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A blog that details the newspaper articles and events as they occur in Pudgyville.


8/31/19 (Article #376)
Sexy Sweetie Proves to be Dentally Challenged
Pudgyville's next resident has revealed a hatred for dental products. It's hard for us to get near her because of her yellow teeth and bad breath. We want to be her friend and make her more enjoyable to be around but she won't listen," explained Galapeno. Summer Sunshine Sweetie says she's alwasy been this way because she's had to go visit the dentist every year and never had any hygiene products that tasted good. Eduardo says he advised her to see Mrs. Darling Diamond for proper care but was told she had no interest in seeing any dentist.
8/25/19 (Article #375)
Big Belly Band Adds Plump Participation
Residents got an unexpected surprise when Flutter Fun and her band opted to allow 1 of them to perform in their next song if they win the contest. "It's a fun way to be with the band the love so much. Of course, we'll have to train them in singing and all that but when they're part of the band, I don't think they'll have too much of a problem with that," explained Flutter Fun. Flutter Fun also said that the contest also includes a free copy of their next album when it's done.
8/19/19 (Article #374)
Rotund Residents Blamed for Fatty Fanart
The newest issue of Criminal Obestiy blames the residents for the fanart. "This one is the most outrageous issue yet because why would we do fanart of each other using a concept we didn't understand?" questioned Mocha. Eduardo says the magazine needs to stop coming here because it's not at all supportive of the town's philosphy and puts them in a bad light when it's totally uncalled for. Jasmine has suggested letting the police know about this so they can investigate further.
8/10/19 (Article #373)
Rump Restaurant Using Big Booty for Sexy Signature
Sweetheart Summer, known for her special incentive for when customers stop by and of course her rump-shaped restaurant, has opted for an additional incentive for when customers finish up. "All they have to do is slap my booty where the black line is. It's sexier than having them actually sign something and they can always opt to do it the regular way if they want to. For those interested, I also allow the belly to be slapped in the same way. I take a photo for them to keep as proof that they signed. Of course, I still get money anyway," explained Sweetheart Summer. Residents say it's a great idea to get customers and wish they'd thought of it themselves. Sweet Aroma says she wouldn't be able to make it work very well because of her physique.
8/6/19 (Article #372)
Rotund Rollercoaster Gets Voluptuous Vandalism
Jello Jiggle's rollercoaster has been vandalized overnight. "It now says "You must be this fat to ride this rollercoaster" but I never put that there. It's open to everyone and it explains why I suddenly stopped getting the usual number of ponies to take a ride. I don't even charge much for tickets. It seems like some strange bit of humor given most of us are fat but it's not good for my business," explained Jello Jiggle. Juicy Jiggle says the "artist" didn't seem to care about the rollercoaster, or how to even get their proportions right in the drawing but says the sign will now need to be replaced as it cannot be read anymore.
8/2/19 (Article #371)
Fatty Forecaster adds Weight to Weather Wonders
The newest pony brings capabilities residents haven't seen before, notably revealing cloud formations and such. "It doesn't seem like those here often look up at the sky to see what clouds form and that's a shame because there's formations that I think they'd enjoy seeing if they knew," explained Thunder Light. Thunder Light also said that while weather is generally pretty nice here, she'll stick around to try and help the residents see what she's talking about.
7/29/19 (Article #370)
Fatty Fanart Proves Strange Yet Sexy
Residents have found a new site called Plumper where they can see art made by others and one has gotten there interest for a few reasons. "It features what the title and descriptions say is us but in a way we've never seen before. We don't know exactly what to make of it, other than that they're also fat so they must be us in a different form," explained Mocha. Truffle says the artwork captured him in a way he never thought was possible. Ms. Sheila says that although they don't fully understand what the artwork depicts, they still love them because it shows there are those out there that are fans.
7/27/19 (Article #369)
Plump Panty Princess Confirmed for Next Performance
Galapeno and her mom have agreed that Chatrina is ready to try out at their next performance. "She's really come a long way since we first saw her dancing post-weight loss. She can really get down in every sense of the phrase and since she's now more nimble and really into dancing. it should be quite the show. She's been waiting long enough anyway so we figured it was time to give her a shot," stated Mrs. Spice. Galapeno says she's looking forward to Chatrina's first performance to see how the others react. Chatrina says she won't be able to sleep much in the days leading up to it but will still try to practice at home.
7/25/19 (Article #368)
Plump Psychiatrist Targets Big Belly Button Beauties
Nimble Sweet has made the Handle Family his first stop on the tubby tour to understand a variety of things about them, given that they're so unique. "It intrigued me more than the regular fatties here that they have unusual navels that none of the others have here, not to mention the duo that have special fantasies with them. It'll be exciting to find out more about all this and maybe help them better understand themselves in the process," stated Nimble Sweet. Luscious Love and Boundless Love say they're honored to be first in line for the event and wonder if anything else can be revealed about their past.
7/23/19 (Article #367)
Big Booty Building Selling Custom Sexiness
Flirty Fabrics has added customizable clothing that is done and paid for at the counter. "It's a fun way to get something you want when nothing you want is available. Plus I'm sure we all have things we'd like to have done or said on clothing. It's also easy for us too since we just have them blank and then you tell us that you want it customized. It doesn't cost much more than the shirt itself," explained Rotundity. Mocha says she's already made one for herself and her boyfriend. Residents say it's something that they're excited for since now they can literally buy what they want.
7/21/19 (Article #366)
Scandalous School's Mystery Flyers Relate to Rotund Resident
Eduardo has realized that the reason they're getting the flyers at all is because of Sweetie Belle being here. "They think she's still a filly and are trying to get her to take part in the school. Well that's up to Rotundity to decide and I have a feeling she won't be so keen on letting Sweetie Belle stay at the school after she's found out what's believed to be going on," noted Eduardo. Rotundity says she's already said no to Sweetie Belle going to the school as the very idea just isn't what she had in mind. However, she is considering on letting Sweetie Belle join Ms. Sheila's school in the future.
7/19/19 (Article #365)
Big Belly Dancer Teaches Fatty Six
Bouncy Buns, known for her love of belly dancing, has agreed to teach the Fatty Six how to do it. "They're quite lovely at their size, though I had to teach outside since I was worried how things would go indoors. It made for a better spectacle anyway as there was plenty of fat in motion," stated Bouncy Buns. Rotundity says it felt great to just shake every part of her body after days of selling merchandise at Flirty Fabrics among other things. Fatlight says the show was also uploaded to Voluptuous Videos so that others can watch it in case they missed it.
7/17/19(Article #364)
Rotund Residents Get Plump Psychiatrist
A new pony has arrived with an interest in finding out what's going on in the heads of the residents. "I am Nimble Sweet, a pony that has a passion for learning what's going on in the minds of fattened ponies. Fattened ponies offer more than a typical pony because they don't follow the norm of others. It's much more intriguing to see how they fit in with the other cases I've had," explained Nimble Sweet. Residents say they welcome him and are interested to see what he thinks of their overall ways of life.
