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A blog that details the newspaper articles and events as they occur in Pudgyville.


12/31/18 (New Year's Eve) (Article #274)
Sexy Story Reveals Luscious Legend Behind Past Pudgyville
Shellabye, known for her love of ancient relics from underground, has found two mystery artifacts and a note that details what they are but is hard to read. "It seems that these are artifacts from Pudgyville's past. There's a booty of gold and a belly of silver. Both are round and squishy so I wonder if these were awarded in some kind of contest or competition," explained Shellabye. Ms. Sheila says she'll clean them up and display them at her school. Shellabye hopes to learn more from the note and maybe perhaps confirm her suspcions regarding the mysteryious items' origins.
12/29/18 (Article #273)
Big Belly Beauty has Bewildering Belly Button
Residents have encountered a new pony that takes the phrase center of attention a whole new direction. "She calls herself Luscious Love and apparently has a thing for being on top of another pony, much like Plumperoni only with more ways of doing it like her belly," explained Mocha. Luscious Love says her weight is a definite factor for why her belly button is shaped as such and feels it's more realistic in terms of how things are laid out with fat. Eduardo says Luscious Love may want to see Mr. Jiggle about it due to his research on how fat behaves.
12/27/18 (Article #272)
Tubby Teacher Troubled by Pudgy Elementary School
Ms. Sheila has received a flyer for a new school miles away from town and is troubled by the occupants. "According to the flyer, they're elementary students, so probably younger than the ponies here. Granted, we don't really have an age definition here but they just seem so young to be attending a school, especially with the outfits they're wearing for their age." stated Ms. Sheila. Rarity says that although Sweetie Belle is older, she shouldn't be informed of this school for fears that she may either get upset or worse. Ms. Sheila has agreed to discard the unsettling flyer in hopes that she can put it behind her.
12/25/18 (Christmas Day) (Article #271)
Big Bad Bully Requesting Beauty Belle's Release
Bouncy Belle had gone into the prison to see Beauty Belle and has been convinced enough to ask for Beauty Belle's release. "It's wrong to have her locked away when she has a medical condition. She wouldn't have said that if it weren't true. I've known her for much longer than any of you have," pleaded Bouncy Belle. Eduardo says he'll bring the nurses to Beauty Belle's cell to verify it and may release Beauty Belle if it's confirmed that she indeed has a medical condition. Resdients still aren't convinced of Bouncy Belle's story, citing Beauty Belle's prior behavior both in town and during the court case.
12/23/18 (Article #270)
Round Rump Restaurant Reveals Sexy Surprise
Residents having a look inside the restaurant have found the occupant inside to be indeed as big as the rump on the building. "Her name is apparently Sweetheart Summer and she's bottom-heavy like Sweet Aroma and Plumperoni. She also has sexy ways to keep her customers in her restaurant but doesn't force them in any way," explained Mocha. Sweetheart Summer says her physique is what keeps most of her customers convinced to stay. and will often place her belly or rump on the edge of the table as an incentive. Residents hope to try out her restaurant to get a better idea of how she works and try the food.
12/21/19 (Article #269)
Voluptuous Videos Gets Rotund Recorder
Eduardo has found that since most residents don't have a way to film themselves, he's opted to add a built-in video camera right on the site. "All the users have to do is click on the Film button at the top and then click the Record button at the bottom to start filming. Eduardo said the user must be logged in to use the feature and adds that it's to prevent outsiders from trying to make any sort of malicious videos. Residents say they're excited to try out this feature and have already started making their accounts.
12/19/18 (Article #268)
Big Bad Beauty Belle Denies Rotund Request
Sugar Love went in to see Beauty Belle in jail and was shocked to find that she didn't want to be with him. "She's much tougher to get a mate that's for sure. I don't know whether it's just because she's in jail or whether she genuinely doesn't like me," explained Sugar Love. Bouncy Belle says he's eager to get inside and find out what happened back in the court and how Beauty Belle had changed since the two last met.
12/17/18 (Article #267)
New Nurse Heads to Pudgy Peril Hospital
Pudgyville's lone hospital has gotten a new nurse to join the crew. "She's my mom and she'd only recently discovered the town had a hospital. She was also struggling to find a job herself where she was," explained Nurse Sunset. Mrs. Sunset says she's delighted to help anywhere she can and says she'll contribute to the jobs of all three nurses whenever possible. Nurse Sweetie says they've probably been overdue for another nurse after Ms. Sheila's epic illness left them struggling for a cure.
12/15/18 (Article #266)
Fanfiction Fatty Revealed as Big Belly Book Publisher
Starlight Moonlight, known for her fanfiction writing, has revealed that she's behind the mystery books from before and has new ones on the way. "I never imagined the books would sell so well and opted to keep my identity secret using a special alias called Golden Glutton. That's what the GG means at the bottom-right corner of the book. I just wanted to have a little extra fun, sort of like including myself in the fanfiction idea," explained Starlight Moonlight. Residents say they're delighted to be included in future books and are willing to take part in any of them. Eduardo says once the new books are published and released, he'll go ahead and make the new library. Starlight Moonlight says she'll also sell copies of her books at her house for those interested.
12/13/18 (Article #265)
Booty Battle Between Big Belly Boys Decided
Earlier this week, Bouncy Belle and Sugar Love had their Booty Battle to decide which of them got to see Beauty Belle in jail first. "It was close but in the end, Sugar Love won and will be allowed in tomorrow," announced Eduardo. Sugar Love says he's excited to see his next possible candidate for love. Bouncy Belle says he's jealous that he didn't win the Booty Battle, especially since that meant he won't be seeing his own flab and blood right away.
12/11/18 (Article #264)
Voluptuous Video Service Successfully Revamped for Residents
Eduardo has made a new logo for the site, which is now called "Voluptuous Videos" and is much more generic than what was believe do be intended for Beauty Belle's site. "Despite the name, it's not restricted to the fatties of this town. Anyone in town can upload content to it and there's no real limit but it's recommended that the videos are less than 10 minutes so that if multiple videos are uploaded at the same time, it's not going to be much of an issue," stated Eduardo. Michelle says it's perfect for surprise birthday gifts and whatnot and with the ability to film live events, it makes it perfect for other events in town as well. Jasmine says she's already created an account but isn't yet sure what to upload first, or how to go about filming it.
12/9/18 (Article #263)
Big Bootyful Rump Restaurant Revealed
A new restaurant has shown up in Pudgyville but no one knows who it belongs to. "It's kinda like Flirty Fabrics only the rump is bigger and actually overflows the rest of the building. It says it's called Booty Buffet," explained Mocha. Residents marveled at how big the rump on the building is and wonder if the pony that owns it is of similar physique. Bonnie says the new restaurant may give her's and others in town some competition but feels that the extra variety will only add to the town's popularity.
