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A blog that details the newspaper articles and events as they occur in Pudgyville.


12/30/17 (Article #172)
Fatty Fossil Found Near Plump Posterior Peaks
Shellabye, a pony few residents are aware of as she's always working in shadow, has found a rare plump pony fossil deep in the Cheeky Mountains. "I think this was revealed after the damage to the mountains. It was on the back side of the mountains, leaving it hidden from view. It appears to be of a still-unknown pony," explained Shellabye. Residents are intrigued by this find and wonder if maybe it's related to The Lusicous Lollipop from years ago. Eduardo says he'll look into it once Ms. Sheila has fully recovered.
12/28/17 (Article #171)
Godiva Generates Gorgeous Chocolate Cake
Godiva, known for her delicious chocolate has decided to make a special cake for Ms. Sheila. "She probably won't feel like eating it now anyway so I'm saving it for when she's better," explained Godiva. Other residents are making Ms. Sheila get-well cards to give to her in the days ahead and will put them around the cake as a bonus.
12/26/17 (Article #170)
Cotton Candy Cream's Costume Complete
Cotton Candy Cream has finished making the specialized costume for entering Pon-Evil, the location where the trouble has started. "It wasn't easy as Flippy had a lot to be included just so it would work. Took me several hours to complete. My hooves are all sore," stated Cotton Candy Cream. Flippy Dove Treat has said Cotton Candy Cream will be going into Pon-Evil in a few days so that she can recover.
12/24/17 (Article #169)
Jiggly Jewelry Maker Manufactures Precious Present for Tubby Teacher
Darling Diamond has gotten everyone together to help make a special necklace for Ms. Sheila as a get well present. Each pony's contribution was a picture of their face and a message of best wishes on the back. "I couldn't just leave Ms. Sheila there without something to remind her of us, especially since she'd been away for a while and will probably continue to be for days to come," stated Darling Diamond. Residents plan to have the nurses deliver the gift as a surprise.
12/22/17 (Article #168)
Food Fan Completes Cooking Certification
Mint Blossom has completed her training with Bonnie in learning how to cook so that she could have her own restaurant to serve others food. "It wasn't easy but I managed to keep my urge to eat the food under control while it was being made. It was part of the rules Bonnie had in place because I'd need them if I was to serve food to others," explained Mint Blossom. Bonnie says Mint Blossom will make a fine chef and hopes her career is as successful as the training.
12/20/17 (Article #167)
Tubby Teacher Shares Sickness Symptoms
Ms. Sheila finally was able to speak last night at Pudgy Peril Hospital thanks to the right medicine combination from the nurses. "She told us that she had been unable to speak because of Flabjaw, the first stage in her disease's progression. Apparently it affects only fattened ponies and prevents the brain from allowing her vocal chords to function," explained Nurse Cutie Patootie. Ms. Sheila says it appears her disease has multiple stages and may need the right treatment for each stage for her to get better.
12/18/17 (Article #166)
Mocha Munches to Voluptuous Victory
Earlier this week, an eating contest was held and it came down to Pudgyville's biggest eaters, Mocha and Mint Blossom. Mint Blossom was believed to be a likely winner but Mocha disproved that by winning the contest herself. "Oof, that was a lot for me to eat. I think one of the dishes being cake helped me out as I love that stuff," stated Mocha. "Mocha goes through cake like it's not going to be around if she stops eating. Can't really compete with that. No wonder that girl is 200lb. She earned the win. I guess I wasn't hungry enough," explained Mint Blossom. Mocha Cream says she'll need time to work off the extra 20 pounds she gained from the event but is glad her gut could lead her to glory.
12/16/17 (Article #165)
Flippy Dove Trick or Treat?
Flippy Dove Treat's backstory has come into question as outsiders feel she could be making it all up. "It's insulting to me that someone would accuse me of faking my backstory. Pudgyville was indeed different back when I was there last, much different than it is today. I don't know why they'd think I'm not what I claim to be," remarked Flippy. Ms. Sheila kept a record of Flippy's past in her Book of Pudgyville that includes a photo taken during that era, proving Flippy's existance is accurate. "This should help extinguish any doubts of Flippy's past. What point would there be to make it all up other than to get ponies to believe something that was false?" added Eduardo.
12/14/17 (Article #164)
Chubby Cosplayer Agrees to Infiltrate Evil Environment
Cotton Candy Cream, known for her love of cosplay and legend folklore, has nominated herself to be the one to infiltrate Pon-Evil to learn their ways of life. "Seems obvious to me. The others probably wouldn't be able to fool them but Pon-Evil is obviously among legends so of course I'm going to go, even if they're infamous. This avoids putting the well-known characters at risk. Shouldn't be too hard to act like one of them either," explained Cotton Candy Cream. Flippy Dove Treat has sketched out a costume design for Cotton Candy Cream to make and hopes that her dark body color will help make her feel like she's one of them for the time being.
12/12/17 (Article #163)
Ms. Sheila's Sickness Seemingly Stumps Nurses
Pudgy Peril Hospital's nurses can't seem to figure out what is wrong with Ms. Sheila. "We know she's sick but still can't figure out the cause. Nothing in our database is giving answers either," stated Nurse Sweetie. "We're thinking about testing with various medicines to see what works. We know it's risky but we really don't see any other option," stated Nurse Sunset. Nurse Cutie Patootie said she'll take notes on what the findings are and that the three of them will pick and choose the proper combinations before trying them out.
12/10/17 (Article #162)
Rumputer Retail Reveals Remarkable Results
Computie Pie's Rumputer is doing well in sales despite the prospect of the police attacks. "I think ponies need something to take their minds off the ordeal now and then. I of course make things so it's easy for me to take my mind off it," noted Computie Pie. Computie Pie has also said that she may try doing the device in other clothing shapes like thongs in the future.
12/8/17 (Article #161)
Chubby Cutie Collaboration Nearing Completion
Cutie Steps and Cactus Cathys' special garden they now dub "Pudgyville's Plant Path" is almost done. "All we need to do now is wait for things to grow tall enough. We already have the fences up and everything else," explained Cutie Steps. "My cacti don't grow that quickly unfortunately. That's what's taking so long," added Cactus Cathy. The duo hope to have their garden completed by the end of the year.