7/15/19 (Article #363)
Plump Perfume Princess Surprises with Surplus in Sales
Sweet Aroma's business has gone way up since she returned to selling and making perfume. "I'm sure my physique has something to do with it but the perfume is obviously why most are coming here. My samples are a huge hit with customers. I'm guessing stocks got low where they were getting them previously and/or got too expensive. Whatever the reason, I'm happy to be back," stated Sweet Aroma. Darling Diamond says she pounced on top of Sweet Aroma when she heard the news and is super excited to see her glorious jiggly rump back again in close proximity.
7/13/19(Article #362)
Big Belly Boy Makes Plump Proposal to Belly Button Beauties
Sugar Love, whom is known for his sweet talking attitude has proposed to both Bouncy Love and Overflowing Love. "He's sweet but not whom either of us is looking for so we turned him down. He seemed to enjoy our sizes, too. Maybe if I wasn't looking for a fat male with a deep belly button, I could take him but it's not meant to be," explained Bouncy Love. Overflowing Love says she recommended going to see the Fatty Six as there's six of them to find a mate and are less specific for dates.
7/11/19 (Article #361)
Scandalous School Makes Rotund Reveal
The school teacher revealed herself on a new flyer as "Mrs. Belle" with the intent on showing filly ponies basic skills for their future. "She still looks awfuly familiar and if it's whom my belly says it is, it's hiding a more sinister plan. Of course, we can't just go out there and accuse Mrs. Belle of wrong-doing. We have to actually prove it with either film or photos but that's going to be difficult," explained Eduardo. Ms. Sheila says that it puts a face to the whole ordeal but it makes her feel even worse, knowing what could be going on at the school.
7/9/19 (Article #360)
Big Bellied Beauty Brings Handy Hotness
Pudgyville's latest resident appears to bring both hotness and handiness to the table at the same time. "My name is Angel Float and you could say I'm a pretty handy pony for a place like this. This is because my belly button can hold attachments to be used for just about anything, though they're specific to one type of thing such as a lightbulb. All I have to do is put the attachment in my belly button and then insert the object or plug it into the attachment and it's good to go. It has electricity in tiny pods built into the device," shared Angel Float. Residents agree she'll be quite useful around town for wherever they need her and love how the devices are stored.
7/7/19 (Article #359)
Anti-Hate Hottie Encouraging Exercise with Equipment!?
Jasmine had residents confused when they saw her new equipment for the first time as they thought it was for weight loss. "They're actually for gaining weight as you use them to put fat on your body. You can have it go to all areas with my Jigglemill or to a certain area with my Barbelly. Unlike Ms. Sheila's equipment, these aren't restrained to hooves, though, using them for areas other than the hooves will require you to use the included strap to keep the Barbelly stable as you work. I currently don't have any additional weights to put on the Barbelly yet but I'm planning on that," explained Jasmine. Bob says he loves the idea as it'd help him gain weight faster and was made by his idol.
7/5/19 (Article #358)
Fatty Six Have Big Booty Battles
The Fatty Six have opted to try out Booty Battles for the first time. "It was rather enjoyable to have such big butts pushing against one another and there was plenty of fat in motion, Porky Pie was the eventual winner and with all the sweets she has, it's easy to see why," said Fatlight. Fattyshy says they had a crowd gatherung as their not-so-little tournament got going. Rotundity says she prepared each of them with outfits from Flirty Fabrics just for the occasion.
7/3/19 (Article #357)
HDancing Divas Double Up for Food
Galapeno has gotten a new waitress in her restaurant. "Yes, my own mom is going to be a waitress to help out around the building. It should make things go faster still and she can also take care of the private session in the back room if I'm not ready yet. Of course, she can also provide sexiness during meals as well," stated Galapeno. Mrs. Spice says her decision came from just wanting to be with her daughter more often as previously, she was either at home or at her Night Club.
7/1/19 (Article #356)
Plump Princess Makes Rotund Return to Perfume
In a surprising turn of events, Sweet Aroma's shop has customers outside for the first time in years. "I can't understand it but I guess they want perfume from me again. I do love working with Rotundity and Mocha but I guess making perfume is what I do best and Flirty Fabrics naturally doesn't have it in the store," explained Sweet Aroma. Rotundity and Mocha say they enjoyed Sweet Aroma's time working with them and wish
her the best of luck in the future.
6/29/19 (Article #355)
Big Belly Button Beauty Telling Luscious Lie?
Bouncy Love has come under pressure as some outsiders think she truly does have the same deep belly button kink as her sister. "I don't know where that idea came from. Is it really so hard to believe that one pony's kink isn't necessarily going to be another pony's kink in the exact same way? I didn't even know that level of the kink existed until my sister brought it up one day. I haven't had the desire to try it out ever since. I don't know what it'd take for them to accept it," remarked Bouncy Love. Overflowing Love says that as someone that does take the kink deeper, figuratively and literally, she feels sorry for her sister given that it's simply a matter of jumping to conclusions.
6/27/19 (Article #354)
Plump Platform Yields Remarkable Results
A new media platform has emerged and a pony to go with it. "It's called Social Feedia and I plan to have it be one of multiple different platforms residents can use during their spare time. The first one is called Jiggler and it's based on me specifically. It's a fun way to post content, even while your significant other is away or sleeping," explained Ocean Sunshine. Residents say they're more intrigued by the pony than the new platform but say they'll still give the platform a try.
6/25/19 (Article #353)
Scandalous School Featuring Fattened Fillies
Eduardo took a trip to see the school and found it just as Ms. Sheila had feared. "Ms. Sheila had every reason to be fearful as did the rest of us because the school makes the filly ponies fat during the day. I was worried I'd be found out but the teacher there didn't seem to notice me thankfully. The literal biggest surprise was whom was teaching. She reminded me of Beauty Belle. It's not yet clear whether this was her idea or someone else's that she's helping fulfill but either way it has to be taken down," stated Eduardo. Ms. Sheila says that while the news isn't
what she wanted to hear, at least she now has more information to work with to perhaps put her mind somewhat at ease.
6/23/19 (Article #352)
Cutie Duo's Collab Garden Completed
Cutie Steps and Cactus Cathy have finally completed their garden so that others can walk through. "The cacti of course took the longest but there were issues regarding the soil and whatnot that delayed the completion. We've made sure that anyone that walks through won't get pricked by the needles of the cacti by using glass instead of something like a fence," explained Cutie Steps. Cactus Cathy says Pudgyville's Plant Path is free to anyone that wants to walk through as just having others see their hard work is payment enough.
6/21/19 (Article #351)
Big Girly Boy Gets Belly Piercing
Truffle has opted to add to his resevoir of girly activities by getting his belly button pierced. "It's got a nice little pink heart that says "cutie" on it. I was inspired by another magazine I have at home. Yes I do have quite the collection," giggle Truffle. Mocha says she approves just about anything Truffle is willing to do to make himself feel girly, though doesn't recommend using lipstick or makeup.
