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A blog that details the newspaper articles and events as they occur in Pudgyville.


12/30/16 (Article #79)
Cuties Collaborate with Creativity
Cutie Steps, Pudgyville's lover of nature, has decided to work with Cactus Cathy to make a special nature garden, complete with baby cacti. "Cactus Cathy and I both love nature to some extent. Her's are just more specific than mine. Cathy agreed to only use cacti that never grew too tall for this special garden and I've agreed to give her cacti some extra room. It'll be so nice when it's done," explained Cutie Steps. The duo plan to showcase the
garden upon completion, whereby residents will be able to walk through it with plenty of room to avoid the prickly cacti.
12/28/16 (Article #77)
Flabby Firefighters Faint
A fire broke out earlier this week at Ms. Sheila's school and the Flabby Firefighters took action. However, the fire proved to be too much for them to deal with so Floaty Spin came to help with her internal water supply. Once the Flabby Firefighters recovered, the fire had put itself out. It is unclear what happened but given the reputation of Ms. Sheila's school in other towns, it's possible one of the towns set it on fire. "This is horrible. Ms. Sheila wants to make learning fun and whatever happened will be figured out," declared Eduardo. Ms. Sheila doesn't think it was deliberate but is willing to accept that if it comes to it. The school wasn't heavily damaged but there are scorch marks along the walls, indicating a possible starting point.
12/26/16 (Article #76)
Pudgyville Performs Past Plump Play
This past weekend, residents decided to revive a play that had been performed previously but not since the former inhabitants left. Dubbed "Jumbo and Jigglyette", the play is a tragic love story from Wiggle Shakesbelly, a fatty known for his unique poses. Roughly half the town took part, including the male mates while the other half watched the show with delight. "It was great fun. The boys got to take part with their mates and make it more realistic. Might make it worthwhile to put on our own play," told Ms. Sheila to Sherry. Ms. Sheila is looking into her history book to see if any other plays were done so they can be revived and performed.
12/24/16 (Christmas Eve) (Article #75)
Chubby Cinemas Working for Chatrina's First Fatty Film
Pudgyville's movie theater Chubby Cinemas has decided to give Chatrina, Mocha Cream's sister, her first official film following her special film that was used with latex to make her slimmer. "It's about time Chatrina get in on the fun now that she's lost weight. Of course, we did it sooner but it required extra work, especially to have Chatrina become mobile enough to participate. It was barely possible," Kettle Corn told Sherry. Chatrina says she's excited to take part, especially given her love of attention.
12/22/16 (Article #74)
Maiden Voyage Longer than Expected
Eduardo and Michelle have returned later than they originally planned but are relieved to find nothing has gone wrong in their abscence. "We were ready to go earlier but Michelle wanted to stay longer as she felt the time away just wasn't long enough. Plus it was so peaceful where we were anyway and with the Flabnesia outbreak just days earlier, I agreed to her wish," explained Eduardo. Eduardo has welcomed Jelly Belle Lee into the town and will get a house ready for her soon.
12/20/16 (Article #73)
Shiny Sweetie Surprises with Sexy Show
The latest newcomer has arrived and residents have found that she's a naturally shiny pony named Jelly Belle Lee. Furthermore, she's mother to Belle Lee, the former mayor of this town. "She's gorgeous. None of us are shiny like she is unless we're using Shine On or Pearl On lotion," remarked Ms. Sheila. Jelly Belle Lee has remarked at how wonderful the town looks and hopes she can have a place to stay in the coming days.
12/18/16 (Article #72)
Family of Fatties Finally Understood
Pudgyville's Jiggle family has come out to explain their unique features and why they each have different colors. It turns out their colors are from what they eat and will change if they at a different colored food. "It's true. I eat cherries all the time so my body is red, including my eyes," nodded Mrs. Jiggle. As for their jello bodies, it has to do with their skin properties. "We were born with a bit of jello in our skin. Not a lot mind you but since it was never discovered where in the body it was, the jello was able to expand to other parts of the body until it completely changed how we look," explained Mr. Jiggle. They've also said that since it's not just standalone jello, they're able to walk without any problems.
12/16/16 (Article #71)
Bob Beats Biggest Booty
In an outcome of Booty Battles, the game Patricia made for fun, Bob managed to get Mocha Cream into the pool on her side. "It was exhausting work. Even I didn't think I could do it but I guess Mocha's rump helped topple her into her pool," explained Bob. Mocha shows no shame in losing and congradulated Bob on his victory. In fact, winners get the Golden Thong trophy and Bob plans to keep it in his room and perhaps paint it to resemble Jasmine herself.