12/6/17 (Article #160)
Tubby Teacher Takes Tragic Turn
Ms. Sheila suddenly became ill during one of her class lessons and had to leave early. Residents followed her to Pudgy Peril Hospital, the town's building for getting better, to hope for her future. "We can't figure it out. It seems to be an illness we've never heard of. I'm doing the best I can to find out but there's nothing on it, leaving me to believe it's never been discovered," told Nurse Cutie Patootie. Nurse Sweetie says that Ms. Sheila is probably going to be at the hospital for days or even weeks to come while they troubleshoot her condition.
12/4/17 (Article #159)
Pudgyville Greeted by Gorgeous Sexy Sister
A surprise guest has entered Pudgyville's borders and it's one only Jasmine knows. "Love Kiss is my sister. She's an expert in dating and says she came to see how I was doing," stated Jasmine. Love Kiss says she's surprised to see Jasmine as big as she is, saying that she was fairly skinny back when the two had previously seen eye-to-eye. "She's certainly fitting for weight gain advice, even though her weight gain is basically due to her birth defect. It's wonderful she's made so many friends. I'm curious to see if there are any males here that are without a mate," said Love Kiss. Love Kiss also says she plans to stay a few days to get to know the town her sister resides in better.
12/2/17 (Article #158)
Luscious Legend's Strategy for Success Ready to Rumble
Flippy Dove Treat and her team have finished getting their strategy ready to go but need to figure out more of their opposition. "Although we're ready to go, there's no sense in just jumping into an enemy we don't know about. We'd need to have someone probably pose as one of them to learn more of their strategy and that requires a top-notch disguise," explained Flippy to Sherry. Residents are hoping to study Pon-Evil from afar while using one of their own for undercover work.
11/30/17 (Article #157)
Solemn Surprise for Sarah
Sarah, known for her long list of ponies to help and her willingness to help others has found her lengthy list in ruins. "It's all crumpled up and says "Useless and Pathetic" on it in red letters all over the list. It took me forever to create that list and it's one I've had for years. I know not everyone needs my help but it hurts to see such a horrible act done to me," remarked Sarah. Residents are working on a new list for Sarah using the one that was damaged in hopes of it being as good or better than the old one.
11/28/17 (Article #156)
Fatty Fashion Show Has Biased Judging!?
Pudgyville's latest fashion show took place and now some outside of Pudgyville accuse it of having biased judges given that the boys are said judges. "We can't vote for our mates. We have to pick another pony. That way, it's much more fair and much less predictable. It'd be too easy to vote for the one we already love and it'd probably end up being a tie," stated Bob. Jasmine says it was nice having other ponies vote given it's a nice change of pace from Bob's usual antics.
11/26/17 (Article #155)
Pudgyville Renamed Bellyville!?
Residents have become confused and somewhat worried regarding the sign outside the town's entrance. It no longer says "Pudgyville" but "Bellyville", making them feel like they're in the wrong place even if they aren't. "On one hoof, I think Eduardo would've told us about it ahead of time but maybe he wanted it to be a surprise?" commented Mocha. Eduardo says there's no future plans to change the town's name. It's just the name being used for the upcoming movie to be filmed in their town. He figured it'd be an appropriate name given the town's main focus.
11/24/17 (Article #154)
Famous Fatty Agrees to Big Belly Battle
Flippy Dove Treat has arrived to the delight of others and agreed to help out. "I won Pudgyville its current pride back in its early days and now it's in trouble again so of course I'm in. We have more supporting residents now too so maybe our combined efforts will pay off?" stated Flippy Dove Treat. Residents will spend a few hours each day coming up with pieces of their strategy that will then fit together in a hopefully successful plan.
11/22/17 (Article #153)
Jiggle Sisters Suggest Scrumptious Theme Park
Jumbo Jiggle and Jello Jiggle, sisters in the Jiggle Family, have come up with a theme partk for the town. "It'll have all kinds of rides and of course, we'll serve jello on them but only as we get customers," told Jumbo Jiggle. "Our mom is thinking about how to construct the park before proposing it to Eduardo for approval," added Jello Jiggle. Mrs. Jiggle adds that space will be needed for such a park and isn't sure where it would go just yet.
11/20/17 (Article #152)
Facesitting Fatty Offers Luscious Lessons
Pudgyville's expert facesitter Plumperoni has opted for lessons in case anyone wants to find out how she does it to perhaps improve their own technique. "I'm sure all of us big ponies here do it and of course I'm the expert so why wouldn't I share my info? It's not like it's private or anything," explained Plumperoni. Plumperoni says her lessons will use items to mimic the face such as pillows so that she doesn't have to drag any of the male ponies out of their routine all the time.
11/18/17 (Article #151)
Rotund Residents Brace for Big Belly Battle
With the police attack instigator figured out, Eduardo is working to figure out a way to take them down. "They've been a thorn in our sides for a while and with no good reason behind it either. I doubt they'll comply with any of the new regulations so I think it's best to try and defeat them in some kind of battle. I'm seeing if I can find our legendary friend Flippy Dove Treat to join the fight as she was victorious with the actual battle that gave Pudgyville its prideback in the early days," told Eduardo. When and if Flippy joins in, Eduardo says they'll use her battle experience to come up with a successful strategy.
11/16/17 (Article #150)
Teaching Trial for Chubby College Implimented Indefinitely
Ms. Sheila went ahead with the college lesson trial earlier this week and it was huge hit with the class. "They were very eager to find out what was in store for them when I brought it up. They said Anatomy was going to probably be their favorite," stated Ms. Sheila. Eduardo has agreed to adding this for the future and will update the school with a 2nd Level of classes to make the addition official.
11/14/17 (Article #149)
Summer Sun Glow Generates Gorgeous Spectacle
Summer Sun Glow, known for her glowing green body has unveiled a unique surprise thanks to other lights touching her body. "The lights mix with my own glow to give a new color. It only works with one light at a time though so it's not like you can wrap me in Muffin Top Day lights and get my body to flash different colors," explained Summer Sun Glow. Residents are thrilled to have this surprise and hope that Summer Sun Glow can use her property for holidays in the future.