6/19/19 (Article #350)
Feaster Festivities Reveal Plump Painting
Feaster this year brought the biggest eggs Pudgyville has ever seen as residents were essentially dressed like Feaster eggs. "We're the kind of eggs that are high on fat and color but you don't have to worry about the insides. Plus, we're not fragile so we can take a beating and keep on jiggling," explained Mocha. Truffle says he was a chocolate Feaster egg with all kinds of girly goodness inside. Shower Cloud says it's been the most festive Feaster to date and wishes she'd thought of it herself as it'd also accentuate her own body's design.
6/17/19 (Article #349)
Belly Button Beauties Bring Deep Discussion to Fat Chat
Bouncy Love and Overflowing Love have found Fat Chat and are using it to attract others to see them. "We weren't being malicious, just sexy letting using our body to do the talking. Of course, we showcased our deep belly buttons but we also went outside that so that even if you weren't into that, we were prepared with something else," stated Bouncy Love. Overflowing Love says they even belly bumped and booty bumped to get their fat jiggling. Luscious Love and Boundless Love say the idea was certainly well received but notes that Eduardo was there to remind them of what it was meant for.
6/15/19 (Article #348)
Scandalous School Schedule Scrutinized
Much to Ms. Sheila's dismay, a new flyer has arrived in town for the school that claims to educate filly ponies. "It now has a schedule that shows what they do during the day and while it seems harmless enough, I don't trust it at all. It also doesn't help that we have a name for the school too, at least for me in terms of putting it out of my head," remarked Ms. Sheila. Eduardo says he's going to find out where the school is and then head out to see what's actually going on.
6/13/19 (Article #347)
Rotund Residents Venture into Big Bewildering Building
Residents have finally decided to take a look inside the mysterious Belly and Booty Salon to see what it's all about. "It's somewhat what we thought it'd be like inside. There's all kinds of decorations, each designed to accentuate the fat of your body, either belly or rump. They said they also made this building because they couldn't agree on which of them should be represented," explained Mocha. Ms. Sheila says the ribbons can be used for when Booty Battles take place to add a bit more appeal.
6/11/19 (Article #346)
Helper Hottie Shops with Long List
Sarah has opted to take her helping to the next level by actually shopping for things ponies need using the money she's given. "I figured if I can't help them for just general things, I can help them when they're too busy or really need something. It's probably the most satisfying thing I can think of at the moment. I just need the money they give me and I go and get what they ask for," explained Sarah. Residents agree it's a much better thing for Sarah to do since she's actively going out and keeping them happy as well as following her passion for helping in general.
6/9/19 (Article #345)
Sexy Shirts and Shorts Sell Surprisingly Well
The new clothing that Rotundity helped make is doing well in Mocha's shop. "Ponies are buying these things left and right. We're probably going to sell out by the end of the day. It's perhaps the best day for Flirty Fabrics thus far," remarked Rotundity. Fatlight says she and her friends each got their own outfits, though didn't choose the new ones. Michelle says she bought a pair of each as a surprise for Eduardo for later on. Bouncy Love and Overflowing Love say they love the ones that match their belly buttons because it's like they were inspiration for its creation.
6/7/19 (Article #344)
Rotund Residents Get Goofy For Fatty Fools Day
The town held its first ever Fatty Fools Day in which residents pick someone else in town to cosplay as and hope the other ponies(s) they talk to don't pick up on it. "It's all in good fun because we're not hurting anyone and we do reveal the joke if they're not aware it's taking place with them. We just have to make sure we're good at copying whom we're intending to copy. We can even team up if we want to," explained Mocha. Jasmine said Bob played as her and tried to fool her but she was already suspecting this to be the case and was able to figure it out before Bob's joke could succeed.
6/5/19 (Article #343)
Plump Panty Princess Finds Friend in Flora
Pudgyville's overcautious cutie has found a pony to be with, and it's one few would've anticipated. "Although I was generally shy around others before, I found Flora and was surprised to learn how scared she was before her vision was fixed. She was more afraid than I was as everything scared her, including things that aren't actually scary," explained Spooky Sweet. Flora says that it's nice to have a companion she can relate to on a at least a few aspects and says she'll do her best to help Spooky Sweet get whatever message she's trying to get across to the other residents. Eduardo says he'll talk to Flora to see if they've learned anything new that could help him better understand Spooky Sweet.
6/3/19 (Article #342)
Boundless Belly Beauty Has Starry Sister?!
It would seem that Solar Cosmos has a sister that looks like her but is white and much nicer by comparison. "She's called Moonlit Cosmos and she's about as big as her sister but I can be around her much more easily. She's also willing to share more about her sister," explained Bouncy Buns. Moonlit Cosmos says she has nowhere near the eating habits of her sister either but also has special properties that'll prove to be much more enjoyable.
6/1/19 (Article #341)
Computie Cutie Collaborates with Belly Button Beauties
Computie Pie has opted to make her next invention with none other than Bouncy Love and Overflowing Love. "It was a rather simple idea so I figured I'd do it for them. They drew up what they wanted and I put it together. We call it the Navel Cam and it features one camera on the end of a flexible tube that allows the individual, or in the case these two, to carry a camera with them, and of course do what they love to do," explained Computie Pie. Bouncy Love and Overflowing Love say it's going to be pretty sexy to make a video and upload it to Voluptuous Videos for others to see. Luscious Love and Boundless Love say they'd like to try it too to see if can provide aid for those seeking answers regarding their past.
5/30/19 (Article #340)
Hottie's Holiday Honored with Gorgeous Green Jiggling
St. Fatty's Day this year had everyone with painted green bodies to honor the pony it's about. "We can now get a sense for what it's like to be her and can make her feel more welcome," explained Jasmine. Galapeno says that those that were already green did not make any changes but Goldie Flop was still able to tell everyone apart as the hair was left unchanged regardless. Goldie Flop says it was the best day she'd ever had since coming here and requested a photo to remember the day for years to come.
5/28/19 (Article #339)
Flirty Fabrics Releases Sexy Shirts and Shorts
Mocha and Sweet Aromas' shop now has new clothing to be worn that actually can make you appear fat on one side, the other or both. "They're called Belly Shirts and Booty Shorts respectively and they really give the look of being fat so if you want a big belly, or a big booty, you can get one or both without actually having the effort. It's more of pretending to be fat, though so we don't really recommend trying to use it to trick someone. It's not like they wouldn't find out anyway," explained Mocha. Sweet Aroma says Rotundity was partially involved with the idea, suggesting they use special material to apply realistic jiggle physics to the clothing. Rotundity adds that although it's similar to the Pudgjamas, these have a better appeal and come in different styles, even of belly buttons.