12/7/19 (Article #262)
Big Belly Battle Preparation Proving Problematic
Unfortunately, it seems the skinny ponies aren't putting on much weight at all despite changing their diet to match Flippy Dove Treat's specified one. "Maybe they're just not eating enough of the recipe or there's not enough fattening ingredients to make them gain weight sufficiently? Not sure which is true, or if either one is true. It may also simply be due to the skinny ponies' mental struggle to go against how they had been when they first arrived for the sake of the upcoming battle with Pon-Evil," speculated Flippy. Flippy says she'll add more fattening ingredients and increase the portion size to see if that makes a difference.
11/3/18 (Article #261)
Big Booty Battle to Decide Duo Dilemma
Eduardo has opted that since neither male fatty can decide which of them to agree on going into see Beauty Belle first, the two will have a Booty Battle and the winner gets to go in first. "Patricia will be our judge since she knows the most about the rules of her game. It's also a quick and non-violent way to decide things. Plus it may take their mind off their feud," explained Eduardo. Eduardo said the Booty Battle between them will take place the next day, allowing the duo to prepare ahead of time.
11/1/18 (Article #260)
Sexy Superhero Show Looking for 3rd Season
Pudgyville's ever-popular Pound Town TV show is looking to do a 3rd season. "I've already heard from the show's producers that it's in progress, inspired by recent events here in town. They said the first episode could be out at the end of the year," explained Eduardo. Residents say they'll enjoy seeing how the 3rd season turns out, especially if there are new characters and/or references to their best moments from the past. Plumperoni hopes she's in it with powers that accentuate her big rump.
10/30/18 (Article #259)
New Naughty Night Club a Sexy Success
Mrs. Spice and Galapeno have set up their new makeshift night club and performed last night to the entire town. "We even got some money in return, albeit not much. It shows just how much this town's residents care for each other," remarked Mrs. Spice Galapeno says each show will be using the new video service that Eduardo repurposes from Beauty Belle so that viewers can see the event live as it happens. Chatrina says she's been told she can have a trial run before their next performance to see how she does. If it goes over well, she'll be allowed into the actual show and future shows too.
10/28/18 (Article #258)
Big Belly Bully Revealed as Beauty Belle's Brother
In a surprising twist, the mystery bully from before has revealed himself as Beauty Belle's brother, Bouncy Belle. "I don't know why they put her in jail. She said she had a mental condition so that should've been enough to let her go. As her brother, I'm standing up for her and putting down everyone that tried to make her look bad. This is why I'm making fun of everyone here. Beauty Belle deserves better than this. She's rough around the edges but look at her body. She's a big softie in actuality," stated Bouncy Belle. Mocha says she's not buying the story, considering how mean Bouncy Belle was to her and to her boyfriend. Eduardo says he'll have a talk with Sugar Love and Bouncy Belle to decide how to handle the two situaitons as they both involve the same pony.
10/26/18 (Article #257)
Sweet Talking Fatty Makes Rotund Request
Sugar Love has opted for a special request from Eduardo. "I want to talk to the pink one with light blue and light purple hair that is in jail. She seems like my type and takes it much further than Jasmine did," explained Sugar Love. Eduardo says that he'll think about it but is still surprised that anyone would want to talk to her after her behavior that got her in jail in the first place. Sugar Love says he'll prepare with a special treat for Beauty Belle if he's allowed in.
10/24/18 (Article #256)
Voluptuous Video Service Repurposed for Regular Rotundness
With Beauty Belle unable to maintain her video service, Eduardo has opted to change its use so that it is more general and friendly to Pudgyville users. "We're not sure what intents Beauty Belle had for her new service but even if they were good, she can't use the service anymore so I'm taking over for it. This'll be a great way to help new ponies gain some sort of spotlight and can be a nice surprise for special days. I think residents will enjoy using this because Fat Chat also has a record feature so that those that participate can then upload their chat to the video service. I'll be working on a new name and logo for the service," elaborated Eduardo. Residents say it's the perfect way to put Beauty Belle behind them for good and will definitely have surprises for each of their significant others in the future.
10/22/18 (Article #255)
Big Beige Beauty Seeking Sexiness from Experts
Chatrina, Mocha Cream's sister has opted for some dancing lessons from the experts. "Since I'm not yet accepted in Ms. Sheila's school, I wanna learn how to dance so that I can give my sexy body the attention it's always wanted," explained Chatrina. Mocha says her parents are willing to support her along the way, even if that means Chatrina sees them less often. Galapeno said that she and her mom are thinking about maybe accepting her to join them during their downtime.
10/20/18 (Article #254)
Mocha Mocked by Big Belly Bully
Mocha Cream seemingly has become the target of a new pony's bullying antics. "I don't know what I did to cause this. Maybe just because I'm literally the biggest target in town apart from my sister? Truffle was kind enough to stand up for me but he was bullied too. This doesn't look good for our future," remarked Mocha. Truffle says that he was told that any one that wears girly clothing should be arrested. Eduardo has caught up with the newcomer and is trying to get some answers from them about their behavior.
10/18/18 (Article #253)
Famous Female Fatty Honors Holiday with Big Pudgyville Parade
Flippy Dove Treat, whom is responsible for the holiday's existance in the first place, opted for a special parade for this year's Thindependence Day. "This way, we don't necessarily have to honor those that are just starting out but can include everyone as fat becaome accepted as a whole. I feel this is a much better idea than limiting the festivities to ones centered around certain ponies. I became the literal center of the parade since I got this town to where it is today and everyone else was around me. It was a beautiful parade with all the ponies dressed up and their floats were wonderful. It'll be one to remember that's for sure," stated Flippy. Residents agreed on what Flippy had said regarding the holiday festivities and are willing to have it become the new way to celebrate the day for the future.
10/16/18 (Article #252)
Plump Photoshoot Presents Puzzling Problem
Rarity was all set to start her photoshoot when she hit a snag. "It's difficult to decide which ponies to be in which shots. Plus, some of the ponies here are so big, I either have to move the camera back or move them back, neither of which are ideal. I may just have do close-ups, which can be just as sexy, if not more so. Still, some like the full body shots," explained Rarity. Residents say they don't mind not being fully in the shot and would love to have the sexy close-ups instead. Rarity says the video will be easier to shoot because then it doesn't matter as
much. She can just have the ponies move around.
9/30/18 (Article #251)
Rotund Residents Greeted with Sexiness in the Sky
A seemingly ordinary night for residents was greeted by a wonderful spectacle above their heads. "It's called The Big Booty Moon and if you're lucky enough to see it, it's the biggest booty to ever grace Pudgyville," explained Cosmic Meteor. Residents say that they marveled at the sight for several hours, wishing they could actually squeeze it like their own rumps. Cosmic Meteor took photos of the event to use at her next P.U.D.G.E. meeting. Ms. Sheila says she took notes on it and will use it for her next Big Book of Pudgyville book.
9/28/18 (Article #250)
Big Belly Battle Resuming with Sexy Strategy
Flippy Dove Treat is finally ready to test out a new strategy to deal with Pon-Evil. "Why take them on with brute force when it's not only what they're expecting but that'll probably get ugly pretty quickly? Instead, I'm gonna have everyone use their sexiness to deal with them. Of course, to take part, everyone will have to be fat, and that includes the skinny ponies. We'll train those that are new to weight gain so they can be their best when we actually go in," elaborated Flippy Dove Treat. Bob says it's not what he would've wanted but is willing to do it if it means defeating Pon-Evil.
