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Big Beautiful Ponies Page 16
Mrs. Cutie
Hair: Sky blue and blue
Eyes: Red
Body: Light purple
Personality: Always making lists from her thoughts

Fun Fact: Her lists can sometimes exceed the length of Sarah's list!
Gem Jubilee
Hair: Red and purple
Eyes: Pale yellow
Body: White
Personality: Loves contributions, especially with Darling Diamond

Fun Fact: She calls belly button rings she helps make Jiggle Rings!
Hair: Pink and yellow
Eyes: Gold
Body: Black
Personality: Loves soft and squishy things, notably pillows

Fun Fact: Before she buys anything soft, she sleeps on it for 10 minutes as verification!
Platinum Princess
Hair: Dark gray
Eyes: Dark gray
Body: Gray
Personality: Loves working with metal
Fun Fact: She'll often make a block of metal before starting any project using it!
Pepper Spice
Hair: Red and dark red
Eyes: Orange
Body: Dark green
Personality: Loves heat and fire, often cooks food hotter than required

Fun Fact: She may sleep in the sun all day on hot days!
Jingle Jangle Belle
Hair: Bright green
Eyes: Pink
Body: Orange
Personality: Supports Bongo Belle's behavior, can become jealous of others near him.

Fun Fact: Her nickname for Bongo Belle is "Bongo Belly Boy"!
Shutter Roll
Hair: Light blue
Eyes: Pale red
Body: White
Personality: Quick with camera usage
Fun Fact: His camera has multiple configurations and modes!
Sunshine Sweet
Hair: Pink and orange
Eyes: Brown
Body: Purple
Personality: Enjoys a well-lit performance
Fun Fact: He hauls a large stockpile of lightbulbs to help ensure that performances go without a hitch!
Bumble Bounce
Hair: Blue and purple
Eyes: Pale green
Body: Yellow
Personality: Aggressive with showing her body
Fun Fact: She may even push another pony out of the way if they're taking the attention away!
Grandma Jiggle
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Blue
Body: Dark red
Personality: Family historian, tends to empahasize certain facts

Fun Fact: She has over 200 books of her family's history!