5/26/19 (Article #338)
Arrogant Allegations Cause Tubby Trouble
Unfortunately the rumors have proven to be coming from a new magazine that has made its way to Pudgyville. "It's called Criminal Obesity and it features us in a very negative light with multiple articles on how we're not what we claim to be," said Ms. Sheila. Mocha says the issue features one pony's booty on the cover and was written by Neat Pea. Pea Pod Pie says she has no more respect for her own mom at this point as this is not what a mom should be. Eduardo wonders how the magazine got here considering it's contradictory to something they'd have opted to have delivered.
5/24/19 (Article #337)
Boundless Belly Beauty Takes Early Exit
Eduardo has managed to get Solar Cosmos to leave so the town can continue to have food for its residents. "It still kinda makes me sad that I had to do it but yet it had to be done or we'd end up with no food left after a point. She wasn't exactly nice to anyone either so I'm not too sure the residents will mind her leaving so soon," stated Eduardo. Mint Blossom says she's thankful that Solar Cosmos didn't get to her food because it is needed to keep her restaurant going. Galapneo says she's keeping the food in storage in the back of her restaurant just in case another pony tries to pull the same stunt later on.
5/22/19 (Article #336)
Rotund Rivalry for Big Belly Boy Resolved
Eduardo has chatted with the trio of ponies and used the new pony, now named Thunder Shine as a middle ground to find out what he liked about the ponies. "We found that Thunder Shine was more interested in Heart Flutter Sweet because she could gain weight quickly and was certainly appealing to look at even when normal sized. It certainly brightened Heart Flutter Sweet's day as she'd been looking for someone to be with for a long time," elaborated Eduardo. Bouncy Love says that while Thunder Shine had a deep belly button like she wanted, he didn't share her interest in them and thus is perfectly fine with not having him for a mate. Thunder Shine said that he was surprised to find two ponies with an interest in him so soon after he entered town.
5/20/19 (Article #335)
Fatty Six Gather for Squishy Sandwich
Pudgyville's fatty Mane Six have decided to showcase their new sizes to all the skinnier ponies in town by pressing their bodies against the skinny ponies'. "Anyone can look at a fatty pony and make their call that way but this is much more physical and sexy. You get to confirm exactly what you're seeing with touch and decide with more confidence whether the fatty's size is the size you're after," explained Rotundity. Fatlight says the ponies involved were in awe during the event and say it's a good way to get to know the ponies. Overflowing Love says it gives her an idea for what to do for a mate as well.
5/18/19 (Article #334)
Rotund Residents Troubled by Rumors
There appears to be hints of a possible new magazine making rounds outside of Pudgyville that indicates it's against the town as a whole. "We're not yet sure whether it's true or not. let alone whether we're actually being affected by it or not. Still, it's caused residents to be on edge as while we don't mind those that aren't into our philosophy, we fear it could ruin the town's reputation," explained Ms. Sheila. Jasmine says that she'd like to find out if the magazine is legit or not and shut it down if so because it's taking the whole anti-fat idea too far.
5/16/19 (Article #333)
Boundless Belly Beauty Finally Finished
Solar Cosmos' binge has ended, at least for now, allowing her and everyone else to relax. "She's quite large now, bigger than Mocha and even Bouncy Love. It's really surprising how much she can eat. I'd bet Mint Blossom is envious of her, or would be if she weren't so scared of her," remarked Luscious Love. Boundless Love says she wonders if there's something they could give Solar Cosmos that would fill her up quickly so that she doesn't have to eat so much so often. Eduardo says he'll have to send her packing due to the threat she poses on the town as a whole.
5/14/19 (Article #332)
Big Bellied Beauties Share Rotund Rivalry for Big Belly Boy
Bouncy Love and Heart Flutter Sweet found the male of their dreams but neither of them wanted to give them up for the other. "He's got the ideal body shape and deep belly button I'm craving in my fatty mate. I'm sure his belly is quite the hooful with lots of jiggle," admitted Bouncy Love. Heart Flutter Sweet says she loves how cute he is and thus gained weight as a result of her ability. The new resident, currently unnamed doesn't know which pony he loves more. Eduardo says he'll have a chat with the trio to find out more about what's causing the feud.
5/12/19 (Article #331)
Bouncy Buns Has Big Belly Birthday Bash
It was Bouncy Buns' birthday earlier this week and everyone was asked to belly dance right along with her at times of the day. Of course, they also gave her gifts at the end. "It was a workout but now we had more big bellies to accompany her than before," said Galapeno. Jasmine says it's a good way to highlight how much you've gained and/or to show your appreciation for Bouncy Buns. Bouncy Buns says she was impressed by those like Bouncy Love that have never done it before but seemed to be quick to not only get the rhythm down but have quite the display as well.
5/10/19 (Article #330)
Rotund Residents Release Luscious Magazine
A new magazine has come out to replace the one that had been in production when Pudgyville's previous residents inhabited the town. "It's called Luscious Curves and we each contribute in one form or another, either providing pictures or information and we have all we need to get both. It's a sexy fun way to show everyone what we're all about and we're making these to be released worldwide because we're not afraid to showcase our sexiness," explained Ms. Sheila. Darren says each of them picked partners, naturally choosing their mates, to work with for the magazine but not everyone will be needed for each issue that is released. Mocha says they use the camera equipment Sherry uses to get what they need for the cover and accompanying pages.
5/8/19 (Article #329)
Luscious Lotion Proves Perfect for Photoshoots
Residents purchased a bottle of either Shine-On or Pearl-On Deluxe and found themselves looking way better than they thought possible. "It's like we're now 10 times sexier than we were before. The shine moves when we turn our bodies and isn't so bright that you're blinded by it. Plus fat is even even smoother now and it feels good applying it," stated Mocha. Truffle says he feels girlier than ever before and is also reminded of chocolate and how it shines when liquid. Bouncy Love says she applied some in her belly button to really draw attention to it and because of course it feels good there.
5/6/19 (Article #328)
Boundless Belly Beauty Proves to be Tubby Trouble
Eduardo's discussion with the mystery star-bodied pony now known as Solar Cosmos took place earlier this week and was met with grim results. "While she did detail who she is and why she does it, it doesn't necessarily make me feel any bettter, especially since she wanted me to bring food so that she could eat it while we chatted. Thankfully, she became full right at the end of the discussion as she'd eaten so much and was quite large by the end of her binge," explained Eduardo. Solar Cosmos says she has no intention of stopping her binge eating because she's testing the limits of her belly to see how much food she can eat before she can't even walk.
5/4/19 (Article #327)
Fatty Six "Hang Out" at Belly Buffet
The six ponies that brought up a variety of emotions when they arrived have literally hung out at Belly Buffet. "Their food is divine. Bonnie is a master chef it would seem and we simply couldn't resist taking home a 2nd meal for later," explained Rotundity. Fatlight says their belly buttons have gotten deeper and they have bigger bellies as a result. Bonnie says she's greatful for their visit to her restaurant as it really helped out and is such an honor to have such famous ponies pay her a visit.