9/26/18 (Article #249)
Censorship Conundrum's Cause Confirmed
Eduardo has found out why Pound Town, the town's beloved and successful TV show has been censored all this time. "Apparently this was Neat Pea's doing according to her daughter Pea Pod Pie, whom noted that she'd seen this behavior take place before with other things her mom claimed to dislike heavily," stated Eduardo. Pea Pod Pie says her mom had been planning to disrupt the TV show from the second she saw a glimpse of the TV show on TV. Eduardo says he'll disable the service that allows the show to be broadcasted worldwide and make it exclusive to Pudgyville.
9/24/18 (Article #248)
Mind Manipulator Male Makes Rotund Return
Pudgyville has been met with a literal big surprise in the form of a new pony accompanying a pony that residents are very much against seeing again. "It's my former teacher Derek, only he's fat now and brought whom he says is his brother. None of us were all that delighted to see Derek again after what he'd done previously. His brother, whom none of us knew about, said Derek has always been the same way, the way we've seen him previously," explained Ms. Sheila. Derek's brother Dylan has said he fattened up his brother in hopes of taking his mind off happiness being an illusion. Derek says it has changed him but didn't say by how much, or in what ways.
9/22/18 (Article #247)
Fatty Fashion Designer Devises Plump Photoshoot
Rarity, whom has been a literal big help for the town, has arranged for a photoshoot of the residents. "The world needs to see these jiggly mounds of beauty so I'm going to take photos of them in various poses. Of course, I'll have some of my own taken too. It's a shame that others don't feel the way these ponies do as they're straying from typical and that's a very good thing," stated Rarity. Residents are excited about their upcoming photoshoot and say they'll be able to request specific photos both of themselves and copies of the photos after it's all done. Ms. Sheila says the photos will probably be up on the walls of her school.
9/20/18 (Article #246)
Mystery Orange Pony Revealed to be I Full Tower Creator
The pony a few residents had seen earlier is confirmed to be the very pony that created the I Full Tower, the 1000 foot tall metal statue that has become so iconic in the town. "Yes, I do look like this, at least now I do. I ended up in a bucket of orange paint when I first painted the structure but it doesn't come off so here I am today. As for the tower, I took it home to inspect it for damage as it'd been up there for several years. Luckily, it's fine so I'm putting it back tomorrow. It's surprisingly light for its height and materials used," explained Belle E. Full. Residents are happy to know it wasn't stolen and will be returned but are happier still to meet the creator of their beloved tower.
9/18/18 (Article #245)
Tubby Trial Case Closed
After a frightening day where Beauty Belle acted out against the court, the case has been closed, much to the relief of Pudgyville residents. "The court found no evidence that Beauty Belle had any kind of medical condition that caused her actions. As such, it was quickly decided that she is indeed guilty and will now serve many years in prison. Of course, we won't even know she's there because the prison is completely sealed off from daylight. She can't see a thing outside. Plus I don't think any of us want to see her," explained Eduardo. Ms. Sheila says that she's thankful Beauty Belle never attended her school or there would've likely been bigger problems regarding Beauty Belle's actions.
9/16/18 (Article #244)
Pound Town TV Show Censored Conclusively
Pudgyville's sexy superhero TV show has undergone a total censorship where by the entire screen is black with the word censored over top. "I can't understand it. Someone has to be getting into the TV production and adding that in becase I know full well none of us would do such a thing. It renders the entire show moot," stated Michelle. Eduardo says he's now looking into it as it's gotten way out of hand.
9/14/18 (Article #243)
Tubby Tower Literally Living Large?!
Out of nowhere, Pudgyville's iconic I Full Tower has seemingly magically come to life. "I thought I was seeing things but it continued to move and then walked away. I'm not sure I'd believe it if someone told it to me," remarked Mocha. Jasmine says she saw it pass her house too and seemed to be an orange pony that was much too small to be the actual I Full Tower. Bouncy Buns says it reminded her of when she had orange paint dumped on her but wonders where the I Full Tower went.
9/12/18 (Article #242)
Tubby Trial Takes Terrifying Turn
Beauty Belle's trial has brought shock and awe to the case. "Beauty Belle was saying how she had a mental disorder that caused her to be have the way she did. We personally weren't buying it but we weren't the jury and just had to hope that they saw through her lie. They did but that made things much worse as Beauty Belle started using her magic to disrupt the court case. No wonder she was so confident about this. She had it planned from the beginning. I think we all liked her better when she was just mean," stated Eduardo. Beauty Belle says her mental condition isn't a reason to kick her out for her behavior when she has no control over her actions. Judge Heavyhooves said he ended the court hearing for the day and has put a restraint on Beauty Belle using a magic-resistant jacket.
9/10/18 (Article #241)
Sexy Divas Opt for New Nighttime Night Club
With the problem regarding their online sales still unresolved, Galapeno and her mom have opted to have their night club be right in town but without an actual structure. "This means we're not paying anything to keep it going. Plus, since our routines take place at night anyway, it's no big deal. We may have some sort of lighting so that ponies can see us but that'll cost us much less and this way the space of the building won't limit the number of ponies that can come watch. Money will still be appreciated if we get it, though," explained Mrs. Spice. Galapeno said that the money they do have will be sufficient to perhaps have a minor structure to act as a stage for their performances and will easily be able to be taken down if necessary.
9/8/18 (Article #240)
Chubby Cinemas Success Skyrockets
Despite the addition of the Jiggle for Joy amusement park, Chubby Cinemas owner Kettle Corn says it's doing better than before. "I think the amusement park is just what my theater needed as it gives them incentive to swich between the two or do both in the same day," remarked Kettle Corn. Kettle Corn says the noise from the park only adds to the otherwise quiet atmosphere in the theater as movies do not play continuously. Plus they can get dull to hear repeatedly throughout the day.
9/6/18 (Article #239)
First Fatties Ride Rotund Roller Coaster
Mocha and Truffle have been the first to ride the Jiggle for Joy Roller Coaster. "It's snug to get in there, but I'll bet that's just the result of not accounting for all sizes. Plus, it's an easy fix. It was a fun ride and was making our fat jiggle anyway. Should be fun to try the other parts of the amusement park too," explained Mocha. Truffle says he wore a skirt for this occasion and it was flapping in the breeze, making him blush.
8/4/18 (Article #238)
Big Bad Beauty Belle Begins Tubby Trial
The day has finally come to decide Beauty Belle's fate in Pudgyville. "Her good deed came well after her bad ones so it's time to bid her goodbye," stated Eduardo. Residents are also confident they'll be without her once it concludes. Judge Heavyhooves said that with the other infractions Beauty Belle has racked up, it'll probably take a few days to even a week to have a decision. Even so, they are still given time off from the case each day. Beauty Belle remains confident that she'll be proven innocent by the time it's all settled.