11/12/17 (Article #148)
Sarcastic Sweetie Shares Stories of Surprise
Bloom Daisy, known for her use of sarcasm has opted to share stories of her past with Beauty Belle, a brief resident of Pudgyville. "Oh sure, I was totally annoyed with Beauty Belle for a while. She and I got into fights all the time. She'd say something, then I'd say something, which prompted her to sit on me," told Bloom Daisy. Residents aren't sure whether the stories are true or just for humor given that Beauty Belle hadn't been very nice in the short time she stayed in town.
11/10/17 (Article #147)
Tubby Terms Ready for Retail
Ms. Sheila's book on Pudgyville terms is ready to be sold. "It's called "Pudgyville's Plump Phrases" and features all terms I've explained before as well as some new ones," explained Ms. Sheila. Ms. Sheila has added that any terms the others don't know can be brought up for discussion in class. Residents say they're looking forward to reading the new terms so that they can later use them when talking to others.
9/29/17 (Article #146)
Big Beauty Behaving Better
After her recent experience with how Pudgyville residents had reacted to her behavior, residents were relieved to find her under control. "I've accepted the wishes of the others and agree to just have my fat on display and those that want to watch it jiggle can do so. I don't get the strange looks anymore either," remarked Bumble Bounce. Bumble Bounce says she's looking for someone to be with that can perhaps support her more aggressive nature when she's not out and about.
9/27/17 (Article #145)
Mystery Stamp Suspect Scrutinized Severely
Eduardo has found out who the pony is that made the stamp and thus made the robot army but actually getting them to make amends will be a bigger challenge. "They're from Pon-Evil and they don't take orders from ponies like us. I fear that any attempt to reason with them will result in them attacking us.Unlike our TV show Pound Town, we don't really have super powers and we know they have multiple threats to use against us. I am uncertain as to what to do next," announced Eduardo.
9/25/17 (Article #144)
Tubby Teacher Planning Chubby College
School teacher Ms. Sheila has said she'll be continuing her teaching for years to come and has announced a future program for later when her class is ready. "It'll add additional subjects outside the usual ones so that the ponies can continue learning the fun way. Things like Anatomy are sure to keep their interest up," stated Ms. Sheila. Ms. Sheila plans to give the ponies a teaser of this program next week.
9/22/17 (Article #143)
Regulations Revised for Plump Punishments
Eduardo has updated the regulations regarding Pudgyville's policy to include punishments for anyone violating the rules consistantly. "Previously, we've only made the arrest of ponies that violated the rules. Of course, with our police force out of action at the moment, I felt we needed additional downsides to deter ponies from causing trouble. This will also help to balance out the violation with the punishment. Those that violate deliberately the first time are ordered to pay a fine to me. If they either refuse to pay the fine or deliberately violate the rules again, the polce are called. Depending on the severity of either or both violations, the polce may arrest the violator(s). We've had multiple ponies causing trouble here over the years and I hope this will at least reduce the frequency. We don't normally like doing this sort of thing but with all the problems we've had, I feel like there's few other choices," Eduardo told Sherry.
9/20/17 (Article #142)
Sherry's Stories Scripted?!
Sherry, known for her news reports, is under pressure trying to assure she's not faking her stories for TV. "I report it as it happens. You can see things going on behind me. We couldn't script them if we tried. We'd have to get everyone in town in on it to make ONE story. Besides, none of us would be willing to do that for a news story. The only things we do by the script as a town are the plays," remarked Sherry. It is unknown whom is behind the claim but The Dilemma Divas are the ones suspected as they had done similar claims in the past. Eduardo plans to look into the matter later on just to be sure.
9/18/17 (Article #141)
Pudgyville Continuing Chubby Currency
Adding to the already available Buttons, coins that resemble buttons on clothing, residents will now be greeted to oval-shaped slips of paper called "Big Belly Bills", each with an amount in Jiggles, a reference to not only to the majority of the town's occupants but supporting the name of the currency itself. "Finally we can purchase with higher amounts and not have to carry so much. The Buttons were nice but in order to buy something expensive, you had to carry a lot of coins. This reduces the need for so many coins drastically," stated Ms. Sheila excitedly. The coins will continue to be produced and will even be expanded in honor of the new currency being produced.
9/15/17 (Article #140)
Big Belly Band Performs Perfectly
Flutter Fun and her band of Fantastic Fatties had a performance last night to the delight of the entire town. "We were expecting a small crowd but the whole rest of the town came instead. Truly remarkable," stated Flutter Fun. "They were really good, well worth the price of 40 Buttons," stated Jasmine. Tickets had sold out within hours of being available for purchase and Flutter Fun is considering having another performance next week.
9/13/17 (Article #139)
Police Robots Reveal Strange Stamp
Eduardo has made another discovery with the robots after opening them up to better understand how they worked. "I found a stamp with the initials "S.S." on it and have no idea whom or what it refers to. It's none of us here that's for sure so that leaves Ponyille or Pon-Evil but we don't really know that many from either side," explained Eduardo. Eduardo hopes analyzing the stamp more closely will soon reveal what it means.
9/11/17 (Article #138)
Flabby Female Shares Ample Assets Aggressively
Pudgyville's newest resident Bumble Bounce has caused a stir with her more aggressive behavior towards her body. "On one hoof, I enjoy what she brings as we're into showcasing fat to others but I feel she's taking it too far as she's bothering others too much," stated Eduardo. Bumble Bounce says she just wanted to follow their passion for showcasing fat but with a twist in that she puts her belly or rump in their face. "I guess I'm just too rambuncitous for this place. I didn't realize they had limits on how far things could go," stated Bumble Bounce. Residents want to give Bumble Bounce another chance and are willing to show her how they do things in order for her to get a better idea.
9/8/17 (Article #137)
Food Fatty Surprises with Restaurant Request
Mint Blossom, known for her love of food, has opted to try for a food restaurant to add to what's already there. "I plan to call it "Stuffer's" in reference to how one feels after a good meal and it's fitting also because I'll learn how to cook from Bonnie," explained Mint Blossom. Bonnie says she'll start teaching Mint Blossom at Belly Buffet first as it's a place she's already familiar with and is most convenient for the two of them. Eduardo says construction will begin once Mint Blossom has provided the drawings of what she wants it to look like and has gotten some cooking training in first.