12/14/16 (Article #70)
Solution Found for Cutie's Chubby Conundrum
The nurses have recently analyzed Berry Cutie, the pony unable to expand her belly to her desired weight, for anything that could explain why she's having such trouble and have found she's just not eating enough. The first amount of belly growth was easy because it would end up being more than her previous meals had been but now she has to continue topping that if she's to obtain the belly she's always wanted. "I can't believe I just wasn't eating enough. I though it was something wrong with my body. Guess this means I'll have to make with the bigger meals from now on," stated Berry Cutie. Now the other ponies are going to try helping to work Berry Cutie up to the point where she can have larger meals as presently, Berry Cutie is full too soon.
12/12/16 (Article #69)
Neat Pea Behind Flabnesia Outbreak
Last week's Flabnesia outbreak now has a culprit and it's one Pudgyville has known for a while. Neat Pea, mother of Pea Pod Pie had secretly infected Jasmine with the disease but since she didn't know about it, Jasmine went on her day as usual. "I can't believe she would do something like this. Truly horrible. If it were up to me, I'd ban her from this town for good. Pea Pod Pie could still come and go as it's not her fault," stated Mocha. Eduardo has agreed to follow up on Mocha's idea and banned Neat Pea from the town while allowing Pea Pod Pie to come and go or just stay.
12/10/16 (Article #68)
Mayor and Maid Take Voluptuous Vacation
Eduardo and Michelle, Pudgyville's mayor and maid respectively have decided to take a short vacation. "After the outbreak of Flabnesia, I think Michelle and I need some time together. The residents needn't worry because we'll have the view of the town from our location via camera feed," explained Eduardo. The duo plan to only be gone a few days and have left Ms. Sheila in charge until they return.
12/8/16 (Article #67)
Bonnie Bounces Back to Life
At last, after the disaster in the kitchen, Bonnie has fully recovered. She'd spent the last few weeks recovering after her stay at Pudgy Peril Hospital just to make sure she's back to normal and avoid the outbreak of Flabnesia that was taking place. "Now I can cook again and plan on replacing the oven that malfunctioned with a brand new one," remarked Bonnie. Everyone is glad to have her back and look forward to her delicious cooking once again.
12/6/16 (Article #66)
Chubby Cousin Creates Confusion
A surprise visit from an orange-yellow female had everyone confused because they looked like a relative of Cheesy Squeezy, even though they already have a cousin themselves. "I'm actually Mocha's cousin Mocharoni. It's kind of in my name. That's how I'm related. I didn't mean to start any confusion. I was just paying my literally big sister a visit," explaind Mocharoni. Mocharoni has also said that she's planning to stay for about a week before heading back home.
12/4/16 (Article #65)
Completion of Complicated Cure Causes Celebration
Finally, with the disease prevented from spreading further, the nurses have been able to catch up. "It's a big relief to be better again. The nurses deserve all the credit for this and we owe them our utmost gratitude," remarked Mocha. The town has agreed to hold a celebratory party once everyone has been fully cured.
12/2/16 (Article #64)
Nurse Nightmare Seemingly Neverending
More and more ponies are being infected by Flabnesia as residents end up unwittingly spreading the disease by making contact with those not infected. Consequently, this has left only the select few that can stop the disease left not yet infected. "It's terrible. The disease is spreading faster than ever before. Nurse Cutie Patootie is working her hardest to cure everyone but no such luck," Eduardo told Sherry. Those not infected have taken drastic measures to avoid it using their own versions of the suits. Consequently, this has meant no other news stories can be published. Eduardo isn't optomistic about the odds of recovering but is willing to hold on what little chance there is.
11/30/16 (Article #63)
Disease Discovered to Contain Complicated Cure
Though some resdients came down with Flabneisia, Pudgy Peril Hospital's nurses did not and have discovered the cure. Curing those with Flabneisa apparently involves a multistep process. First, the patient must wear a special suit that keeps track of their curing progress and reminds them of who they are. However, the suit must be updated throughout the day to ensure the wrong information isn't process to the patient's brain. Once the patient has worn the suit for an entire month, it's time for Jiggle Therapy. The name is derrived from the process by which the data is transferred to a computer. Since mostly fatties get the disease, the suit will vibrate while the data is being copied, causing the patient's body to jiggle. Finally, the patient is asked questions about themselves and taken to the various places they enjoy to see if everything has been properly restored. The nurses hope to start curing those infected in the coming weeks.
11/28/16 (Article #62)
Flabnesia Compromises Chubby Companions
Several residents in town have come down with Flabnesia and don't remember their weight anymore. Even some of the males have come down with it and Eduardo is working to figure out why. "It's strange to see the skinny ponies have it when fatties are more prone to it. This has me worried that ponies like Bob and Darren will continue to get worse by either not eating or eating too much," explained Eduardo. Eduardo says the disease's origin is still being investigated.