8/2/18 (Article #237)
Dancing Divas' Currency Conundrum Identified
The problem regarding the money suddenly not flowing in has been discovered. "Someone had gotten into the server and overloaded it to the point where it couldn't process anything. We obviously aren't skilled in this area so we'll have to wait until it's fixed, which hopefully should be soon," explained Galapeno. Mrs. Spice says that despite this setback, they've still made planty to keep the Night Club running.
7/31/18 (Article #236)
Jiggle for Joy Amusement Park Finally Finished
After months of work, the park has been finished. "Phew, that was a lot of work but now it'll be a lot of fun. My family and I fully understand the noise it'll make at night so we're closing it up at that time. Besides, who'd run it at night anyway? Certainly not any of us and I doubt anyone in town would either," remarked Jumbo Jiggle. Residents say they'll be able to use it once Beauty Belle's trial has concluded. Eduardo says much of the delay came from having other more important tasks to finish first.
7/29/18 (Article #235)
Sexy Sister Revealed for Computing Cutie
Computie Pie has revealed she has a sister named Cutie Computie Patootie that is an avid fan of science "Yep, she's my sister, though she doesn't always know what she's getting into as she often tries to do the experiments she sees on TV without any idea how to do it properly. That's why I have to watch her much of the time," stated Computie Pie. Cutie Computie Patootie says she came outside to try her next experiment but was disappointed when nothing happened. Now she's happy to have inadvertently found new friends. Computie Pie adds that the chemistry set Cutie Computie has is a toy that replicates how things are done without causing any harm but still doesn't mean her sister can't get into trouble.
7/27/18 (Article #234)
Fashion Fatty Fixes Flirty Fabrics' Financially
With sales not doing as well for Mocha and Sweet Aromas' store, Rarity came in and decked out the store to give it more flair. "It was a good start given the intent was to sell revealing clothing but I don't think they took it far enough. I've added plenty of gems on the outside and decked it out inside as well. It seems to have worked as we get customers here almost daily," explained Rarity. Sweetie Belle says she's getting more confident in her body and is greeting customers outside with Rarity nearby in case of emergency.
7/25/18 (Article #233)
Big Bad Beauty Belle Ready for Tubby Trial
Eduardo's new courthouse has been completed so finally Beauty Belle can be brought to trial. "I've informed Heavyhooves so he can bring his specialized jury into the courthouse. He said he'd be ready in a few days. I think we're all ready for Beauty Belle to finally bid this town goodbye for good," explained Eduardo. Beauty Belle says she's confident she'll win the court decision given that the town would never send one of their own fatties packing.
7/23/18 (Article #232)
Dancing Diva's Rotund Revenue Frozen
For unknown reasons, the seemingly endless supply of money going to Galapeno and Mrs. Spice for their videos has stopped. "I don't know what the deal is. It could be something wrong with the site itself or something much worse," stated Mrs. Spice. Galapeno says it may have to do with Beauty Belle's new video service but will hold off on making accusations until after the trial is over.
7/21/18 (Article #231)
Flabby Fashion Designer Puts on Fatty Fashion Show
Rarity has helped Sweet Aroma and Mocha Cream make special outfits for everyone in Pudgyville and held a fashion show that night. "Well with fat being what generally rules here, I've taken the time and effort to accentuate their curves. Even my daughter Sweetie Belle joined in. Mocha says she loves the new clothing and will hire Rarity to work in her shop to further aid in sales.
7/19/18 (Article #230)
Big Bad Beauty Belle Adds Voluptuous Video Service
While awaitng her trial, Beauty Belle has opted for a video service whereby residents can upload videos to the server. "It's seemingly the nicest thing she's done since she was banned from here. The only reason she's returned here is for her trial. Of course, that doesn't mean her trial is cancelled," remarked Eduardo. Beauty Belle says the videos are subject to her approval before they are posted and using the service is free. Residents say that they'll need ways to make videos if they are to use her service but are hesitant to try it out given Beauty Belle's past.
7/17/18 (Article #229)
Plump Princess of Profanity Faces Fatty Farewell
Pudgyville's profanity princess is proving to be quite an earful and is on the verge of being banned from the town. "I don't think she's trying hard enough to keep her behavior under control. If this keeps up much longer, I'll be sending her packing. Maybe this'll scare her into toning things down a bit," stated Eduardo. Bountiful Radiance says she has a medical condition that causes her foul language and thus does not have any control over when she says it. Regardless, Eduardo says he'll need proof of this and if true, will see if Pudgy Peril Hospital's nurses can find a cure.
7/15/18 (Article #228)
Famous Fatties Make Rotund Return
Fatties from Pudgyville's past that didn't stay too long have opted for another look at the town and its residents. "We orginally didn't like the way things were going in this town but apparently my so-called "friends" didn't like how Sweetie Belle and I were behaving as of late so we left to come here," explained Rarity. Rarity says that her sister Sweetie Belle is older than her body makes her appear to be and thus will not likely cause any problems for the future. Sweetie Belle says she's unsure how to feel about the town just yet, or her weight gain for that matter but is at least relieved that her weight won't be an issue for anyone here.
7/13/18 (Article #227)
Fabulous Fatty is Sexy Sister?!
Pudgyville found a pony similar to Goldie Flop for St Fatties Day this year. "She's darker green than I am but it'd still be easy to confuse me for her and vice-versa. She's my sister named Golden Flip Flop and I hope she becomes a welcome part of this town," explained Goldie Flop. Golden Flip Flop says they can call her Flip Flop if it helps keep straight of who's who and hopes she can further improve St. Fatty's Day for the future.
7/11/18 (Article #226)
Tubby Teacher's Chubby Collage Closed
Ms. Sheila has closed the college part of her school due to lack of students. "They've all migrated to the regular school year, at least for now so I might as well close it. It's still there so it's not like I'm going to ask for it to be demolished. My students will just take the regular route to their learning and maybe try the revised version next year," explained Ms. Sheila. Ms. Sheila also said that this does take stress off her day, even though both ways of learning do not occur on the same day and allows her to fine tune the idea she was given regarding the college's future.
7/9/18 (Article #225)
Dancing Divas Make Mountains of Money
Galapeno's idea has been a big success as plenty of ponies from across the globe are buying their videos. "I guess they like sexy ponies dancing, or maybe this is just more convenient than going to the Night Club," figured Mrs. Spice. Galapeno says that the currency is converted digitally automatically, which means that the videos can be purchased regardless of what currency is being used. Mrs. Spice also said that she may also use the
newly created Fat Chat as a bonus for those wanting some content that way.
7/7/18 (Article #224)
Rotund Residents Participate in Plump Pony Platform
Pudgyville's fatties took part in a test run of a new system called Fat Chat, whereby fatties could talk to skinny ponies and vice-versa. "It's a nice way to chat with someone you didn't get to see or didn't have time to talk to during the day. Plus it can also help for when the weather is poor," remarked Mocha. Bob says that despite the fact the system doesn't allow skinny ponies to talk to each other, he figures that's what they would've wanted anyway given how much more attractive the fatties are.