9/6/17 (Article #136)
Cuties Collaborate for Flirty Fabrics
Mocha Cream and Sweet Aroma have gotten an unexpected contributer to their clothing line as now they have clothing with jewelry on it. "It's currently in limited quantities but I figured I can help them boost their sales by adding all kinds of jewels from my shop there. It also keeps me busy too and with my bestie Sweet Aroma working there, not to mention it's also a nice way to help her, especially since this is her 2nd job," explained Darling Diamond. Mocha and Sweet Aroma love the new designs and plan to buy some for themselves to show appreciation for Darling Diamond's efforts.
9/4/17 (Article #135)
Mrs. Jiggle has Round Red
Early this morning, a dark red pony appeared that was about the same size as Jiggle Family mom Mrs. Jiggle. "She didn't have the necklace of pearls Mrs. Jiggle wears and her hair is more pink than the salmon color of Mrs. Jiggle's hair. It could be her twin, though if so, we didn't know about her," stated Mocha. Mrs. Jiggle has admitted that the other red pony is actually her grandmother, whom was paying a visit from far away. Grandma Jiggle as she's called, had lots of info regarding her family's history, including her own and is working to write a book on it so that others can read it in the future.
9/1/17 (Article #134)
Pudgy Cutie Becoming Big and Beautiful
Finally, Berry Cutie, Pudgyville's skinniest fatty whom had only a pot belly has now plumped up to her desired weight. "It feels wonderful. I can feel my belly bounce and jiggle and it's much more fun to play with," remarked Berry Cutie. Residents say that although Berry Cutie no longer meets the requirements to be honored in New Gainer's Day, they still love her and are giving her luscious belly the love it deserves.
8/30/17 (Article #133)
Pudgyville Ponies in Police Peril Again
Another attack has taken place and this time, Eduardo has made a crucial discovery. The police force that is attacking is not their own but a robotic force designed to look like them. "It's a revelation. It answers several key questions regarding the incident. We now know that our own force isn't responsible at all and are probably being held captive somewhere," stated Eduardo. Residents opted to instead use the suits they were ordered to wear as a means of restraining the robot army. Eduardo hopes to find additional clues as to who's behind the robots in the coming days.
Another attack has taken place and this time, Eduardo has made a crucial discovery. The police force that is attacking is not their own but a robotic force designed to look like them. "It's a revelation. It answers several key questions regarding the incident. We now know that our own force isn't responsible at all and are probably being held captive somewhere," stated Eduardo. Residents opted to instead use the suits they were ordered to wear as a means of restraining the robot army. Eduardo hopes to find additional clues as to who's behind the robots in the coming days.
8/28/17 (Article #132)
Bouncy Jiggle "Springs" into Action
Bouncy Jiggle, known for her love of spring-loaded objects has taken her love to the next level with a spring carnival and spring cleaning. "Jumbo Jiggle drew my ideas on paper and it will have all the rides be on springs or related to them. The other one is just literally cleaning my saved springs to make them look new," explained Bouncy Jiggle. Bouncy Jiggle has also said that the carnival will be ready in about a year or two.
8/26/17 (Article #131)
Plump Princesses Present Peculiar Properties
Two new ponies named Giggle Flip and Twilight Sunshine have arrived and their dual colored appearances have everyone scratching their heads. "I can't tell if they're different because of a rare event or because of something else," remarked Jasmine. The duo say that their unique powers are to blame and whichever is picked determines what their full appearance is like.
8/24/17 (Article #130)
Pudgyville Police Predicament Pinned Down
At long last, Eduardo is narrowing down his search for the pony or ponies responsible. "I had another look last night, making sure to avoid the traps that were set and discovered whom I think is their leader making their next move. They showed weaponry similar to The Calorie Stealers and Waist Warriors but it wasn't them. In fact, I believe it was the dark town that sits next to our's. It had been quite for a while and I wonder if they've been planning this for years," Eduardo told Sherry. Eduardo says it will take one more look to see if this is true later on and will attempt to make a plan should it be proven as such.
8/5/17 (Article #129)
Truffle Trips Panty Pilferer Perfectly
In response to the stolen panties, Truffle decided to sit in front of Flirty Fabrics to be a guard. "Those panties are what I live for and look sexy wearing so I thought I should help my girlfriend and her employee out to make sure the rest isn't stolen. I think my dark body and hair colors allowed me to blend in," stated Truffle. The thief was revealed to be the Dilemma Divas, whom after multiple false accusations decided to enter and make sure there was nothing left to be sexy about. Eduardo has made a makeshift jail cell for them inside his house and will remove it once the police issue is resolved.
8/3/17 (Article #128)
Female Fatty Repairer Speaks Surprisingly
Tug Turn, the newest arrival in town, is a maintenance pony with a male voice and special tools for each task. "Yeah I know. I don't sound like I should considering I'm female and all. My job can be dangerous at times and I've damaged my vocal chords at least once, which led me to get new ones and that changed my voice," explained Tug Turn. Residents are intrigued by her work and welcome her to fix anything they need. "We've needed someone like this for a while now, just on the off chance it happened. Probably could've been useful after Bonnie's cooking accident though. She'll fit right in," stated Ms. Sheila. Tug Turn adds that her job is rather down low much of the time and for her, that means squatting down, which'll leave for quite the show to anyone walking past, given that her outfit does not stay at her hips very well.
8/1/17 (Article #127)
Pea Pod Pie is Panty Pilferer?
A shocking accusation has come on Pea Pod Pie, whose mom Neat Pea was banned from this town some time ago. Pea Pod Pie has been accused of stealing the panties from Flirty Fabrics. "I'd never steal. My mom hates even setting hoof in the town anyway. Plus what would I do with all of them? It's a nonsensical accusation," replied Pea Pod Pie. Eduardo wonders if maybe there were two accomplices hiding under something that was making them appear like a shadowy figure so they'd be harder to detect.
7/30/17 (Article #126)
Belly Button Blinker Reveals Missing Mayor
Pudgyville's newest resident Flashy Blink, whom is Twinkle Blink's brother, has a unique feature that has proved useful in finding Eduardo. "My belly button has a flashing piece of jewelry in it and I was wandering out at night with it when I found a pony trapped outside a building," explained Flashy Blink. Eduardo has yet to figure out whether the trap was set for him or someone else but given it was just outside the police station, he figures it was set to keep others at bay.