11/26/16 (Article #61)
Duo Dances in Daytime Duel
Galapeno and her mom have participated in a different kind of battle. "My mom has been teaching me her dance moves to help me learn my own. I figured it was a good way to really spice up my restaurant and perhaps my walking style," explained Galapeno. Mrs. Spice has said that Galapeno has improved but still needs work if she's ever to win the Dance Duel, which takes place once a year at her night club.
11/24/16 (Thanksgiving) (Article #60)
Tubby Tower Painted Perfectly
At last, Pudgyville's iconic I Full Tower has been fully repainted and it's brighter than ever this time around, even glowing at night. "It's marvelous. It can be seen for miles away, even through thick fog, and won't be losing its color anymore thanks to special paint," remarked Eduardo. Eduardo also said that the window marking the statue's belly button has been redesigned a bit to allow it to be opened for fresh air.
11/22/16 (Article #59)
Pea Pod Pie Joins Pudgyville Permanently
In a surprising event, Pea Pod Pie, Neat Pea's daughter has decided to stay with the residents. "I don't like my mom. She constantly pressures me to do what she wants, even if I don't agree. I finally had enough and came here where I'll be welcomed and will welcome them," explained Pea Pod Pie to Sherry. Pea Pod Pie has proven to be much happier here, even just hours after she arrived and residents have loved her company all the same.
11/5/16 (Article #58)
Pudgyville says "Jello" to the Jiggle Family.
Last week, Pudgyville was greeted to Jello Jiggle and now they've gotten to see the whole family, each pony a different color but the reason behind the different colors has yet to be understood. "They said that despite their apperance, their bodies can handle the typical movements like walking," added Ms. Sheila. The town hopes to understand more about them over the next month.
10/21/16 (Article #57)
Pudgyville Prevails in Court Case
Earlier today, the town went to Ponyville's courtroom where Judge Hammerhooves ruled in favor of Pudgyville. "The Dilemma Divas have no basis by which their claims are made and are entirely opinionated," Hammerhooves told Sherry. Ironically enough, the court case only adds to our growing inventory of articles.
9/30/16 (Article #56)
Newspaper Gets Negativity from Critics
The Dilemma Divas have alleged that Daily Jiggle is putting out bogus stories and needs to be shut down and thus have called for a court decision. "Ridiculous. If they don't like what we put out, they don't have to read it. What the articles contain is 100% accurate. If we wanted to make-up stories, we have the books for that," Eduardo stated. Of course, this means any future articles are on hold until we return but we don't anticipate that we'll be shut down.
9/28/16 (Article #55)
Pudgyville Discovers Jello Pony Statue
Residents awoke this morning to a mysterious green Jello statue in the center of town. It was revealed that it was gift to them by a new pony named Jello Jiggle, whom also adds that she'll make them anything they want out of the gelatin. "She's one unique pony. She jiggles even though she's not fat. She smells nice too. She even has a twin sister whom is fat," remarked Mocha. Fittingly, Eduardo has opted to give the new pony a house made of Jello but will reinforce it with regular materials to ensure it stands.
9/26/16 (Article #54)
School for Sexy Sweeties Scrutinized for Subpar Standards
Ms. Sheila's school is facing allegations that her curriculum has no restraints on what is and isn't allowed to happen and that her teachings are destroying the vital subjects that are supposed to be taught. "The fact is, these ponies are already so well behaved that I don't need to put any restraints on them. Plus when it comes to school subjects, I want to make the subjects I teach more fun than they ordinarily would be. I've learned that some teachers don't really have a passion for teaching and as such don't make learning any more fun for the class. Sure there's some moments that ordinary schools would frown upon but the entire town is somewhat like this already so to criticize my school for the same thing that goes on in basically the entire town is ridiculous," Ms. Sheila told Sherry. Ms. Sheila does have plans to add to her school's curriculum but none of them involve complying to the allegations being made.
9/23/16 (Article #53)
Spicy Sweetie Expands Entrées
Galapeno, Pudgyville's spicy food lover, has opted to add to her restaurant's menu to include foods that come with spicy side dishes. Since ponies aren't buying, I figured I'd branch out to give them something else that would come with a spicy side dish they can opt out of when they order," explained Galapeno. Gala does not intend to rename her restaurant.
9/21/16 (Article #52)
Bouncy Buns Becomes Living I Full Tower
Earlier this month, the I Full Tower was shown to be turning green and it wasn't until today that they found nothing wrong with the metal and instead realize that the metal is reacting to the air. Several ponies got to work painting it but dropped the bucket on Bouncy Buns, whom happened to be passing by, leaving her to look like the statue more than the statue itself. "Although I don't typically enjoy having this sort of thing happen to me, I found it entertaining enough to kind of act like the tower itself, as if it had a personality," remarked Bouncy Buns. The 1000 foot tall statue is expected to be fully repainted by the end of next week.
