fatty Forecaster Reveals Hefty Husband
Thunder Light has revealed that she's already in a relationship with another pony. "His name is Cloudy Jolt and he'd be someone that would fit well here due to his size. He of course loves weather too, more specifically the bad kind but at the moment is too far away to come here," explaind Thunder Light. Residents say they love his physique and wish they could see him in the flab.
7/7/20 (Article #385)
Plump Psychiatrist Finds Fascinating Facts
Nimble Sweet has made discoveries that link the navel beauties together. "Why didn't I think of it before? The reason behind their navels' designs is because of a genetic mutation. Of course, it doesn't start out that way but over time, the navel will change shape if the individual gains weight. The way it changes depends on the individual. It also depends on how and whether or not the individual plays with their navel during that time. It seems that their own actions helped determine what navel design they got as a result. Of course, their interest behind it all is another mystery I hope to solve, preferably more quickly," explained Nimble Sweet. Bouncy Love and Overflowing Love say his explanation makes sense but doesn't solve the discrepency for their kinks being slightly different.
7/3/20 (Article #384)
Mayor's Maid Has Plump Pool Party
Eduardo's wife and maid Michelle has invited the town over for a pool party. "I don't think anyone from here has seen what our house looks like, though maybe the previous residents did. Either way, I thought we should invite them over for some sexy fun," explained Michelle. Eduardo says it was a nice break from his usual routine and he made sure that he could monitor things while the others had fun. Mocha says there was plenty of room in the pool despite everyone's size.
6/29/20 (Article #383)
Big Belly Berry Shows Support for Sugar Love
Berry Cutie, whom previously had issues gaining weight is showing an appreciation for Sugar Love. "I don't know what it is but I like him. Maybe it's his sweet talking nature? Either way, I'm sure he'll be all over it since that's what he's looking for," explained Berry Cutie. Sugar Love says he was more interested in the Fatty Six but may come back to her if things don't work out.
6/25/20 (Article #382)
Rotund Residents Ready for Big Belly Battle
Flippy Dove Treat has finally finished the preparations and battle strategies. "It was a lot of hard work but the town's actual fatties were able to coach them through to reach the weight goal. They're all at Mocha's weight, which should be sufficient. We also have a plan B ready in case this one doesn't work. We just haven't yet decided when we want to start the battle," explained Flippy. Galapeno says Darren fattened up more to her liking and is hoping he stays this big even after the battle is won.
6/21/20 (Article #381)
Anti-Surprise Sweetie Reveals Sorrowful Story
Summer Surprise has come out to explain why she hates surprises so much. "It all started when I was little. My parents never knew what to get me but at the time, I was excited for the holidays and the goodies I would get. Unfortunately, each year was a disappointment so each year, I got less and less excited for gifts until I decided one day to just not accept any of them and just have the surprise told to me. I felt it was much better that way and got so angry about being surprised that anyone I heard doing a surprise would get pounced on by me and ordered to reveal the surprise anyway. It's a bit ironic that I'd be the one to reveal a surprise when I'm the one that hates when others do it. I figured it was time to tell my story," explained Summer Surprise sadly. Residents say that they don't condone anything Summer Surprise did in the past or may do in the future but want to do everything they can to make sure any surprises she gets are exciting enough.
6/17/20 (Article #380)
Plump Preschool Show Interrupcts Sexy Superhero Show
Residents watching their beloved TV show got a completely different show partway through, leaving them disappointed and/or wondering what happened. "The new show featured someone named Polka Bee and she was teaching various things a filly would learn like the alphabet and such. None of us needed to learn that so it's strange that it would show here, especially since Eduardo said he fixed the issue with the TV being able to be interrupted by outside parties. Eduardo says he'll have to strengthen the block against outside parties so that it's virtually impossible for threats to get in.
5/24/20 (Article #379)
Gorgeous Glowing Beauty Makes Remarkable Reveal
Summer Sun Glow, whom is known for her body glowing at night has revealed another spectacle at night. "If my body is under the moon during a lunar eclipse, then my body will glow red orange and yellow. It practically amplifies the colors of the eclipse so the rest of us can see it better," explained Summer Sun Glow. Residents say her entire body was red, orange and yellow for the time the eclipse occured and they took photos of her at the best parts of the event.
5/12/20 (Article #378)
Malicious Magazine Stopped and Shredded
Eduardo has taken care of the nightmare regarding Criminal Obesity, the magazine that has plagued residents for weeks by bringing it to their police force and locating the owner responsible. "We should've thought about this sooner but I felt it was equally important to put a stop to the operation first so that they couldn't make any more magazine issues. Otherwise, we'd have to shred every issue that is released and none of us want to even see the cover no matter how benign it may appear to be," explained Eduardo. Ms. Sheila says she's greatful that she'll never have to see the unsightly magazine anymore and can move on with her life.
4/30/20 (Article #377)
Malicious Magazine Stopped and Shredded
Eduardo has taken care of the nightmare regarding Criminal Obesity, the magazine that has plagued residents for weeks by bringing it to their police force and locating the owner responsible. "We should've thought about this sooner but I felt it was equally important to put a stop to the operation first so that they couldn't make any more magazine issues. Otherwise, we'd have to shred every issue that is released and none of us
want to even see the cover no matter how benign it may appear to be," explained Eduardo. Ms. Sheila says she's greatful that she'll never have to see the unsightly magazine anymore and can move on with her life.
4/16/20 (Article #376)
Fatty Six Make Flabulous Film
Pudgyville's Fatty Six have decided to make a film that explains the full story of how they became to be fat. "It's not going to include anything before that, just the goods for what this town would look for. We thought it'd be fun to share our story with the others as the interview we had was actually longer than what the town's newspaper put out," explained Fatlight. Rotundity says they'll love the progression photos of each of
them lined up to show how they grew over time. Fattyshy says her part of the film will probably be a bit more tenatitve regarding her weight.
3/31/20 (Article #375)
Tubby Student Teacher Takes Final Step to Rotund Relationship
Marie has taken the last step to make her relationship with Bongo Belle final. "Yes I know it's not the marriage anyone would've expected but he's sweet once you get past his rowdiness. He's not afraid to sing in public either and once you get used to it, it's not so bad, even if he's not all that good at it," explained Marie. Jingle Jangle Belle says it's not only what she didn't expect but not what she had in mind either and is willing to have a talk with Marie about the ordeal. Marie has also assured that this will not impact her time at Ms. Sheila's school, though it may require some adjustments to be made in order to accomodate for Bongo Belle being there.
3/13/20 (Article #374)
Fatty Forecaster Adds Luscious Lecture to Chubby College
Thunder Light asked Ms. Sheila if she could do a lecture on weather for the class and was accepted. "She assured me it was related to the town's philosophy but while I was intrigued, the class really wasn't until they saw the various cloud formations," explained Ms. Sheila. Thunder Light said the class got better as her lecture went on and was only intending on one lecture so that Ms. Sheila's college day wasn't entirely interrupted.
2/26/20 (Article #373)
Belly Button Beauties Prove Puzzling for Plump Psychiatrist
Nimble Sweet has tried to learn about the town's navel duo but has become puzzled about their history. "These two puzzle me as much as they intrigue. They said it kind of "runs in the family" but there's nothing more they can tell me beyond that and researching their navels for clues doesn't help either," expxlained Nimble Sweet. Bouncy Love and Overflowing Love say they had to hold back emotions for when their navels was being toyed wth so the work could be done but say it was a literal pleasure helping to solve the mystery. Nimble Sweet added that he may see the other members of the family to look for clues there.