7/28/17 (Article #125)
Flirty Fabrics' Panties Pilfered
Late last night, a pony of unknown origin broke in and stole all the panties from Mocha Cream and now Sweet Aromas' clothing store Flirty Fabrics. "We want ponies to look good but not without paying the fee and these aren't even expensive," stated Mocha. Security footage has yielded only a shadowy figure that Ms Sheila plans to investigate later on with Eduardo still missing. "Mocha and Sweet Aroma need revenue and without things to sell, they can't get any. It's possible this is the same pony behind the police attack too," added Ms. Sheila. Mocha has also said that she's thankful her Saucy Shorts have not been stolen as those are more expensive.
7/26/17 (Article #124)
Mayor Mysteriously Missing
After not seeing any progress regarding the police attacks, residents came to see if Eduardo had found anything only to find that he was gone with a note in his place. "The note told us that he had been held captive and we had to follow orders if we ever wanted him back," explained Galapeno. Additionally, the note's orders were to wear the provided clothing instead, which were all one-piece suits designed to make us look slimmer," added Ms. Sheila. Residents aren't yet sure whether the note is a trick but have the suits just in case they find out it's not.
7/24/17 (Article #123)
Fatty Fans Showcase Sexy Surprises
To add to the popularity of the town, Residents have found artwork of them being sent in to show appreciation. "Mocha seems to get most of the artwork and with a body like her's, it's easy to see why," stated Ms. Sheila. Mocha is flattered to have so much artwork drawn of her and will put the best ones in her room. Residents have also stated that they like the different styles each fan has presented with their artwork. "It's like seeing us in a different way. We can't really draw any better ourselves," remarked Jasmine. Pudgyville hopes the fans keep sending in the artwork for the years to come.
7/21/17 (Article #122)
Heart-Eyed Hottie Greets with Gluttes
New resident Sweetie Heart has arrived with her Heart Family and has given the town a unique hello. "It's cute the way they use their rumps to say hi. It forms a heart, which is fitting for their name and eyes," remarked Mocha. The family says Sweetie Heart came up with the idea as she felt rumps are somewhat shaped like hearts. Residents hope to learn about their unusual eye pupils over time.
6/30/17 (Article #121)
Pudgyville Police Predicament Pursued
Eduardo took his investigation of the incident where their own police force left mostly everyone paralyzed to the police station itself. "It was strange. The police station had been completely been remodeled and no longer resembled a police station. I wanted to have a look inside but the door was locked. My key didn't even work. I went out back to find everyone asleep, allowing me to have at least a peek inside. I found a reddish glow coming from each of the police members but it wasn't clear what its source was. I took that info back to town to come up with possible theories to test later on," explained Eduardo. With the police still a threat, Ms. Sheila has opted to use the old school feed from the earlier days of Pudgyville so she can broadcast to them in a live stream. "It hadn't been used for a long time but was still hooked up. I just never felt we'd need it until now," Ms. Sheila said.
6/28/17 (Article #120)
Booty Battles Banned?!
Residents are disappointed that their booty-on-booty competition has been discontinued but it's not clear why. "I certainly didn't issue the ban but the competition is now able to be owned to watch at home so I wonder if that's where this mess came from," commented Eduardo. While other areas have banned the videos for home use, Eduardo says the competition itself is not.
6/26/17 (Article #119)
Luscious Lollipop Link Lost
Earlier this week, Ms. Sheila got to sat down with Cotton Candy Cream to interview her regarding her connection to The Luscious Lollipop but found the triangles were different than before. In fact, they were coming off, which has led Ms. Sheila to believe there was no connection at all. "It seems she was capitalizing on the legend's story by claiming to be related. I'll admit she had us pretty well fooled for a while," remarked Ms. Sheila. Despite her big lie, Eduardo has agreed to let Cotton Candy Cream stay provided she's honest from here on out. "I wanted to play along with the story as legends like this are what I live for. I painted similar symbols on my belly and took photos to make it seem believable. I wasn't really out to dupe the residents but I'm glad I get to stay," Cotton Candy Cream told Sherry.
6/23/17 (Article #118)
Mystery Deepens on Pudgyville Police Peril
Eduardo has been interviewing ponies to find out what happened as they were being paralyzed and what they saw in the seconds leading up to the events but it's only scratching the surface as they still don't know why the police are attacking them in the first place. "It's the exact opposite of what a police force is supposed to do. I fear if this keeps up, we may have to get rid of them completely," admitted Ms. Sheila. Eduardo suspects that the police are being controlled by an outside party, perhaps somone that the town banned earlier that has somehow taken control of them.
6/21/17 (Article #117)
Mayor Honored with Party from Pudgyville
Earlier this week, Pudgyville's very own mayor was honored with a party to thank him for everything he's done so far. "It's the least we could do since he helped get this place to be where it is today," said Jasmine. Eduardo has said the party is the best he's ever had and is a wonderful change of pace for all the hard work he has to do on a daily basis. "This is why I love this town. They love everyone and everyone loves them back. This party has definitely added additional strength in me to continue being this town's mayor. I am forever in their debt," added Eduardo. As a bonus, Eduardo said he even took off his suit so it wouldn't get dirty, though says it was only off for that day.
6/19/17 (Article #116)
Sexy Surprise Claims to be Chubby Cousin
Another new pony has arrived with the notion that she relates to The Luscious Lollipop from Ms. Sheila's story. "You heard right. I, Cotton Candy Cream, am related to The Luscious Lollipop. I have photos to prove it," explaind Cotton Candy Cream. Residents have viewed the pictures and also noted the triangles on her belly, which seem to confirm the connection between them. "So far, her story is fine but I'm still not yet sold on it. It's like there's something missing to finalize it but I can't figure it out," remarked Mocha. Eduardo has welcomed the new pony but Ms. Sheila wants to interview her to make sure the story matches up and perhaps add to what is known about The Luscious Lollipop himself.
6/16/17 (Article #115)
Plump Police Paralyzes Pudgyville
In a shocking event, Pudgyville's very own police force has turned on its town with devices that left most of the town paralyzed. It is unknown at this point why or how this occured but undoubtably, residents fear they're being controlled by a new threat. "I don't believe it's any of our past threats given they wouldn't have been able to take over our police force. I figure it's someone new that has had a grudge against us for years and never once set hoof here," speculated Eduardo. The paralyzing effects wore off by nighttime but by then, residents just wanted rest as their energy was also drained.