9/19/16 (Article #51)
Holiday Honors Skinniest Fatty
For Thindependence Day, Pudgyville agreed to make Berry Cutie feel welcome by honoring her as well as skinny ponies not yet packing on the pounds for the event. "We think she fits the criteria for the event. She only had a potbelly but despite desires to gain weight, she hasn't been able to," Ms. Sheila explained. The other skinny ponies raised Berry Cutie into the air and parade through town during the event and rubbed her belly for good luck.
9/17/16 (Article #50)
Cutie Cries over Tummy Troubles
Pudgyville's skinniest fatty so far has arrived and is struggling to add to her frame. "I've tried everything from increasing calorie intake to suggestions from the experts but nothing has worked. I still have this tiny gut," Berry Cutie told Sherry. Pudgyville's biggest fatties have all agreed to help out after they see if the nurses can find out what's wrong with her.
9/15/16 (Article #49)
I Full Tower Changes Color
Pudgyville's iconic I Full Tower has been known for its orange shine since its installation a few years ago but now has turned green. "Perhaps there's something in the metal or the weather is affecting the material," Eduardo speculated to Sherry. Closer inspections will be made over the next month to see if things get worse and perhaps find out the cause.
9/12/16 (Article #48)
Truffle Delight Wins "Miss Pudgyville" Contest
Pudgyville's first ever "Miss Pudgyville" Contest was held earlier this week and though the contest is meant for females, they let Truffle in due to his girlish nature. Surprisingly, Truffle ended up winning the contest but the girls are very sporting of him and agree that even as girls, they cannot do it like he does.
9/9/16 (Article #47)
Flirty Fabrics a Sexy Success
Sweet Aroma has been hired by Mocha Cream and works at the front door to attract customers. Mocha says it was perhaps the best decision for the store ever because it's now attracting customers daily. "I think my physique played a role in why this store is doing so well. Of course, I owe it all to Mocha for hiring me in the first place," Sweet Aroma told Sherry.
9/7/16 (SPECIAL EDITION) (Article #46)
Peculiar Plump Pony Perplexes Pudgyville
A mysterious yellow pony has arrived in town, but while fat, it's her overall red eyes that have everyone wondering whether she's truly a pony or not. She's told onlookers that her name is Melony and doesn't mean any harm but residents don't really know what to do with her. "I want to be her friend but we've never seen another pony like her before," Jasmine told Sherry of WGAIN News. The residents have allowed her to stay for a few days to make sure she's as harmless as she claimed.
9/5/16 (Article #45)
Icy Intruder is Innocent
A new pony arrived in the darkness last night and stole multiple tubs of ice cream from Stacie's Scrumptious Sweets Shop. At first, residents scolded the pony for her behavior but have learned that Icicle Treat needs ice cream to stay cool due to her condition and the store she usually gets ice cream from sold out. Stacie and Eduardo have agreed not to press charges against her but have asked Icicle Treat to help out at Stacie's ice cream shop to pay for the damage and replenish stock when it arrives.
9/2/16 (Article #44)
Flora's Flaws Finally Fixed
Earlier this week, Flora underwent a successful operation at Pudgy Peril Hospital to fix her eyes and now no longer sees the terrifying images that plagued her for so long. "I feel so much better now that I can see what everyone else sees. It will take me some time to adjust though as I've been in my previous state for years on end," explained Flora. The nurses plan to monitor Flora for any complications that develop with weekly checkups just to ensure things have remained as planned.
8/13/16 (Article #43)
Cooking Catastrophe Compromises Career
Bonnie, Pudgyville's school chef and owner of Belly Buffet has had an unfortunate mishap this week. While attempting her usual orders, the stove she was using caught fire and burned the food. "It's a mystery as to what went wrong in my eyes. I know I set things right on the stove. The only thing I can think of is that something internal either went bad or I may have accidentally moved something," explained Bonnie to Sherry. "It's a tragic accident that has hurt one of our own. Rest assured this mishap will be investigated and by no means indicates that Bonnie will never cook again," Eduardo told Sherry of WGAIN News.The fire has left Bonnie unable to cook as she was burned as well and resides at Pudgy Peril Hospital for a currently unspecified amount of time.
8/11/16 (Article #42)
Feaster Mascot House Delayed
Work on Feaster Mascot Shower Cloud's house has been delayed due to issues with the paint. "I can't understand it. We apply the paint and within 5 minutes, it's gone, as if it was never there," explained Eduardo. Shower Cloud wonders if the paint isn't mixed properly or whether there's something in the material that created the house that is to blame.
8/9/16 (Article #41)
Flabby Fire Station Finished
At last, the Flabby Firefighters have a place in town to reside in between calls. Since they're so close to town they can just walk the distance it takes to get to wherever the fire is, though the crew says they also have their own powered scooters if the distance is too far away. The fire station is divided into three sections, one for each firefighter with ways to enter each section and a place to sleep for each of them. Should trouble arise, ponies can ring the bell outside any of the three sections and all three ponies will be notified at the same time.