7/5/18 (Article #223)
Rotund Rival Revoked by Anti-Hater Hottie
Jasmine has declined to be with Sugar Love, her adversary from the past week as she feels she's just not into him any more than Bob. "While I appreciate that he's not swayed by my actions, there's just no incentive for me to love him back. Besides, Bob is my admirer and even though he's constantly taking peeks at me at my house, it's something I'm used to. He's also not constantly trying to impress me either. He just admires me from afar," explained Jasmine. Sugar Love says he'll stay in town to see if anyone else strikes his fancy. Bob says he's delighted that Jasmine is still technically siding with him, even if not directly.
7/3/18 (Article #222)
Chubby College Crumbles Conclusively
Ms. Sheila's Chubby College side of learning has gotten even worse over the past two weeks. "I guess this wasn't as good of an idea as it seemed initially. I think ponies here just want the worry-free learning they had before. I suppose this may be the only year of the Chubby College unless I can improve how it works," stated Ms. Sheila. Cotton Candy Cream suggests that the homework can serve as extra credit and not actually be a
requirement, allowing those that maybe aren't doing so well to take part. It may also be fun for those just willing to take part that aren't under any stress at all. Ms. Sheila says she likes the idea and is considering how to add it into her Chubby College for next year.
7/1/18 (Article #221)
Spicy Sweetie Selling Sexy Videos for Dancing Diva
Galapeno has opted to make sexy videos to sell online to others as an incentive to help her mom get more money. "I have little doubt that they'll be racking up the money. All the earnings wil go to my mom though as she needs the money," explained Galapeno. Mrs. Spice says she'll join in as a bonus to see if this is perhaps a worthwhile way to go in case things don't improve for her night club.
6/29/18 (Article #220)
Fatty Fancies Foul Language Frequently
Residents got an earful of a different variety, one they'd never heard before and wished they hadn't. The pony responsible was revealed as Bountiful Radiance, daughter to Mrs. Radiance, whom says the language makes her feel good when using it. She also claims it makes the statement more emphasized and believes a rump must be slappable, meaning it jiggles when slapped. "You're !@#$ right I use foul language. Get used to it because this won't be the first time you'll hear me use it, or the last," warned Bountiful Radiance. Eduardo advices that parents with younger ponies should not be outside at the same time this pony so that they at least mitigate the risk of having the younger ones start using it themselves. Eduardo also warned Bountiful Radiance that if she uses the language too often or shows other unwanted behavior, she'll be asked to leave.
6/27/18 (Article #219)
Chubby Cosplayer Reveals Evil Environment for Big Belly Battle
Cotton Candy Cream has recovered enough to share details regarding Pon-Evil's tactics to Flippy Dove Treat. "What she describes certainly fits with Pon-Evil's presumed nature but having it actually laid out also showcases just how dangerous it was for her. This is certainly valuable info I'll be using for when I finalize the battle against them," stated Flippy Dove Treat. Cotton Candy Cream says she'll cosplay as the residents from Pon-Evil to serve as a visual to what went down while she was in there in hopes it'll add to the description she gave earlier.
6/25/18 (Article #218)
Heavy Heart Day Hottie Gets Luscious Literal Gift
Hearbeat Flip Flap, notable for creating Heavy Heart Day, has gotten an unexpected grift from the holiday's participants. "It was beautiful. Each fatty had a giant heart on their belly as if to literally showcase what the holiday is all about. Plus it shows what big hearts they have too. Truffle says he felt extra special with a heart on his belly and may look to find a shirt of similar nature, or perhaps find a way to make the heart a permanent part of him on his body. Heartbeat Flip Flap says she loves the idea so much she'll put a heart on her own belly for next year.
6/23/18 (Article #217)
Rotund Rival Proving Joyful over Jasmine
Indeed, Jasmine's mystery pony that wasn't swayed by her antics, at least not in the way Jasmine expected, has admitted to being in love with her. "I love a pony that not only isn't bothered by hatred but also gives something back so to speak," explained Sugar Love, Jasmine's admirer. Jasmine says she may get used to it over time but is still not sure she wants him over Bob.
6/21/18 (Article #216)
Mrs. Spice's Sales Slipping
Seemingly out of nowhere, Mrs. Spice suddenly stopped getting money for her dances. "I don't know if it's my dance routines or the fact that ponies simply don't have the money. I don't require it but it does help pay bills. I will need money soon, though or I may have to close down my Night Club," remarked Mrs. Spice. Galapeno says she'll try to help raise money with her own dance routines and will see if anyone else will join her.
6/19/18 (Article #215)
Flirty Fabrics Sells Dozens of Derierre Devices
Computie Pie's Rumputer is attracting lots of customers and the store owners couldn't be happier. It's like the most success we've had in a long time. I don't know what exactly did it, be it the poster or the product itself but it worked," stated Sweet Aroma. Mocha says they may need Computie Pie to make more and are giving her part of the profits as it's her invention that is allowing the store to do so well.
6/17/18 (Article #214)
Cotton Candy Cream Escapes from Evil Environment
Somehow, Cotton Candy Cream has escaped and returned to Pudgyville but her costume is heavily damaged. "I waited until they were asleep and slipped out but that took days as they were constantly scheming by using me as a test subject. I've never been so happy to return here," stated Cotton Candy Cream. Flippy Dove Treat says she'll use the info that Cotton Candy Cream brings her to update her plan for the attack on Pon-Evil. Cotton Candy Cream also said she's going to get some much-needed rest, then may end up participating in the college side of Ms. Sheila's school.
6/15/18 (Article #213)
Jasmine Meets Rotund Rival?!
It would appear that Jasmine has somehow met her match, at least when it comes to anti-hate. "He's not a pony I know personally but he is persistent. My antics don't seem to be turning him away like they do with others. It's possible he could be falling for me but if that's true, Bob will probably step in," explained Jasmine. Jasmine said she'll keep an eye on her mystery adversary to see if there's anything else she can gather about him.
6/13/18 (Article #212)
Pudgyville Plump Pony Honored with Sexy Show
A new holiday has been added to the list thanks to a pony named Plumpsatubby, whom is actually part of a small family that includes a brother-and-sister adopted duo named Pokesabelly and Pokesabooty. "They just appeared a few nights ago. We didn't have a holiday then but we always honor new ponies as they arrive, so long as they aren't going to be a problem later," explained Ms. Sheila. Plumpsatubby said he adores the idea and has added that his routine will vary each year and thus lead to two different festivities for that day.
6/11/18 (Article #211)
Flirty Fabrics Flaunts Rumputer for Retail
Mocha and Sweet Aroma discussed a possible partnership with Computie Pie over her invention of the Rumputer, a panty-shaped piece of hardware that measures the amount of jiggles. "We think it'd both help Computie sell her product and help our store at the same time," stated Sweet Aroma. Computie Pie agreed to the offer as she had made enough of the invention to sell as a whole. The trio have set up a display in the store and an advertisement outside the store in hopes it'll entice customers.
