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Fyre Fytre's Ask Session

Q6: Mega-PoNEO: Do you spin dash to get to fire sites quickly?

A6: I wouldn't know how and wouldn't be foolish enough to attempt learning it for the future.
Q5: Mario-McFly: Have you ever had a fire-and-rescue mission that ended badly?

A5: Thankfully, no. My team and I are always quick to reach the scene and put the flames out. We also split the team so that half goes inside while half deals with the flames. I love my team so much.
Q4: Hotmail12345678: What do you do when there's no work for you as a firefighter?

A4: Oh there's always work to do. They can't just do nothing. The community depends on them being quick and effective. There's really no time for fun.
Q3: Hotmail12345678: What's the worst fire you've ever faced?

A3: Perhaps that would be the fire that started about a week after I joined the team. It was an appartment fire that was quickly growing out of control thanks to very strong winds. We applied water for days but the wind ironically saved the day. Still, that didn't save the countless homes that were lost. It was so devastating that I nearly quit right then and there. It took a colleague of mine to change my mind and keep me going.
Q2: Hotmail12345678: What started the firefighter job?

A2: When I was young, my family had a fire on my house's rooof. The firefighters came and put it out. I wanted to have that joy of helping others inside so I made a voew to be one one day and thus, here I am.
Q1: Hotmail12345678: Have you ever gotten any pick-up lines from other ponies like "Are you a firefighter 'cause you're very hot"?

A1: Thankfully no. We'd probably be to occupied to notice anyway.