6/14/17 (Article #114)
Fatty Phrases Brought into Luscious Light
Ms. Sheila has decided to share the meanings of phrases commonly used in the town like "muffin top" and "love handles". Though they may have different meanings elsewhere, the phrases were created, sometimes accidentially by other ponies in their everyday lives. Muffin Top, for example, was created by a pony who said "Top of the muffin to you" instead of "Top of the morning to you". It's this same sort of mishap that also created the I Full Tower's name, albeit the creator didn't speak English that well. Ms. Sheila plans to add a dictionary for all the words Pudgyville uses or had used and may sell it in the future.
6/12/17 (Article #113)
Luscious Legend: Lovely or Lies?
Ms. Sheila's latest story indicates that a pony called The Luscious Lollipop was once an actual pony around the time of early Pudgyville. The story also says the pony was fat with a spiral on his belly and always had a lollipop in his mouth. There's little else on him since he never said a word and was rarely outside. Ms. Sheila did create a drawing to show how he might've looked and hopes to find out more.
6/9/17 (Article #112)
Nurse's Mother Reveals Plump Past
A surprise guest from Nurse Cutie Patootie's mom Beauty Patootie came out to help at Pudgy Peril Hospital and revealed that she was a nurse in the past and inspired Nurse Cutie Patootie to become a nurse. "She does a wonderful job but then she was a former nurse so I don't think you'd expect anything less," explained Nurse Cutie Patootie. Beauty Patootie says she stopped by to see how her daughter was doing and is happy to know that things are going well.
6/7/17 (Article #111)
Fatty Fantasy Performed in Play
Residents agreed to act out an episode of their popular TV show Pound Town earlier this week. "It was lots of fun. It's one thing to watch it on TV but it's another thing to do it as a play. It's like being on the show itself," said Mocha. Ms. Sheila was able to borrow the script of a previous episode to do the performace, then handed out the parts. "Even I took part in it. After all, the episode I picked involves my superhero counterpart," added Ms. Sheila. The show was performed inside Ms. Sheila's school cafeteria after school and was a big success, though should another episode be acted out, Ms. Sheila has agreed to have different ponies take part.
6/5/17 (Article #110)
Bickering Beauties Bring Booties for Battle
To settle the argument, Eduardo has opted that Glamour Giggle and Plumperoni battle rump-to-rump to settle their feud. Regardless of the outcome though, the duo must become friends. "If we have to battle, then I will. Since this isn't for a prize or anything, it should be more fun for the two of us," remarked Plumperoni. "As long as it's quick, I'll take part too since I have another trip coming up soon and need to prepare for it," stated Glamour Giggle. The battle that took place later in the day ended up being a tie since both became exhausted and fell in their respective pools.
6/3/17 (Article #109)
Glamour Giggle Greeted to Fatty Facesitting
Glamour Giggle's way of autographing has met with a problem considering the new resident Plumperoni. "I was surprised to see ponies getting my autographs from another pony. I was the one that invented it and just because I travel a lot doesn't mean someone else can use it," explained Glamour Giggle. Plumperoni has said her way isn't for autographs at all, just for fun and is less forceful than Glamour Giggle's way. Eduardo will look into the matter later in the week to determine a solution.
6/1/17 (Article #108)
Body Lotion Brought Back
Back when the orignal fatties were here, a body lotion called "Shine On" and "Pearl On" were introduced but despite their initial success, they eventually faded away. Now one resident has brought them back in hopes that the current residents will allow it to last longer. "As someone that loves shiny things, I can't wait to have these lotions return. They were too good to disappear so soon. I've also made some slight changes to make them better than they were before," Jelly Belle Lee told Sherry. Residents are interested in the products but only a few had heard of it before. "My cousin Melody told me about it when it was originally being sold. I'm not sure why it wasn't as successful as it could've been," said Marie. Once more is made, Jelly Belle Lee plans to sell them.
5/30/17 (Article #107)
Big Booty Beauty Fancies Facesitting
Pudgyville's latest resident named Plumperoni specializes in presenting her bountiful booty on to the faces of her new friends. "She's like Glamour Giggle only she does it much more often. She has Sweet Aroma's body shape but is much more stable," stated Bob. Plumperoni says her technique ensures ponies come out unscathed and she only sits for a few seconds.
4/28/17 (Article #106)
Darling Diamond Gets Belly Button Birthday Bash
Precious Jewelry shop owner Darling Diamond had her birthday this week and residents honored her by wearing belly button jewelry. "I was wondering why everyone was buying them but figured it was just due to a change in interests. This was even better since they decided that for one day, they showed their appreciation for me by wearing something they typically never wear," explained Darling Diamond. Residents say that although they won't be wearing the body jewelry that often, they'll keep it as a reminder of their friendship with Darling Diamond.
4/26/17 (Article #105)
Growing Gainers Holiday Has Sexy Statue Added
Pudgyville's New Gainer's Day has a new addition this time. A statue of a fat pony whose front hooves hold the belly up and then on New Gainer's Day itself, drops it, revealing Happy New Gainer's Day on its belly. "Watching the belly drop kinda reminds me our own. We can all take part and join the statue if we want but it's not required. It looked like fun so maybe next year everyone will join in. The 200 foot tall statue is in the center of town and can be put away to allow for more walking space and isn't really designed to look like any of the residents that reside there. Eduardo says it makes for quite the view wherever you are in town.
4/24/17 (Article #104)
Cuties Come for Cosmic Camping
Earlier today, Cosmic Meteor, owner of Pudgyville's Universal Discussion Group Extravaganza, or P.U.D.G.E. for short for a special nighttime party where they'll get to witness a rare celestial event. "I don't often get out of my astronomy building as I'm generally always stargazing but this time, I wanted to invite others to see, just in case they were into it without actually knowing it," explained Cosmic Meteor. Residents went to watch the event unfold and were in total awe. "I never knew the sky could be so interesting this time of day. The special Booty Moon was very cool," remarked Mocha. Cosmic Meteor plans to do weekly stargazing events and has invited anyone that is interested to come.
4/22/17 (Article #103)
Sheila's School Back in Session
With the tour complete, Ms. Sheila has welcomed her students back into her school for the first time in months. "All my students were eager to return as was I, especially with the new non-flammable design. It's almost like a fresh start after so much mishap," said Ms. Sheila. Eduardo is also delighted that things are being received well considering the new design is going to be a bit different than how they used to see it. "It's still only one floor but it's actually bigger than it was before," Jasmine told Sherry. In fact, Eduardo adds that it now fills extra space that was there when the building was first made, making it fit better when compared to how other buildings are spaced.