5/2/19 (Article #326)
Flirty Fabrics Survives Attempted Attack
A fire was started last night inside Mocha and Sweet Aromas' store Flirty Fabrics but it failed to get very far. "Fortunately, whomever or whatever started the fire couldn't keep it going long enough for it to take the building down so it was pretty locallized. It only lightly burned the carpet it was on. You could practically dust it off and no one would notice. It does make us wonder how and why it started, though," explained Mocha. Sweet Aroma wonders if maybe it's another deliberate attack like the one that was initiated at Booty Buffet and considers the two possibly related.
4/30/19 (Article #325)
Big Belly Button Beauties' Heavy History Explained
Earlier this week, Ms. Sheila sat down with the family to learn about their unique characteristics and love of deep belly buttons. "They were actually quite interesting in that their belly buttons used to be like ours but for whatever reason they changed over time to what they are today. It seems like it intrigued them back then as much as it intrigues us," explained Ms. Sheila. Overflowing Love says their love only grew deeper with their belly buttons as they gained weight and says her love of taking Bouncy Love's passion further started because she was curious one day.
4/28/19 (Article #324)
Heavy Heart Day Met with Rotund Romance
This year's Heavy Heart Day had residents' bodies decked out in hearts with the biggest ones on their belly and rump. "We thought we'd have plenty of hearts on the body to show that we have plenty to love. Our mates sure loved it as they couldn't wait to dive in," explained Galapeno. Jasmine says her sister even paid a visit to join the fun and even gained weight for the occasion to hang out with those that didn't yet have anyone special to be with during the day. Heartbeat Flip Flap said she loved what they did and adds it shows the true nature of the holiday.
4/26/19 (Article #323)
Galapeno Spices Up Rotund Restaurant
Galapeno has taken the opportunity to add additional menu items to hopefully increase the number of customers that visit her. "Since simply having spicy food and only spicy food wasn't working, I'm opening up the menu so-to-speak to include items that come with spicy side dishes. Of course, I still have the special menu item for those that want the private time with me but that's about the only thing that is left unchanged. I'm even thinking about changing the look of my restaurant too," stated Galapeno. Residents say they'll stop by Galapeno's restaurant once the menu items are updated as currently they just don't have the appeitite for what she has to offer. Mrs Spice said she'll help out too during the day so that her daughter can also get customers.
4/24/19 (Article #322)
Anti-Hater Hottie Brings Big Body on Bob
Jasmine has seemingly shown more of an intrest in Bob earlier this week by flirting with Bob all day using her body. "It was a day Bob won't soon forget as I spent the whole day with him doing what he wanted me to do. I sat on him, I let him play with my belly, I let him slap my fat, etc. I don't think he could contain himself and he probably wasn't willing to say no either," stated Jasmine. Bob says Jasmine will give him a copy of the video to remember her by and says it felt good to have weight on his entire body, not just his shoulders.
4/22/19 (Article #321)
Plump Princess Fiendishly Feasts on Food
A new pony has arrived but she's been on a binging streak and it has residents fearful for their lives. "She's a fatty but when you see how much she eats, you'll understand why. She just seems to have a bottomless belly and if she doesn't stop soon we'll run out," explained Ms. Sheila. Jasmine says the new pony has a deep belly button like Bouncy Love and is covered in a star-like pattern on her body but shares absolutely no remorse for stealing the food. Galapeno says she probably doesn't think this pony will enjoy her spicy food but is still taking precautions just in case. Eduardo says he'll have the food locked up during the night and monitored during the day while he attempts to learn more about this mystery pony.
4/20/19 (Article #320)
Belly Button Beauties Upload Tubby Teasers to Voluptuous Videos
Bouncy Love and her family have uploaded videos to the video hosting site Voluptuous Videos to share more about their origins. "Now they can find out for themselves at their own pace or curiosity instead of having to come to any of us. Plus, they can always have it in the background to "listen" to it instead," explained Bouncy Love. Luscious Love and Boundless Love say the videos also have bits to appeal to any ponies out there that are deep belly button fans like Bouncy Love and Overflowing Love. Overflowing Love does note that her video is probably not suited for everyone and has made sure to mark her video appropriately.
4/18/19 (Article #319)
Plumpsatubby Day Returns with Round Rump
After a late start, Plumpsatubby Day finally took place and it was all about the booty this time. "He's got a big booty and I guess wanted to showcase it this year, not that we're complaining. It's almost as big as the opening to where they live," stated Ms. Sheila. Residents say it was a spectacle to not only see such a big booty up close but also watch the jiggling as a result. Plumpsatubby says Pokes-a-Belly and Pokes-a-Booty want to join in next year but says he'll have to think about that one.
4/16/19 (Article #318)
Rotund Rump Restaurant Offers Free Luscious Lunch
Pudgyville's Booty Buffet has put up a sign about a free lunch if they come in during the week. "I guess we can take up on that offer at some point because we're all curious how the food is anyway. Plus it'll show our support and show that we don't mind extra restaurants," explained Mocha. Galapeno says her restaurant isn't doing as well and may have to close if she doesn't figure something out soon. Bonnie says it's a good idea and may consider doing something similar for her restaurant.
4/14/19 (Article #317)
Sexy, Shiny Sweetheart Releases New Luscious Lotion
Jelly Belle Lee, whom took over the management of Shine-On and Pearl-On has released a new version of both. "Now you can be shiny even when the sun isn't out or there simply isn't enough light where you are. It uses the light that is there to amplify the lotion wherever it's applied to the body," elaborated Jelly Belle Lee. Jelly Belle Lee says she calls them Shine-On Deluxe and Pearl-On Deluxe respectively and notes that it doesn't work at night unless there's at least a small amount of light scattered about. Residents say they're willing to give a bottle a try and have been offered a small sample bottle to try for free.
4/12/19 (Article #316)
Rotund Renovations Revealing Remarkable Results
The nurses have finished the renovations of Pudgy Peril Hospital. "We worked on the hospital during downtime while we waited for things like patients to recover or medicine to come in and it's much more organized than it used to be," said Nurse Sunset. Nurse Sweetie said that they've enclosed the dolls in a glass cover so that they have a higher chance of staying clean. This also lets the patients see what's available. If they don't like what's there, they can request to have one made. Nurse Cutie Patootie says her office is a bit larger than it used to be, which allows her to better move around and it better accomodates her size.
4/10/19 (Article #315)
Plumpsatubby Day Delayed Due to Disease
Pudgyville's holiday mascot Plumpsatubby did not come out on Plumpsatubby Day as residents had expected and wondered what was going on. "We found that the family was sick so we didn't stay too long or try to convince them to come out anyway. It's unfortunate that we didn't have it on the day it was planned but they said it wasn't serious and will be out once they're back to normal," explained Ms. Sheila. Bouncy Buns says she hopes that the belly action is used so that the other festivaties can be done.