8/5/16 (Article #40)
Plump Posteriors Participate in Big Booty Battle
A new game has emerged whereby two ponies battle rump-to-rump to push the opponent into their opponent's inflatable pool. The cheeky competition has residents quite entertained. Patricia, the game's inventor says "I got bored of making my own games that were not only complicated but dangerous so I decided on something more simple and this is what I came up with," School teacher Ms. Sheila approves of the game and says big or small, it's great fun.
8/3/16 (Article #39)
Plump Poet Makes Many Mistakes
Zachery, Pudgyville's old english speaking poet, has made several mistakes in one of his latest poems. Certain words within the poem have missing letters, leaving the poem to not make any sense at all. For instance, he meant to write "plump" but the missing letter makes it read "pump". "I don't know how it happened. I guess certain keys on my typewriter aren't working properly," explained Zachery. Zachery says he'll hold off on future poems until the problem is fixed, though he figures that with the funds he's made, he should be able to afford it.
8/1/16 (Article #38)
Pound Town Heading to 2nd Season on TV
Pudgyville's hit TV show Pound Town, which features superhero and supervillain versions of the residents in and out of town. Eduardo assures that only those that request to be on the show are included, saying that some special guests will appear in the season premiere next week. "It's great watching us in a different light. Plus, our personalities aren't really changed, only our names mostly," Jasmine told Sherry of WGAIN News. The previous episodes will continue to air at different times of the day for fans new and old to enjoy.
7/29/16 (Article #37)
Glamourous Contest Held for Week-Long Trip
Glamour Giggle has started a contest whereby Pudgyville residents can win a trip to travel with her for an entire week. All they need to do is fill out the form on the back of the sheet and Glamour Giggle will choose the winner based on what is provided. The winner will not only get to eat for free during this trip but receive autographs and pictures by Glamour Giggle herself. Sources indicate that Glamour Giggle is doing this for those that have long dreamed of traveling with her to see what it's like, and of course to provide a change of pace as she generally travels with her assistant only.
7/10/16 (Article #36)
Cheeky Mountains Crumble
Pudgyville's much adored Cheeky Mountains, which resemble rocky versions of big rumps, has seemingly given way earlier today. The cause is currently unknown but Eduardo says they just weren't well maintained. "We probably took them for granted and assumed they were too solid to be ruined like this. Whatever the cause, they'll be rebuilt with stronger materials and be better protected for the future," Eduardo told Sherry of WGAIN News.
7/8/16 (Article #35)
Fanfiction for Fatties Found
Limited Edition books have been appearing on Pudgyville store shelves this week. Each story puts a different pony through a one-of-a-kind adventure such as finding treasure or traveling through space. The books have so far been well received by residents but little is known about the author of these books. Eduardo says a library will be built if enough books make their way to town and are just as well liked.
7/4/16 (Independence Day) (Article #34)
Legendary Pony Pays Visit
Flippy Dove Treat, Pudgyville's very own legendary pony responsible for bringing the town's love of fat to life, is paying the town a visit when so many believed she didn't survive the battle for the town's freedom. Flippy explained that after the battle, she was exhausted and wanted time away for a more pleasant lifestyle. "It took longer than I thought to get rid of the memories as I was one of the few ponies to survive the battle when so many others didn't. It was certainly a mixed reaction and I needed time to recover from the events, physically and mentally," Flippy explained. Flippy has also said she's pleasantly surprised at all the ponies that have made her dream of Pudgyville's freedom come true. Eduardo says a statue will be made in Flippy's honor.
7/2/16 (Article #33)
Success between Sisters
With the help of her family, Chatrina has finally reached her goal weight of 200lb and is able to walk on her own for the first time in years. "It really is a beautiful sight. We've worked so hard to fix this problem since it began," said Mrs. Cream. Mocha Cream says Chatrina is so much happier too and now ponies can see her all the time without having to stop by her house. The family plans to celebrate with a special dinner but are ensuring that Chatrina doesn't repeat the ordeal they just overcame.
6/28/16 (Article #32)
Volume Lowered on Loudest Pony
Bongo Belle has finally had his loud vocals brought down to a tolerable level thanks to an invention by Computie Pie called the Voice Reducer, allowing Bongo Belle to remain as loud as he wants but the box reduces the level of the sound to normal levels. Since the Voice Reducer will eventually wear out, Computie Pie has given Marie several duplicates and has installed the first one around Bongo Belle's neck for easy access.