4/20/17 (Article #102)
Holiday Hottie Honored with Delightful Display
For Muffin Top Day this year, residents decided to be a bit more festive. Each pony was wrapped in ribbons and had their tails painted like candy canes, referencing the stripes on St. Pudgemas' hooves. "It was wonderful. The holiday alone is supposed to honor me but they went the extra mile to sort of present themselves as gifts to me for the day," remarked St. Pudgemas. Residents say the only tough part was finding enough ribbon to wrap around each pony and it was just manageable. "The ribbons were long enough so that when they wrapped around it was a tight enough fit that they weren't loose," explained Mocha. Eduardo and Ms. Sheila are considering whether or not to do something similar for next year's holidays too.
4/18/17 (Article #101)
Caboose Calibrator Ready for Retail
Computie Pie has perfected the Rumputer and is ready to start selling them at 35 Buttons each. "Ponies can now also choose the color they want to best fit with their daily wardrobe. It's also designed to move as they do to better prevent any malfunctions," explained Computie Pie. Computie Pie says they just have to stop by her house to get one and can make one to order if it's out of stock.
4/8/17 (Article #100)
Pound Town Episode Interrupted by Spicy Show
During the usual airing of Pudgyville's hit TV series Pound Town, the episode was cut-off and a view at the Pudgyvillle Night Club was shown instead, leaving residents puzzled as to what happened. "My mom won't like this, even if she's not that type of dancer. What she does should be her business. If she wants to invite others to view it but this is different," stated Galapeno. Mrs. Spice has explained that the camera feed malfunctioned, sending the feed directly to the TV airing the Pound Town episode, and apologizes for the mishap. Just in case, Eduardo plans to switch the TV's assigned cable input to a different one so that it'll be less likely to interfere again and assures that it will not affect the airing of Pound Town.
4/6/17 (Article #99)
School for Sexy Sweeties Finally Rebuilt
After months of agony and investigation, Eduardo has rebuilt Ms. Sheila's school. "It's better than ever before. It still has the pool at the back side of the school but also has larger rooms and is made of fireproof materials," Eduardo told Sherry. Ms. Sheila is delighted to have her school back and is ready for students to get a tour of the new building before classes resume.
4/4/17 (Article #98)
Big Belly Band Creates Colossal Concert
Pudgyville has its first ever music band since Melody's band back when she was a part of town. "They call themselves Flutter Fun and the Fantastic Fatties and they sure live up to it," remarked Mocha. The band says their music has been inspired by Pudgyville's actions and dedicates each song to them. "It's wonderful that they want to stand out against how their size is typically portrayed. Anyone that is their size could learn from them," stated Flutter Fun. The band is also allowing residents to come watch during practice and is offering them tickets at discounted prices.
4/2/17 (Article #97)
Medieval Movie Premiering at Chubby Cinemas
A special movie called Jiggle Jousting is having a limited theatrical release at Pudgyville's Chubby Cinemas. It features the Ponies with the Round Bellies and how they did things well before Pudgyville existed. "Residents will be surprised when they watch the movie as they're sure to find familiar ponies in it," stated Kettle Corn. Should the movie do well in its week-long release, Kettle Corn said she'll make it a permanent showing.
3/31/17 (Article #96)
School Saboteur Finally Found
After a long pony hunt to identify the vandal behind the burning of Ms. Sheila's school, Eduardo has finally solved the mystery. "It's a pony that isn't even a resident here. Her name was Crackle Heart and she had an accomplice named Smokey Flame. These two did have records in Ponyville and it was clear to me they matched the ponies on surveillance tape, which was only viewed earlier today. Though Crackle Heart would've otherwise been allowed in, because of this act, I have to ban her, especially since she didn't stay to apologize. I didn't think I'd need to worry about using flammable wood for the school's frame but now I'll have to rebuild it with non flammable materials," explained Eduardo. With the culprit now found out, Eduardo says the school should be rebuilt fully sometime next week.
3/29/17 (Article #95)
Caboose Computer Creates Derierre Data
Computie Pie has brought her latest invention she calls the Rumputer to the test earlier this week. It's a panty-shaped device that the user puts around their rump and walks around a bit. This allows the Rumputer to get the data it needs, more specifically, Jigglosity, the amount of jiggle a rump has. "It's flexible so most rumps will fit it but if the user jiggles too much there may be malfunctions," explained Computie Pie. Computie Pie adds that residents who want it will be able to purchase their own in the near future.
3/27/17 (Article #94)
Panties Problem has Funny Finish
Earlier this morning, Sweet Aroma had claimed to have been wearing panties but seemed to lose them later on. In fact, no one seemed to be aware she was wearing them until Galapeno spotted a patch of color inside Sweet Aroma's rump, leaving her to reveal the panties were still in place but now wedged inside Sweet Aroma's rump. "I did feel the extra snugness around that area but it didn't occur to me that my own panties were the cause," admitted Sweet Aroma. Residents had a good laugh about it considering it was previously thought as a big deal but has turned out into harmless humor.
3/25/17 (Article #93)
Dancer Debate Causes Confusion
A new pony named Twirly Pie has arrived and has begun a debate with Bouncy Buns on which of them is the better dancer. "Belly dancing is the only way to truly dance. I don't think she has any idea what she's talking about," stated Bouncy Buns. Twirly Pie has alleged that since she knows more dance moves, she's the better dancer. To settle things, Eduardo has arranged a dance-off for later in the week, allowing both of them to get practicing and maybe perform with less arguing.
3/23/17 (Article #92)
Derierre Department Store Detailed
Mocha Cream has decided to share details on Flirty Fabrics and how it came about. "Well, first off, it's built to look like my butt, though with different panties than I typically wear. The name was kind of obvious since most of us wear clothing that is very revealing or flirty," explained Mocha. Mocha has also said that there were different design concepts that came before the final building was made, including different colored rumps and panties used as well as just having the rump on the ground and having a door on each side.