4/8/19 (Article #314)
Big Belly Button Beauty Surprised by Sexy Sweety
Bouncy Love has gotten a surprise in the form of her sister Overflowing Love, whom seems to share her love of deep belly buttons. "I do share her love of deep belly buttons and I even have a unique ability of my own that lets me adjust the deepness of my belly button at will. Much like Bouncy Love, I also have belly toys for it but let's just say I take it a bit deeper than she does," told Overflowing Love. Residents noted that both fatties have similar interests and belly button shapes and wonder which of them got the whole idea started. Bouncy Love says she doesn't really understand her sister's deeper intrest of deep belly buttons and doesn't really want to find out.
4/6/19 (Article #313)
Peculiar Panty Princess Proving to be Tubby Trouble
Eduardo had a chat with Spooky Sweet earlier this week to see if he could find out more to understand why she's acting this way. "She was difficult to work with unfortunately. It's like she was afraid to say anything even though she's trying to warn us of something. It's possible she can't actually talk at all but we can't be sure of that yet," explained Eduardo. Eduardo also said that he'll be taking Spooky Sweet to see the nurses and see if they can find a cause, or at least get some new info out of her.
4/4/19 (Article #312)
Plump Pajamas Present Problems for Pudgyville
Residents have found new clothing in stores but are puzzled about what they do. "On one hoof, they look interesting and perhaps even fun to wear but at the same time, they don't seem to be available for those that are already fat, ie regular ones," noted Mocha. Computie Pie says the name is rather clever and can see why they would pick to have fat areas included but agrees that perhaps the overall design could use some rethinking since most of the residents are already fat.
4/2/19 (Article #311)
Rotund Residents Finally Fattening Up
Flippy Dove Treat has seen great progress regarding the weight gain of the skinny residents of Pudgyville. "It's a great way to kick off the new year. We'll be ready probably in a matter of a few months or weeks," remarked Flippy Dove Treat. Bob says that Jasmine has been eying him a bit more since he gained weight and wonder if perhaps she's falling for him as much as he's fallen for her.
3/31/19 (Article #310)
Overweight and Overcautious Cutie Confuses with Peculiar Panties
Residents have found a new pony the likes of Flora, both in personality and in body color but can't make sense of it all. "She says her name is Spooky Sweet but seems to be warning us of something we can't even see. It's like she's looking out for us ahead of time," explained Mocha. Galapeno says she tried to get more information from Spooky Sweet regarding her actions but got no reply. Eduardo says he'll have a talk with her in private to see if he can learn anything else.
3/29/19 (Article #309)
Belly and Booty Building Features Plump Pony Pair
Residents have gotten a better look at the ponies inside and two of them are indeed fat and match the building's design. "It's pretty safe to say they modeled the building after them given that they work there and resemble each half of the building respectively. We still don't yet know what they do inside, though," explained Ms. Sheila. Sweetie Heart says she thinks there might be decorations inside but doesn't know what they're being used for, given that there are no holidays in the coming weeks.
3/27/19 (Article #308)
Big Belly Button Beauty Makes Rotund Request
Bouncy Love has requested a second statue in town, one with a deep belly button to match her own. "It might actually do better than the current one, given that the window would offer a wider view. I think we should appreciate belly buttons of all types here so I'm thinking of making my own holiday to coincide with the statue," explained Bouncy Love. Eduardo says he understands why Bouncy Love would want such a thing but feels it's more centered around her and not residents as a whole. Bouncy Love says she still wants to make some sort of statue for herself and plans on using materials that can showcase her body properly on a smaller scale.
3/23/19 (Article #307)
Belly and Booty Building Bewilders Residents
It is perhaps the strangest building in Pudgyville so far as one half is shaped like a fat pony's belly while the other half is shaped like a fat pony's rump. "It's called The Belly and Booty Salon but we have no idea what they do inside. I guess it has something to do with the belly and rump but that's about it," explaiend Mocha. Jasmine says two ponies can be seen inside, though one of them is in each half and they can't really tell if the ponies match the design of the building.
3/21/19 (Article #306)
Tubby Teacher's Chubby College Returns Remarkably
Ms. Sheila's college has made its return and has gotten much better reception than when it first opened. "I've made homework only for those that feel they need it to keep their grades up. Of course, I still have tests and quizzes but given the nature of the information, studying shouldn't be as necessary," explained Ms. Sheila. Sweet Aroma says the college has more detailed info on the things they already know and considers it more of a reinforcement than something completely new. Ms. Sheila also said that some of the same elements found in her regular school learning have been included in the college version.
3/19/19 (Article #305)
Big Belly Bash Kicked off with Belly Drop
For New Gainer's Day, residents followed along with the giant pony statue's actions and made their bellies drop along with them. Those that weren't fat held the bellies of their fatter friends too. "It was magical. I got to hold Jasmine's sexy plump belly for like a minute or two. It felt like an hour," remarked Bob excitedly. Darren and Kyle say they were equally in awe at holding their mates bellies for that long a period as previously they hadn't been able to do it before given that their mates were so focused on their big rumps.
3/17/19 (Article #304)
Big Belly Band Starting Next Album
Flutter Fun and her band have begun making their next album. "The first album was such a success that we're underway with the 2nd album. We're using our performances to find out what our residents like and don't like so that we can make sure the best songs go on the album," explained Flutter Fun. The band says the hope to have the album released in a few months. Residents say they have little doubt the 2nd album will be just as good as the first, if not better.
3/15/19 (Article #303)
Plump Pink Princess Relates to Big Bad Beauty Belle
A new fatty has arrived and apparently relates to Beauty Belle. "I'm her cousin Jingle Belle and I love thick borders, like around picture frames and such. I was expecting to find Beauty Belle here and wondered why she wasn't here," stated Jingle Belle. Residents say that her appearance made them think Beauty Belle came back at first but realized her colors were a bit off for that to be true. Eduardo says he explained what happened with Beauty Belle but notes that Jingle Belle didn't take it well.
3/13/19(Article #302)
Luscious Library for Fatty Fan Fiction Completed
Eduardo has put up the new library for Starlight Moonlight's books. "The library can be found inside Ms. Sheila's school on the regular school level. Starlight Moonlight will act as the librarian there," explained Eduardo. "It'll be perfect. I can be inside Ms. Sheila's school for whenever ponies need to buy my books. Plus I won't be far away if I ever want to join Ms. Sheila's school or college sessions," stated Starlight Moonlight. Residents say they're eager to check out the new library to obtain books about themselves or read the books about the ones they love.
3/11/19 (Article #301)
Rotund Residents Become Sexy Santas
This year's Muffin Top Day saw residents dressed as a familiar face from far away, one they hadn't known about until now. "We found out by chance that there's this fat guy named Santa Clause that delivers gifts so we thought we'd be our own sexy version," explained Mocha. Jasmine says that each of them went to their respective mate's house, or the house of someone they loved but hadn't proposed to yet, and dropped off a gift the night before. Galapeno says they were pretty sexy waddling around with the tight red outfits and jiggling bellies and rumps exposed.