6/10/16 (Article #31)
Eyesight Leads to Eerie Entities
Residents have been lucky enough to find Flora's sister Fuzzy Shores, whom explains that Flora's eyes aren't really showing her the right images, causing her to become scared. Eventually Flora somewhat overcomes this barrier only to find the next image just as scary. Fuzzy Shores had been trying to find someone that understood all this and was willing to fix Flora's eyes but to no avail. Eduardo has suggested trying the nurses at Pudgy Peril Hospital for either a surgical proceedure to fix Flora's eyes, or give her an antidote to at least lessen the creepy visuals.
6/8/16 (Article #30)
Bronze Cutie Reverses into Trouble
Bronze Cutie, Pudgyville's backwards walker and anti-covered rump pony, has literally backed herself into trouble. "I was getting used to walking forwards but out of habit went backwards and ended up destroying the model of the new fire station in the works. Of course, the new firefighters and Eduardo weren't happy but knew it wasn't deliberate. Eduardo told me it wasn't a sturdy model anyway and says an even better one will replace it, and it will be put inside the foundation of the new fire station," Bronze Cutie told Sherry.
6/6/16 (Article #29)
Chubby Cinemas Cancels Conflicting Choices
Kettle Corn, owner of Chubby Cinemas in Pudgyville, has opted to cancel two films that were scheduled to air on the same day at the same time. "I just can't manage the large crowds that appear. I don't want to disappoint anyone but without any extra help, I have no other choice," Kettle Corn explained. The two films were inadvertently on the same day when Kettle Corn found two films she hadn't shown in the theater before, and originally decided to show the movies 2 hours apart but other movies were airing at that time. She plans to show the new movies as soon as she works out a new schedule. Kettle Corn says movies already playing will continue to play on the current schedule but will switch to the new schedule once it is made.
6/3/16 (Article #28)
Mystery Feaster Mascot Unveiled
Pudgyville's mysterious new friend that came on Feaster has been revealed as "Shower Cloud" whose strange markings change with rain. "The symbols happened to be egg-shaped at the time she arrived so we decied to make her our mascot. Shower Cloud was thrilled to be there as she was kicked out of her hometown due to their size restraints," Eduardo told Sherry. A house for Shower Cloud is currently under construction but Eduardo has allowed her to stay with him during the short build period.
6/1/16 (Article #27)
Twinkle Blink Becomes Traveling Nightlight
Power went out for several hours due to a blown electrical grid. It's unclear what caused it but one thing is certain, Twinkle Blink is keeping things bright thanks to her giant christmas light around her neck. Power has since been restored but Twinkle Blink has decided to make her nighttime travels routine.
5/6/16 (Article #26)
Mint Blossom Fattens to Near Immobility
Pudgyville's avid food eater Mint Blossom has reached her goal weight of 299lb. "It's always been a goal of mine. I love food and being fat so naturally, I wanted to set a weight goal. I didn't like the thought of being immobile because then I can't move and need a pony to be there for my all the time. At this weight, I'm still just able to move and now I can eat the normal amount like the others here," Mint Blossom told Sherry of WGAIN News. Residents have approved of Mint Blossom's new size and are certain she'll find someone that is willing to enjoy it the most.
5/4/16 (Article #25)
Summer Surprise: Friend or Foe?
The arrival of Summer Surprise has left residents puzzled because Summer Surprise is nice at times but angers very easily if surprised. It's not yet clear why she doesn't like surprises but that's the very question Pudgyville hopes to answer.
5/2/16 (Article #24)
Nurse Patootie Finds Cure for Unknown Disease
Late last night, Nurse Patootie of Pudgy Peril Hospital was doing her usual research when she discovered a disease no one in town had heard of called "Heavy Hoof Disorder, whereby those infected develop jello-like hooves and have large, puffy cheeks. Nurse Patootie says the cure was something they had with them already, though it was actually not intended to cure anyone to their knowledge. "I never thought in all my research that I'd find a cure for something that wasn't even known to exist. It's truly remarkable," she told Sherry. The nurses plan to keep a few concotions of the new cure in case ponies in town come down with the disease.
4/30/16 (Article #23)
Perfectionist Causes Pandemonium in Pudgyville
Beauty Belle, a newcomer to town, has brought turmoil to town by stating that none of them are as good looking as she is, insisting she's what perfection is all about. "She's giving this town a bad name. We accept fat or skinny ponies but not if they cannot get along with the others. In fact, she's not even listening to Eduardo," explained Ms. Sheila to Sherry. Eduardo warns that should this continue, Beauty Belle will be leaving town until she improves her attitude.
4/28/16 (Article #22)
Bongo Belle Behaves Badly
Pudgyville's loudest pony named Bongo Belle has taken his rowdiness to the next level, which is bad news for residents trying to sleep or work. Residents are hard at work Bongo-proofing their windows to make sure he can't disturb them. Marie is puzzled, saying that "I don't know what's gotten into him. I managed to calm him for a while but maybe all that did was suppress his rowdiness. I really don't know what to do next at this point,". Eduardo warns that if Bongo Belle doesn't improve soon, he'll ask Bongo to leave but hopes it doesn't come to that.