6/9/18 (Article #210)
Chubby College Presents Puzzling Plump Problem
Despite how well things had gone in the trial run, Ms. Sheila has run into a problem with her college side of learning. "Some students have found themselves indecisive regarding whether to continue the college or go to the regular part of learning. It seems the thought of having to do homework and what not is giving them second thoughts," stated Ms. Sheila. Ms. Sheila has said that the homework is included because the learning is more complex compared to the regular learning. She also said that students wishing to go back to the other way of learning can do so, though recommends doing sooner rather than later so that they can be a part of the fun.
6/7/18 (Article #209)
Censorship Confuses Rotund Residents
Seemingly out of nowhere, all media relating to Pudgyville's resdents now has black lines over certain areas. "We've never heard of this sort of thing, nor do we understand why it's taking place now when it's been something we've had for a while," remarked Mocha. Jasmine says the media is dubbed as "a better replacement for the vile content that had been shown", or better known as "Black Bar TV" due to the nature of the censorship. Eduardo is working to figure out why this has occured and who could've done it. In the meantime, he says they'll have to watch the DVDs of their show instead if they want to see the show without the censorship.
5/5/18 (Article #208)
Big Bad Beauty Belle Brought to Tubby Trial
For her criminal behavior, Eduardo has stepped into create his own courthouse to resolve things in town rather than make the long journey to Ponyville to use their courthouse. "It's much better. We even have a judge that is related to Hammerhooves named Heavyhooves. He's a fatty like most of us here but that doesn't mean he'll side with criminal fatties," stated Eduardo. Eduardo also said that the courthouse will be used as the step before calling the police but only for big offenses. If the offense is deemed not big enough, the offending pony or ponies will have to pay a fine and may even be kicked out.
5/3/18 (Article #207)
Helper Hottie's Luscious List is Bigger and Better
After having her old list torn apart and vandalized, Sarah now has a new list that is even better than before. "One thing I didn't have before was a checkbox next to each name. Otherwise, I had to cross out the name, which'd make it hard to read in case I wanted to remember the pony's name. It's also digitial too and folds up so I don't have to drag it around," remarked Sarah. Sarah is forever greatful that her friends took the time to replace that which she could've lived without but would've been upset regardless.
5/1/18 (Article #206)
Rotund Residents Attend Chubby College
Ms. Sheila has opted to start off the new year with her new college semester as a trial run. "I plan on still having regular classes but since I'm now juggling both, they'll take place every other day, except on weekends of course. This way, students can still learn the way they want to. If they think they're ready for the next level, they can take part in the college part," explained Ms. Sheila. Residents say they look forward to the chubby college and have already signed up, though appreciate what Ms. Sheila has taught them in the regular school years.
4/29/18 (Article #205)
Rotund Record Breaker Jiggles to Gluttonous Glory
Rainbow Lullaby, Pudgyville's fan of world records, has broken a record of her own. She now holds the world record for fattest and shinniest body. "It took a lot of eating and polishing to make it work. Of course, the record was set rather low to begin with so I didn't have to eat until I was immobile to beat it. Still, it's a new record and I'm proud of it," stated Rainbow Lullaby. Rainbow Lullaby says the sunlight makes her visible for up to 3 miles away and with her body in motion, it can be blinding at times so she advises wearing sunglasses until the polish wears off.
4/27/18 (Article #204)
Tubby Thief Revealed to be Rival from Pudgyville's Past
The pony that held Eduardo's wife Michelle captive was none other than Beauty Belle, a former resident of Pudgyville that was kicked out for her poor behavior towards other residents. "There's only one pony that preaches being perfect in comparison to others and that's Beauty Belle. Although she's not with us, she was a former resident here until we kicked her out for her behavior. Plus Michelle said Beauty Belle took her to make the town less perfect and to use her to keep herself looking perfect," stated Eduardo. Eduardo had also wondered if Ms. Sheila's illness was also somehow Beauty Belle's doing but realized that such a disease was too complex to be caused by one pony.
4/25/18 (Article #203)
Pudgyville Celebrates with Big Belly Bash
In honor of New Gainer's Day, residents dressed up as the mechanical statue that drops its big belly upon the new year's arrival. "We thought we should play along with a bit more flair this year and what better way to do that than to imitate the very statue that brings in the new year?" explained Ms. Sheila. Jasmine says that although they resembled the statue, their hair colors remained the same so that they were still differentiated clearly. Mocha says the special latex suits she ordered for the occasion were quite the spectacle as every inch of fat on their body was accentuated.
4/23/18 (Article #202)
Fatty Amusement Park Under Construction
The Jello Family theme park has started construction behind the houses. 'While we still don't yet know how to deal with Pon-Evil and since things have improved with Ms. Sheila and the return of my lovely wife, I've approved to have this done," stated Eduardo. Jumbo Jiggle says it's called the Jiggle for Joy Amusement Park and is excited for the day it finally opens. Eduardo has added that the park will be closed at night so residents can sleep.
4/21/18 (Article #201)
Mayor's Jiggly Journey Finally Finished
Eduardo has found where the map was trying to lead him, with Flashy Blink's help of course. The map had sent them miles from Pudgyville to a remote house in the middle of nowhere. "No wonder she was nowhere to be found in town. She was many miles away. She'd been tied up and says her notes weren't written by her, which means someone else captured her. Luckily, the pony or poinies responsible were nowhere to be found so I was able to take Michelle back to town," explained Eduardo. Michelle also said she has no idea who would take her hostage, then leave notes to imply the abscence was her own doing but is glad to be back home safely.
4/19/18 (Article #200)
Rotund Residents Create Plump Pudgemas Presents
For this year's Muffin Top Day, everyone wrapped themselves in ribbons to make themselves look gift wrapped. "It was a very sexy day indeed. We basically gave ourselves as gifts this year. Plus it was that much more fun seeing how our mates reacted to seeing their significant other so pretty," remarked Mocha. St. Pudgemas says she helped out too by letting the others unwrap her after they had themselves unwrapped. "The fact that most of us were fat made the presents extra sexy with all the fat being squished into unusual shapes," added St. Pudgemas. Residents say it may be something to do at least every other year as it's quite the task to wrap yourself up and can't be done by the mate you're attached to as it's meant to be a surprise.
4/17/18 (Article #199)
Fat Female Facesitter Faking Her Fanny?!
Plumperoni has received literal backlash regarding her rump's size and shape. "Whomever they are, they think it's not really as big as I make it appear, like it's made with two pillows or something. Well anyone that I've sat on can tell you, they're very much real. I'm just bottom-heavy like Sweet Aroma and they're just jealous. I can sit on all of them at any time to prove them wrong," remarked Plumperoni. Sweet Aroma has stood by Plumperoni, saying that her own rump is further proof it's possible to have such an unusual shape, especially since her shape affects her ability to stay upright. Additionally, Sweet Aroma says if she had been faking it, she'd have removed whatever had made her rump look bigger ages ago.