3/9/19 (Article #300)
Sexy Sweety Staying in Pudgyville
Bouncy Love, known for her love of deep belly buttons, has opted to become a permanent resident of the town. "I had forgotten about my sister, whom I lived with prior to coming here. That's partially why I came here in the first place. She and I don't get along very well as she doesn't share my love of deep belly buttons but does have a belly button desire of her own," explained Bouncy Love. Residents have welcomed their new friend and hope to better adjust to her love of deep belly buttons over time.
3/7/19 (Article #299)
Missing Food Found with Fatty Food Inspector
The food has been found, and apparently confiscated by the Fatty Food Inspector Pillow Pizzaz. "I don't think they need this much fatty food in their town. They're already fat enough as it is so I'm taking it away to eat it myself. They can't afford to keep piling on weight over time," explained Pillow Pizzaz. Mocha says she tried to reason with Pillow Pizzaz, saying that they still need food to maintain their wieght but was told they'll have to find some other way to make that happen. Eduardo says he'll be keeping her out of Pudgyville for the future and keeping the stash of food much more secure as well.
3/5/19 (Article #298)
Pudgy Peril Nurses Prepare for Renovation
Pudgyville's four nurses are preparing to make modifications to their hospital. "We'll still keep the basic design on the outside, perhaps with some tweaks but inside it's going to be bigger with more room for patients and other things. It'll also give us more space to move around, allowing for quicker access to patients," explained Nurse Sweetie. Nurse Sunset said that there will be more beds with a box of their get well dolls between each bed so that patients can choose from them first before deciding whether or not they want one of their own and they will be washed if a sick patient touches them so that other patients don't catch the same diseases.
3/3/19 (Article #297)
Sexy Sweetie Shows Strange Behavior for Belly Buttons
A new fatty has arrived but only temporarily as she's arriving from far away. "My name is Bouncy Love and I'm cousin to Boundless Love. As you can see, I don't have the belly button most here do and am a bit heavier but I'm hoping to find someone that shares my love of deep belly buttons," explained Bouncy Love. Boundless Love says that Bouncy Love is staying a few days and brought a few of her "belly toys" as she calls them to further explain her love of deep belly buttons. Bouncy Love also said that she'd love to find a male fatty in town that has a similar belly button deepness to her own. Residents say that although they love her overall size, they can't say the same for all of her interests but still respect her passion for them.
3/1/19 (Article #296)
Fatties Famished for Food Gone Missing
In a shocking surprise, the food inside Pudgyville has gone missing, literally overnight. "They must've been pretty hungry and this brings back bad memories of what happened here before we were here. I doubt it's the same group that did it last time but if they really ate it all, they couldn't have gotten far," remarked Eduardo. Mocha says that they won't remain Pudgyville unless they remain fat somehow but feels they can't be true fatties unless they gain weight normally. Jasmine says that although she can't gain or lose weight, she still worries about her friends as they aren't so lucky.
2/27/19 (Article #295)
Sexy Sister Practicing Plump Performance for Next Night Club Show
Chatrina has been working on her dance moves and thinks she's gotten better. "It's been a lot of work, especailly for someone my size but also a lot of fun and I'm getting lots of attention for it," stated Chatrina. Mocha says she's proud of her sister's progress and loves to see her having fun after so many years of misery due to her weight. Galapeno says Chatrina will certainly be in a future show if she keeps up the practice and adds her own routines.
2/25/19 (Article #294)
Tubby Teacher Releases Second Big Belly Book
Ms. Sheila's 2nd edtion of The Big Book of Pudgyville has been released earlier this week. "It has a recap of what was in the 1st book and then goes from there with the more recent history," explained Ms. Sheila. Ms. Sheila also says that with all the recent history of the town, the book is twice as long as the first one. Residents say they're excited to get the book to use as a reference point and recall the times of years gone by.
2/23/19 (Article #293)
Fatty Six Post Voluptuous Videos to Website
Pudgyville's Fatty Six, aka the friends of Rotundity that recently joined the town, have added their own contribution to Voluptuous Videos. "We wanted to give the residents here a taste of what we're all about and we made sure ot add fat into the mix," explained Fatlight. Ample Jiggle says it provides the perfect balance of persona and sexiness all in one. Fattyshy hopes they like her various poses she did in her video. Residents say they're eager to watch them to get a better idea fo who their new friends are.
2/21/19 (Article #292)
Bewildering Belly Button Beauties have Peculiar Plump Parents
Luscious Love and Boundless Love's parents have been revealed to have strange belly buttons too. "It seems to run in our family. For whatever reason, we don't have the same belly buttons as residents here do. Of course, that makes a bit more unique, especially since they're all different from each of us too," explained Mrs. Handle. Mr. Handle says there's nothing to be alarmed or frightened over the idea and they're still friendly to others and can be just as sexy as they are.
2/19/19 (Article #291)
Naughty Night Brought Bountiful Belly and Booty
This year's Naughty Night event was indeed as most residents had figured. Fat was overflowing out of the costumes that were never intended to hide much, if at all. Jasmine says Bob dressed up as her, complete with the bigger body but the eyes gave it away that it was him. Plus she knew he was the only one to have this big of a love interest in her. Mocha says Truffle had his girliest outfit yet, a cheerleader outfit that had a miniskirt, a small t-shirt and panties. Truffle says he found this outfit in a magazine.
2/17/19 (Article #290)
Fatty Fashion Designer Releases Plump Photos for Purchase
Rotundity has made the photos she took during her photo shoot available for purchase. "I think they'll be amazed at the results. I know I am. If they can't decide, they can always go look at the ones in Ms. Sheila's school cafeteria. I put them there this morning. They're 5 Buttons each, though if you give one to a friend, the 2nd one is half price," explained Rotundity. Jasmine says the photos are quite sexy and is confident Bob will be gathering up several for his walls at home.
2/15/19 (Article #289)
Bewildering Belly Button Beauty has Sexy Sister?!
Luscious Love has made news headlines yet again, this time because of her sister Boundless Love. "She can be quite handy around here and she doesn't even use her hooves to do it. It all stems from her belly button," explained Luscious Love. Boundless Love says she makes special movements with her hoof inside her belly button to activate each of its features. Residents say that although they are intrigued by Boundless Love's special properties, they don't quite know what to make of them just yet.
2/13/19 (Article #288)
Tubby TV Show Returns with Remarkable Ratings
Season 3 of Pound Town returned to Pudgyville TV screens this week with plenty of new ponies fighting for and against the beloved town. "Although Beauty Belle caused great havoc here, she's a villain here, along with Pon-Evil, though they're more parodies since they've given us grief. This way, they become a bit more humorous to help take our minds off of what they did," explained Juicy Jiggle. Bouncy Buns says she enjoyed how even the heroes get involved in some pretty big trouble before they turn things around and shut the villains down. Mocha says the villains often take the benefits of the heroes and warp them so they go against them in some way. Eduardo says the show has been a hit so far and says they'll probably be delighted for the season finale when it comes around.