4/26/16 (Article #21)
Chocolatey Cuties Make Scrumptious Sculptures
Godiva and Hot Chocolate, a duo known to be best friends, have teamed up to make massive chocolate sculptures you can buy and eat. "There's only one in stock at a time as they take about a week to make each and are rather expensive but are kept cold and are well worth the price," Godiva told Sherry of WGAIN News. Hot Chocolate says much of the time comes to planning the sculptures, which are based off of famous landmarks in town.
4/24/16 (Article #20)
Flirty Fabrics Flourishes, Perfume Prices Plummet
Sweet Aroma, owner of her perfume shop, hasn't had any customers in days and is trying to see if going to Flirty Fabrics for work will be a better idea. "Seems no one enjoys perfume anymore. I'd love for it to stay open but Eduardo needs payment and I don't have any funds to give him. Plus working at Flirty Fabrics might give me a new idea as my big rump can draw customers hopefully," Sweet Aroma told Sherry of WGAIN News. Mocha likes the idea and is ready to hire Sweet Aroma any time she's ready.
4/22/16 (Article #19)
Ms. Sheila Selling Copies of Pudgyville History Book
Pudgyville school teacher Ms. Sheila has decided to sell copies of her Great Big Book of Pudgyville book showing the history of each pony and the town itself. "Why should I be the only one with this book? Sure it's special to me but being the only one with the book is unfair to the others. This way they don't have to ask me to be able to read the history. They can pick up a copy for themselves," Ms. Sheila explained.
4/20/16 (Article #18)
Bouncy Buns: Biased Beyond Belief?
Bouncy Buns, Pudgyville's sole belly dancer, is denying claims that she's biased on everything, not just belly dancing. "It's absurd. I may be biased towards belly dancing but that's because it's what I fully believe in. It's a personal preference. I'm fully open to what others have to say outside of that but do understand why ponies think skinny bellies are also acceptable for belly dancing," she told Sherry of WGAIN News.
4/18/16 (Article #17)
Floaty Spin in Watery Peril
Floaty Spin had to be rushed to Pudgy Peril Hospital this morning after suffering from water loss at home. The family said their air conditioning failed because of a faulty motor inside the fan but have called in a pony to repair it from across town. Floaty Spin is currently recovering and is expected to make a full recovery later today.
4/16/18(Article #16)
Flabulous Friendship Found on Feaster
Feaster has arrived and a new pony has appeared to honor it. Her name is yet to be determined but what is known is that she has markings all over her pale blue body and she's fat like most occupants. Residents hope to learn more about her in the coming days.
4/14/16 (Article #15)
Flora: Chubby Coward or Sweetheart Trying to Shine?
The mystery of Pudgyville's unusually cautious occupant Flora has puzzled onlookers for weeks. The pony ends up spending much of her time inside her house and when she comes out, she does so in a manner no one else expects. "It's like she's overly worried about something. She may not entirely realize why we're watching her. We're just trying to understand her better to perhaps fix what's wrong with her. We want to make her feel welcome but it's hard to do that when the pony you're trying to communicate with is too frightened to say a word or even look at us," Eduardo told Sherry of WGAIN news. Eduardo and others hope to find out what's wrong with Flora in the coming weeks.
4/12/16 (Article #14)
Mocha Cream Donates Massive Cake to Belly Buffet
Mocha Cream has not only fought her urge to eat the cake she and her mom made but they decided to donate it to Belly Buffet as a thanks to Bonnie, the restaurant's owner for all her hard work. Bonnie says she'll pass out the cake later in the week for a party she plans to have and will invite everyone in town to come.
4/8/16 (Article #13)
Mrs. Spice Not A Dirty Dancer
Mrs. Spice was too busy to comment on her originally planned date and has supported her daughter Galapeño's earlier statements saying she's just there to have a good time and support her daughter. She has no idea where the rumors came from as she has no expertise in that form of dancing. She also added that "Although I shake my rump when I dance, it's how I best get started at the dance club. I always switch out of that within a few minutes. The fact that the ponies enjoy it is just a bonus."
4/6/16 (Article #12)
Eduardo Only About the Fat?
Mayor Eduardo has come under scrutany as some ponies feel he's just being their because he loves the fat mares that inhabit the town and not because they've needed a mayor. Their evidence came from Eduardo constantly jiggling the fat mares' flab when they walked by. Eduardo told Sherry of WGAIN news "While I do love the fat, the town has needed a mayor for quite some time and I respect all ponies in the town. In fact, I arrange for the houses to be built when new ponies come in," Eduardo also says he wouldn't be there just for the fat as he could do that anywhere.