4/15/18 (Article #198)
Female Fatty Makes Gorgeous Glowing Tattoos
Blinky Ink, known for her expertise in tattoo making, has gone a step further by making glow-in-the-dark tattoos. "I can make pretty much any design with this special ink. Of course, the pony getting it has to hold still or sit. It can be useful if they want to pretend to wear something they can't afford. Of course, it only works at night so during the day, it won't be visible. Luckily, it doesn't come off in rain so you can be out on rainy days and get to see it in action," explained Blinky Ink. Blinky Ink says the glow-in-the-dark tattoos are in limited supply so their price is higher but hopes that she can lower the price a bit with a higher amount of supplies in the future.
4/13/18 (Article #197)
Mayor Finds Map on Back of Maid's Notes
When looking at the notes, Eduardo realized the notes form a map when pieced together using the back of each note. "I don't know why I didn't see it before. The map may lead directly to her now. I just have to find out what location it's trying to point me to. Luckily Flashy Blink is here to light the way," stated Eduardo. Flashy Blink says the notes' map may be hinting at a town nearby that Michelle is being held captive. However, Eduardo says it's not likely given the notes and doubts Michelle would get the opportunity to write notes ahead of the event.
4/11/18 (Article #196)
Chubby Cosplayer Confronted with Tubby Terror
Footage of Cotton Candy Cream's journey indicates that Pon-Evil residents are up to no good with her, perhaps to recruit her as one of their own. "It's a very scary thought. There's no telling what they'll do and I'm sure Cotton Candy Cream is equally scared of what may happen," admitted Ms. Sheila. Ms. Sheila has also said that the camera feed cut out once Cotton Candy Cream was taken out of range, leaving them unable to see what's going on, and hopes that when and if the feed returns, Cotton Candy Cream will be alright.
4/9/18 (Article #195)
Derriere DVDs Showcase Sexiness of Naughty Night
Special discs have emerged as a Best of Naughty Night series, each disc with a different pony's most sexy moments during the town's nighttime holiday. "It's great to watch how others were at the event, cosndering you may be too focused on the mate you love to notice anyone else. Plus it allows you to see how the others act where you otherwise wouldn't get to see," remarked Bob. There's no direct indication of who made the DVDs except for an icon at the bottom-left of each DVD's front. Kyle says it might be the work of someone that lives in town but has never been seen before.
4/7/18 (Article #194)
Tubby Teacher Makes Remarkable Recovery
After weeks at Pudgy Peril Hospital, Ms. Sheila has been allowed to go home. "She recovered better and quicker than any of us anticipated. It makes me wonder if our concoction aided in her recovery as well as killing the disease," stated Nurse Sweetie. Ms. Sheila says she's eager to return to her school and resume teaching but first has to thank everyone she's gotten gifts from. Nurse Cutie Patootie says she's made notes of the disease and updated it into the hospital's database for later use in case the disease returns.
3/4/18 (Article #193)
Mystery of Mayor's Maid Deepens
Eduardo has found more notes that seem to be hinting at her location. "They're rather vague but there's enough there to at least try to piece things together. It's clear she's trying to lead me somewhere but I have yet to figure out where," explained Eduardo. Eduardo says he's keeping the notes he's acquired to hopefully better understand what's going on in the coming weeks.
3/2/18 (Article #192)
Luscious Lollipop Family Found
In a surprise discovery by Shellabye, fossils of each family member belonging to The Luscious Lollipop were uncovered miles from the Cheeky Mountains. "I wasn't getting anything new digging around town so I decided to go outside town to see if anything turned up. I wasn't expecting much but managed to find a fossil of each family member of The Luscious Lollipop. We weren't even aware he HAD a family," stated Shellabye. Shellabye says she's making a special museum to showcase the fossils so that others can view the fossils for themselves. She's also said that the fossils' link was due to the markings on each pony's body but has no idea how or why they ended up together.
2/28/18 (Article #191)
Flanksgiving Fatty Named by Big Belly Ballot
Flanksgiving's colorful mascot is dubbed Delicious Delight by residents after a vote was cast whereby each pony gave a name and then the suggestions were narrowed down. "Delicious Delight sums up not only the nature of the holiday, a feast, but also the other half of how it was created. Plus she's a delight to look at too," explained Marie. Delicious Delight says she adores the name and agrees that it's fitting for her and the holiday she represents. She also suggested that residents perform the rump-to-rump action that brought the holiday to life.
2/26/18 (Article #190)
Plump Purple Pony Pays Pudgyville a Voluptuous Visit
Earlier this week, a purple pony greeted residents and it was one only Jasmine recognized. "Her name is Yasmine and she's my cousin, though she's not good with remembering details. She means well though so there's no reason to think she's not paying attention," explained Jasmine. Yasmine says she thinks she has some sort of short-term memory that causes the problem, though given what Jasmine had said, it's unclear whether this is the true culprit or something else.
2/24/18 (Article #189)
Belly Button Blinker Enlisted in Missing Maid Mystery
With no sign of Michelle, Eduardo has enlisted in the pony that found him back when he went missing, Flashy Blink. "I think he can help out as it was his jewelry that found me. Maybe he can help find her?" stated Eduardo. Flashy Blink says he's going to get a brighter belly button ring just for the occasion but says it'll take longer to be made as it is not readily available at Darling Diamond's shop.
2/22/18 (Article #188)
Tubby Teacher's Disease Finally Fading
At long last, Ms. Sheila's condition is beginning to improve. "It took about a dozen or so different concoctions before we agreed upon one that would work and sure enough it's made an improvement. Of course, this disease has proven to be monumental and won't just magically go away as quickly as we'd like. Still, I'm sure even Ms. Sheila is happy to have some improvement, even if she's not yet showing it," explained Nurse Sweetie. The nurses hope to have Ms. Sheila well enough to leave the hospital in a few weeks.
2/20/18 (Article #187)
Bongo Belle Reveals Rowdy Relationship
It has become apparent that Bongo Belle isn't alone in his rowdiness as his sister Jingle Jangle Belle has made herself known and is rather protective of him. "This is my Bongo Belly Boy, ya hear? Y'all better not lay a hoof on him unless I say so or you'll have to deal with my Backside Boot," warned Jingle Jangle Belle. Bongo Belle says he'd forgotten about her as she'd always stayed inside until now and only came out because she was fearful of what may happen to Bongo Belle, even if no one had harmed him yet. Jingle Jangle Belle says their mom was always insisting that Bongo Belle be protected since they arrived as the town was new to them and they didn't know how things would go. Furthermore, Jingle Jangle Belle wasn't thrilled that Bongo Belle had someone caring for him that wasn't herself so she's stepping in to take over.
2/18/18 (Article #186)
Chubby Cosplayer Scared by Sinister Swarm
Cotton Candy Cream has found the inhabitants and they're just as scary as the storms in town. "Saying they're not friendly would be the utmost understatement. We knew they were bad but we didn't think they were THIS bad. Now we're being put to the test to see if they buy into Cotton Candy Cream's appearance," stated Bouncy Buns. Eduardo says he's taking notes on the actions and appearances of Pon-Evil residents to get a better understanding of how to defeat them.