2/11/19 (Article #287)
Booty Buffet Restaurant Fire Mystery Resolved
Eduardo has solved the mystery behind who started the fire at Booty Buffet, Sweetheart Summer's restaurant. "Based on footage from when Cotton Candy Cream was in Pon-Evil, I can say this is probably the same pony that lives in Pon-Evil. I have no idea why they would target this building but it probably doesn't have a good reason," explained Eduardo. Sweetheart Summer says her restaurant is built to contain fires
so the fire was not able to cause much damage.
2/9/19 (Article #286)
Naughty Night to Overflow with Sexiness
This year's Naughty Night plans to have residents jiggling out of their costumes. "The fatties of this town will be wearing the smallest size they could all go without being uncomfortable. It will be quite the sight if you're watching us walk around because all the fat will be on display," explained Mocha. Truffle says he's looking foward to Mocha's outfit because her belly will probably be hiding the waistband and her rump will be on full display. Jasmine said Bob will probably be constantly gazing at her during the event, eager to feel the fat for himself.
2/7/19 (Article #285)
Flabby Firefighters Jiggle for Justice
Pudgyville's Flabby Firefighters responded to a fire at Booty Buffet that turned out to be deliberate. "We have no idea who would do such a thing, nor why but it wasn't a huge fire like the one at Ms. Sheila's school back before it had a college added to it, stated Inferno Love. Sweetheart Summer says she could've sworn she saw a black pony with fire in their eyes cause the fire but was unable to stop them before they got away. Eduardo says he'll look at the security footage from the event to see if he can pick up on who the culprit is.
2/5/19 (Article #284)
Rotund Resturant Open for Operation
Mint Blossom's restaurant is finally open for business. "I'll try not to eat the food along the way. My dad came into help with that by putting the food in locked cages. Customers simply have to move to the cage with the food they want and I'll get it for them. No need to wait at a table or anything. Of course, there are tables to eat at anyway," explained Mint Blossom. Mr. Blossom said the cages are designed with a locking system where the proper code must be entered before access to the cage can be granted. If the cage is opened without the proper code, that cage is closed off indefinitely unless Mint Blossom obtains the key from him.
2/3/19 (Article #283)
Fatty Friends Make Jiggly Journey to Pudgyville
It would appear that Rotundity's friends have arrived with extra weight of their own. "We realized we were wrong to not consider her our friend just becuase she liked something we didn't and to prove it, we've fattened ourselves up and changed our names too," explained Fatlight Jiggle. Rotundity says she is touched by their story but will need time to consider actually accepting them as friends again. Fattyshy says they'll stay to prove their loyalty to Rotundity. Jasmine says they're welcome to stay regardless of the reason, so long as it's not for malicious intent.
2/1/19 (Article #282)
First Voluptuous Video Uploaded to Website
Voluptuous Videos has gotten its very first video uploaded to its website earlier this week. "It's Bouncy Buns' video and she's belly dancing like crazy. We kinda had to slow down the video to see it properly," explained Mocha. Bouncy Buns says she just got in the groove that day and couldn't help but start belly dancing. Residents say that the video will probably get a lot of views since most haven't seen Bouncy Buns belly dance as a whole, let alone with such enthusiasm.
1/30/19 (Article #281)
Fatty Fashion Designer Renames Herself "Rotundity"
In a surprise turn of events, Rarity has opted to change her name to "Rotundity". "I can't bare to hear the name that associated me with my so-called "friends" so I felt I should change it to one that removes me from that and better fits my new physique," explained Rotundity. Residents say it'll take some getting used to but are sure they can remember it with time and agree it's a fitting name.
1/28/19 (Article #280)
Big Belly Band Releases Rotund Album
Flutter Fun and her band, known for their songs about Pudgyville, have made their first album for sale. "We took extra liberty to make sure our rumps were on the front just as a bit of humor. We know the songs did well over here and want to make them readily available. The songs were a lot of work but they were worth it," explained Flutter Fun. Flutter Fun also said they offer a discount price of 8 Buttons to residents here as the songs are specifically for them. Mocha says she's excited to hear her favorite song on the album.
1/26/19 (Article #279)
Big Bad Beauty Belle Escapes from Prison
Earlier this morning, Eduardo went into the prison for a routine check and found that her jail cell had been broken into. "Someone came into her cell and got her out. I have a feeling I know who got her out but unless I can find out where the two are, I won't make any accusations," stated Eduardo. Residents hope the duo are not in town so they can be at peace. Michelle says she saw what looked to be a light green pony running with her late last night but doesn't know how they got her out.
1/24/19 (Article #278)
Flabulous Photoshoot a Sexy Success
Rarity has done her photoshoot at last and it's turned out better than she could've ever expected. "Now THESE are the photos the town will be known for. Every curve and every inch of fat is accentuated and showcased. I'll make copies for those that want them," explained Rarity. Rarity also said that the photos will be in Ms. Sheila's school as a bonus as they'll be right at home with her students. Residents are eager to see the results as well and will be looking forward to getting copies of their photos.
1/6/19 (Article #277)
Big Belly Beauty Highlights Tubby Technique
Luscious Love, known for her oddly shaped belly button, has decided to show her method of fun. "It's like this. I get on the other pony and squish my fat on their face. It's like a variation on what that purple pony does," explained Luscious Love. Residents are intrigued by this idea but aren't quite sure what to make of it just yet. Luscious Love says she wasn't actually sitting on another pony but a stuffed animal used as a demonstration.
1/4/19 (Article #276)
Big Bad Beauty Belle Tests Negative by Nurses
Earlier this week, the nurses paid a visit to Beauty Belle's jail cell and tested her for any kind of medical condition as per Eduardo's agreement with Beauty Belle's brother. However, the result came back negative, meaning there was no evidence of any kind of issue that would explain Beauty Belle's behavior. "We can only conclude that Beauty Belle is acting on her own accord without any medical condition to cause it. As a result, it proves she was lying the whole time as we all pretty much suspected," concluded Eduardo. Bouncy Belle says he doesn't like the result and may pursue this issue further.
1/2/19 (Article #275)
Big Belly Battle Preparations Making Progress
Flippy Dove Treat is finding signs of weight gain at last. "They're only up a few pounds but it's more than where they were. Ideally, they'll need to be about Jasmine's size or bigger to have much of a chance. The larger portions and more ingredients seem to have done the trick," elaborated Flippy. Participants say that they can now better understand why the fatties like being fat in the first place. Flippy says the fatties were also coaching the skinny ponies how to eat the large amount of food as a training of sorts. Flippy hopes to have them all ready sometime next year.