4/4/16 (Article #11)
Is Pop Drops Really a Pony?
Pop Drops, Pudgyville's mostly see-through pony, has on lookers questioning her state of being because of her appearance. Sherry of WGAIN news asked them what they thought Pop Drops was and they couldn't give her a straight-up answer. Pop Drops assures that her nature was due to an X-Ray accident many years ago that stripped away most layers of her skin and says that despite her appearance, she still has a physcial body that can be felt.
4/2/16 (Article #10)
Sarah Helps Hundreds of Hooves in Harmony
Last week, Sarah, Pudgyville's non-stop helper, took a trip around the world to help ponies outside Pudgyville with their ordeals. "I just thought since ponies here seem to be fine as is, I'd go meet new ponies outside of town. Plus they'd get a better idea of where I'm from too", Sarah explained. The ponies in Pudgyville missed her but are glad she's come back home and love her now more than ever before.
3/31/16 (Article #9)
Four Firefighters Make Flabby Friends
Eduardo has hired four firefighters to join the town and says it's been long overdue. "We've been lucky there haven't been any need for them all this time but now we'll be further protected in case fires break out," he said. Eduardo told the firefighters they'll have a home soon enough but can stay at his mansion in the mean time.
3/29/16 (Article #8)
Jasmine Hiding True Feelings?
Suspicions arose whether Jasmine is actually into Bob or not and whether she truly does have hurt feelings when told nasty things. "She always seemed to be relaxed even when bombarded with backlash, not to mention never shows any feelings for Bob, whom has showed plenty of love for her," the Dilemma Divas told Sherry of WGAIN News. Jasmine and Bob addressed the situation to state that they are not yet in a relationship outside of being friends. Bob loves Jasmine but Jasmine doesn't yet show the same passion. Jasmine also had learned from her mom how to deal with upsetting comments and has used that method ever since.
3/34/16 (Article #7)
Mrs. Spice: A Bad Role Model?
Galapeño's mom Mrs. Spice goes to a nightly dance club for her salary and some ponies have claimed she doesn't set a good example for Galapeño herself. "I've wiggled my rump when I walked for a long time, even as a filly. Ponies here have loved my mom's shape and come to her dance club to watch and support her," Galapeño told Sherry of WGAIN news. Mrs. Spice said she will comment later this week on the matter.
3/22/16 (Article #6)
Heavy Heart Day Celebrates Heart Problems?
Pudgyville's Heavy Heart Day has been the subject of controversy as ponies across the globe insist the holiday should be banned for supporting heart problems like heart attack and cardiac arrest. Heartbeat Flip Flap has denied the claims and explains that the day honors the fat ponies in town with their loved ones and allows them to spend the entire day together wherever their hearts desire.
3/10/16 (Article #5)
Floaty Spin Against Drinking Water?
Floaty Spin, Pudgyville's fish lover and water-logged pony has come under fire for not drinking water like the other ponies. Floaty Spin told Sherry of WGAIN news that she finds it silly to drink water when she's already part water and isn't critically low enough to warrant doing so.
3/8/16 (Article #4)
St. Pudgemas Deemed "Offensive" by Neighboring Towns
Muffin Top Day mascot St. Pudgemas appears to be considered offensive by towns across the bay, citing her stripped legs as an indication that she doesn't support other holidays. Historian Ms. Sheila has provided pictures from her Book of Pudgyville that clearly show St. Pudgemas celebrating the other holidays at home and stated that St. Pudgemas only appears on Muffin Top Day because that day honors her as a whole.
3/1/16 (Article #3)
Neat Pea Alleges "Fat Ponies Don't Matter"
Six months after losing her court case to Pudgyville, Neat Pea has come forth with the astonishing claim that fattened ponies do not matter at all. "It bothers me that an entire town cares for ponies that have no regard for public decency" she told Sherry of WGAIN News. Mayor Eduardo cannot understand why Neat Pea still coming here when nothing she says will change Pudgyville's mind. Neat Pea says she'll continue her protest in hopes that one day she'll be victorious.
2/28/16 (Article #2)
Truffle Delight Denies Being Transgender
Truffle Delight found himself in a story today that accused him of being transgender due to his choice of clothing. The ponies making such an accusation found it hard to believe that a male pony would be out in public looking like a girl. Truffle insists that his choice of clothing is due to the bright colors and not because of a gender switch.
2/26/16 (Article #1)
Mystery Pink Pony is Real
Last week's mysterious pink pony thought to be a pony that was painted pink has turned out to be legit after new sightings earlier this week. "I'm too perfect to be a counterfeit clone" says Beauty Belle when she found out about the story. Eyewitnesses told Sherry of WGAIN News that the error was caused by Beauty Belle's tan lines. Beauty Belle had been tanning the day before the incident, though she isn't pressing charges.