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Big Beautiful Ponies 7
Goldie Flop
Hair: Light green
Eyes: Bright green
Body: Green
Personality: Appears only on St. Fatty's Day to honor its creator, wants green for wherever she goes that day

Fun Fact: Her hat's buckle blinks if she's in the grass!
Sugar Sweety
Hair: Fuchsia and green
Eyes: Sky blue
Body: Purple
Personality: Always last to get news, often tells other ponies about it well after the original date

Fun Fact: She once talked about a four year old article!
Nurse Cutie Patootie
Hair: Blue and red
Eyes: Gold
Body: Light green
Personality: Can be a bit stern at times
Fun Fact: She's discovered 20 previously unknown diseases!
Mrs. Spice
Hair: Blue and white
Eyes: Dark orange
Body: Dark red
Personality: Loves dancing, especially at the Pudgyville Night Club

Fun Fact: Those that give her money get a free gift!
Mr. Spice
Hair: Green
Eyes: Light orange
Body: Brown
Personality: Meditates often using his own method
Fun Fact: He manages Pudgyville's Yoga Studio!
Sweetie Brights
Hair: Pale purple
Eyes: Maroon
Body: Rainbow colored
Personality: Likes color contrasts
Fun Fact: She has a special room in her house that changes her body's colors!
Hair: Gold and blue
Eyes: Purple
Body: Green
Personality: Supportive, especially with Eduardo
Fun Fact: Only Eduardo can see underneath her outfit when she works!
Hair: Dark red
Eyes: Dark yellow
Body: Tan
Personality: Desires attention constantly
Fun Fact: Her bed is a custom made ice cream bowl!
Bouncy Buns
Hair: Yellow and maroon
Eyes: Yellow-green
Body: Orange
Personality: Biased at times
Fun Fact: She believes fat is the best medicine!
Hair: Yellow
Eyes: Red
Body: White
Personality: Loves modeling, flirts with others
Fun Fact: Her hometown is New York City!