3/21/17 (Article #91)
Shiny Sweetie Strangely Speaks in Sarcasm
Pudgyville residents were greeted to a purple pony wearing shiny latex-like clothing named Bloom Daisy but found her behavior strange considering she never took what they told her seriously. "It's frustrating to talk to her when it seems like she's not listening. I want to be her friend but I don't know if she'll let me," stated Sweet Aroma. Eduardo is keeping an eye on Bloom Daisy, saying that the behavior doesn't yet warrant him to send her packing and will try to understand why Bloom Daisy is acting as such in the coming days.
3/5/17 (Article #90)
Pumpkin Pair Performs Plump Presentation
Two nearly identical orange ponies named Harvest Cutie and Pumpkin Fluff have arrived into town and they made sure to make a good first impression. "I loved Pumpkin Fluff's glowing eyes. They're really unique," remarked Ms. Sheila. Harvest Cutie's pumpkin scent also got everyone's attention but not everyone was so thrilled by it. "It's an interesting scent, one I've never smelled before but it's not for me," admitted Galapeño. Eduardo has already prepared a house for them and thanked them for the performance.
3/3/17 (Article #89)
Chatrina Parades Plump Patootie in Panties
Now finally able to walk on her own, Chatrina has taken the opportunity to showcase her big booty to the entire town and in a small pair of panties. "I figured it was finally time for me to join the big booty fun. Plus I've found that thongs are my favorite since they let my rump be shown and be decorative," explained Chatrina. "We've never seen her rump away from her house before. It was generally obscured by the fence usually, even when she was immobile. I think it's cute that she's picked thongs as her favorite to wear," remarked Mocha. Chatrina says she's interested in joining Ms. Sheila's school now that it won't be a problem and Ms. Sheila has said she'll consider the offer once things have been settled regarding the fire.
3/1/17 (Article #88)
School Suspect Search Narrowing Down
Eduardo's quest to find the pony responsible for the fire at Ms. Sheila's school has made progress this week. "I have four possibilities now having ruled out, other ponies that were once here but didn't keep things peaceful. All I need to do now is look into the history of each of them but that's hard to come by," Eduardo told Sherry. Eduardo hopes to have the suspected pony identified and caught by the end of the month.
2/17/17 (Article #87)
Dessert Diva Deliciously Arrives
Pudgyville's latest recurit named Pudding Cupcake has made herself known and has ponies wanting a taste of her whipped cream mane and tail. "If I'm going to stay here, I want no dessert jokes or attempts to eat my mane or tail," stated Pudding Cupcake. Residents have agreed to follow through with the requests but are still curious how the whipped cream hair came about.
2/8/17 (Article #86)
Flirty Fabrics Adds Saucy Shorts
Pudgyville's clothing store Flirty Fabrics has added translucent shorts Mocha calls Saucy Shorts. "No matter how long they are, they're completely see-through, making them a nice alternative in case you want to wear something that uses more material but still shows your curves," explained Mocha. Mocha says the design is based on the previous design called the Body Sock, which was also stretchy and came in a variety of colors and levels of translucency.
2/6/17 (Article #85)
Stacie's Scrumptious Sweets Shop Selling Smoothies
Pudgyville's Scrumptious Sweet Shop owner Stacie has hired Juicy Sweet, Pudgyville's smoothie maker in order to collaborate with her. "She's a perfect fit for my shop. After all, she doesn't have any place of work and has been looking to have ponies try her drinks for a long time," Stacie told Sherry. Juicy Sweet says she's happy to be working with Stacie and is allowing one customers a free smoothie in honor of the event.
2/4/17 (Article #84)
Darling Diamond Develops Derierre Dazzler
Darling Diamond, owner of her jewelry shop in town, has made a special belt shaped like a thong but topped with jewelry dubbed the "Booty Belt". "It's very strong as I tested it on my best friend Sweet Aroma to be sure as we know she has pretty much the biggest rump in town. The jewels are on springs so they're not going to come off easily and different styles are available," explained Darling Diamond. Darling Diamond is selling the belts for 25 Buttons each and says they're adjustable for proper fit.
2/2/17 (Article #83)
Fatties have Fantasy Fun
Pudgyville's annual overnight party dubbed Naughty Night was held Wednesday night. Residents came up with various costume ideas but of course, the females went for a more revealing approach. Candy is also given out but when it comes to females and their mates, they have a different way of sharing it. "Boy, I though they were sexy on a normal day but on this night, it somehow makes them hotter still," said Darren. Ms. Sheila has said it's one of the rare times ponies are up at night and often end up too tired to get up right away the next day. As such, she does not have any class the following day, allowing participants to get much-needed sleep.
1/31/17 (Article #82)
Marriage between Mare and Mate Materializes
Mocha and Truffle have decided to take the next step in their relationship, allowing everyone to see how the ceremony takes place. Special dresses were made for the two of them, even Truffle but it was made sure they were about as revealing as their typical outfits. Two gold rings, each with the wearer's name engraved on it, were held above their heads as the two of them made an agreement, which involved touching hooves and ended with rumps touching each other. To ensure the cake wasn't eaten beforehand, the cake wasn't revealed until after the agreement was complete. The cake didn't stay neat for long as Mocha literally dived in once it was revealed but helped pass out slices to everyone else. The two ponies have agreed to stay in town but may be doing something special in the coming days to honor the event.
1/29/17 (Article #81)
Jasmine Deciding to Date Bob?
Few could've anticipated that Jasmine, Pudgyville's anti-hater would give in to Bob's wishes for a date. "I figured why not? After all, it's the least I can do since he's taken me out on dates plenty of times. Plus I do like him, just not in the same way he loves me," explained Jasmine. Bob says that while it's not a set goal to marry Jasmine, it may become a goal down the road if Jasmine agrees. Jasmine has also said that because Bob loves her so much, she may just have to give in and accept him as her mate.
1/27/17 (Article #80)
Ms. Sheila's School Deliberately Damaged
An investigation into the fire at Ms. Sheila's school began earlier this week. All probable causes from shorting in the wiring to flammable materials were considered and eliminated and since the town doesn't carry items that are known for creating a fire with this damage, it was determined to be a deliberate act. "Well I can't say I'm entirely surprised. Seems ponies across the pond haven't liked my teaching and it's only escalated to this point. Now we just need a culprit and I hate to speculate," remarked Ms. Sheila. The town is willing to help rebuild with non-flammable materials to ensure a new fire cannot start while Eduardo seeks to find the culprit himself.