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Strawberry Sparkle Swirl's Ask Session

Q4: 4-Chap: How good do you think you'll be at Lego Racers or Lego Stunt Rally?

A4: Considering that I've never laid eyes on a game controller, let alone used one, I'd say it's quite unlikely that I'll be any good at either of those games.
Q3: Hotmail12345678: If you were fat, what games would you wanna have a go trying?

A3: The one about proper diet and exercise.
Q2: Hotmail12345678: Have you had a go at Booty Battles, where you and the other pony bump butts in a circle until one of them falls?

A2: I've never even heard of that. It sounds dangerous.
Q1: Hotmail12345678: What sports are you least good at so far?

A1: I'd say I'm good at all of them but at the moment, it's baseball that is giving me grief.