2/16/18 (Article #185)
Beauty Patootie Returns for Plump Proceedure
Beauty Patootie has returned to help deal with Ms. Sheila's disease but is struggling to figure out what to do first. "Ms. Sheila's condition is unlike anything I've ever seen before and I've seen a lot over the years. It's possible Ms. Sheila needs something new and untested. I have a possible solution but there's no guarantee it'll work and/or improve the situation at all," remarked Beauty Patootie. The nurses have said that they'll collaborate with different mixtures to find the right solution and hope that either one of the mixtures or perhaps even a mixture of all of them will do the trick.
2/14/18 (Article #184)
Mayor's Maid Mysteriously Missing
Michelle, Eduardo's wife and maid at his house, has disappeared. It is currently unclear as to why but notes on her door suggest she didn't take criticism she received all that well. "I don't know for sure but I wonder if maybe she was being criticized for her more secretive behavior. After all, she tends to be more concealed with her outfits so that I'm the only one with the special show and only while I'm inside. She's generally nice to be around though so it's not like she has a dark secret or anything. I've known her longer than anyone here. We dated before I became mayor. It was kind of her idea," explained Eduardo. Eduardo says that with Ms. Sheila somewhat being taken care of, he'll focus on where Michelle had gone off to and what the notes indicate.
2/12/18 (Article #183)
Flanksgiving Features New Fatty Friend
This year's Flanksgiving has a mascot to add to its namesake just like St. Fatty's Day and Muffin Top Day. She doesn't yet have a name but is clearly made to be a part of the holiday. The new pony has been designated the center of the holiday and has said she's honored to be welcomed so soon after being found. Residents say she was found behind the Cheeky Mountains, unsure whether she was going to be met with a friendly reaction due to her appearance.
2/9/18 (Article #182)
Spicy Sweetie Accepts Ring for Chubby Ceremony
Galapeno has accepted a ring made by Darren to take that next step in life, marriage. "He did what was in his heart, and his gut, and the fact that he made the ring only further proves he loves me. Anyone can buy a ring but Darling Diamond is the only one in town that makes jewelyand that takes time and money. Plus he's worked hard to gain weight for me. The least I can do is accept his offer," explained Galapeno. Darren says he's overjoyed that he's now officially married to his true love and says the requirement to gain weight was well worth it.
2/7/18 (Article #181)
Pudgy Peril Nurses Call Back Big Bellied Beauty
With Ms. Sheila still not improving, the nurses have called in Beauty Patootie, Cutie Patootie's mom for her help in making Ms. Shiela get better. "Nothing we've done has gotten Ms. Sheila out of Plumpitis. It may require more combinations than we're currently doing. We're just lucky it hasn't gotten worse," explained Nurse Sunset. Nurse Sweetie says they're hoping Beauty Patootie arrives ASAP so that they can potentially put an end to the disease.
2/5/18 (Article #180)
Big Booty Beauties Team up for Derriere Dance-Off
Bouncy Buns, Twirly Pie and Mrs. Spice have agreed to hold a dance-off later in the week to relax their nerves while Ms. Shiela's condition deteriorates. "It's just a friendly little face-off but the rule is, your dance must involve your rump," explained Mrs. Spice. Twirly Pie says the event will be held in the center of Pudgyville at night.
2/3/18 (Article #179)
Flirty Fabrics Flourishing Financially
Mocha Cream's store Flirty Fabrics, known for its revealing clothing has suddenly seen a spike in retail. "I don't know what happened. First we weren't getting many customers and now we have hundreds. With all we've had going on here lately, I hope it's a good thing and not a sign of something bad," commented Mocha. Sweet Aroma figures maybe her perfume had played a role and was actually a smell pleasant to customers when they went in.
2/1/18 (Article #178)
Cosplaying Cutie Surprised by Sinister Storms
Cotton Candy Cream has found that weather is continuously active in Pon-Evil with storms that bring whirlwinds and murky water throughout the day. "I wouldn't have thought anything but sinister scheming took place there. It proves that Pon-Evil is definitely not something that is meant to be inviting. We still have yet to see anyone roaming around there from what we've seen. I'm also not sure where the storms come from either," remarked Eduardo. Galapeno says most of the residents probably would've stuck out too much given the scenery being so dark and is glad she's not in there but still fears for Cotton Candy Cream.
1/30/18 (Article #177)
Tubby Teacher's Turmoil Takes Tumble
Ms. Sheila's condition has reached the 3rd stage called Plumpitis, causing her to feel intense pain, as though a massive object is pinned on top of her. "It's causing her great pain but there's nothing inside or outside of her that would otherwise make it obvious. I've called my mom to help out too as this is getting very serious. We'd hate to have her reach stage 5, even if we have no idea what that entitles," stated Nurse Cutie Patootie. Residents opted to help but were turned down due to their lack of experience and fears of making Ms. Sheila worse than she already is.
1/28/18 (Article #176)
Clear Cutie Comrades Confuse with Crystal Changes
Residents were greeted to a set of ponies whose bodies reveal and hide their true colors over and over again. "We're the Crystal Family. Our bodies have crystals that refract light, which causes our appearances to change based on how the light hits us," explained Diamond Crystal. Topaz Crystal, Diamond Crystal's mom, had hoped they can have a house that follows the same basic idea but Eduardo says the idea is too complicated and the town doesn't have the materials to make such a house. He has agreed however to make them a house that may at least give the look of having such properties.
1/26/18 (Article #175)
Previous Plump Pudgyville Decorator Absolutely Awestruck
Belle Lee, whom was previously the one to decorate Pudgyville with jewels has returned to see how the town looks now. "It's more beautiful than when I was there last. Despite everything they've gone through, they've managed to make sure the town looks good as new," remarked Belle Lee. Belle Lee says all the ponies look very friendly and very fitting for the town's philosophy and is hopeful the Big Belly Battle will be resolved in their favor.
1/24/18 (Article #174)
Tubby Teacher Touched by Town Treasure
Still at Pudgy Peril Hospital and now on stage 2 of the disease known as Jiggle Bloat, Ms. Sheila has received the jewelry gift from residents and promptly put it around her neck as best she could, having been brought to tears. Nurse Cutie Patootie says Jiggle Bloat has put Ms. Sheila's weight over Mocha's weight and is working on a cure for that stage as well.
1/22/18 (Article #173)
Pon-Evil Penetration Surprisingly Smooth
Cotton Candy Cream has made it inside without a problem but that's what worries residents watching the monitor previously used for providing lessons at home when the ponies were sick. "Pon-Evil is filled with all kinds of nasty obstacles so we were expecting things to be rough from the start. We're watching from the TV that normally shows our popular TV show Pound Town," stated Eduardo. Mocha says that Cotton Candy Cream cannot give any info back to them for fear that Pon-Evil's occupants will become suspicious.