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Big Beautiful Ponies Page 17
Mrs. Rotund
Hair: Dark red
Eyes: Dark blue
Body: Light pink
Personality: Loves to design clothes for fat ponies
Fun Fact: She'll often send in designs for Sweet Aroma and Mochas' approval before the clothes are made!
Bountiful Radiance
Hair: Green and orange
Eyes: Purple
Body: White
Personality: Foul-mouthed, can have a temper tantrum

Fun Fact: Sometimes if her parents overhear her using profanity, she'll try to say a similar word to cover for it!
Mr. Rotund
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gold
Body: Teal
Personality: Loves round squishy things
Fun Fact: He'll sometimes put one round squishy thing to his belly and play with the two of them!
Pastel Colors
Hair: Fuchsia
Eyes: Pale blue
Body: Salmon
Personality: Often changes facial expressions when thinking

Fun Fact: She often tries to pick quickly so that she's not constantly changing colors and facial expressions!
Mr. Sherbet
Hair: Red and dark red
Eyes: Green
Body: Gold
Personality: Cautious around corners due to his load of ice cream

Fun Fact: Instead of handing out the ice cream from the truck, he lets his customers come inside to pick their ice cream!
Mrs. Sherbet
Hair: Pale orange and orange
Eyes: Gold
Body: Dark pink
Personality: Loves making desserts, makes dessert references when upset

Fun Fact: If the dessert comes out wrong, she gives it to someone else!
Mrs. Game
Hair: Fuchsia and dark pink
Eyes: Pale blue
Body: Light purple
Personality: Supports video games over board games

Fun Fact: One of her video games features defeating the "evil" board game as a final level!
Mrs. Jangle Belle
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Red
Body: Fuchsia
Personality: Over-protective, rowdy, loud
Fun Fact: She has her own version of Jingle Jangle Belle's "Backside Boot" called the "Bountiful Backside Boot"!
Mr. Crystal
Hair: Dark yellow
Eyes: Dark yellow
Body: Blue
Personality: Likes crystals for study and design
Fun Fact: He's found the locations that provide both the full body appearance and the full see-through appearance!
Diamond Crystal
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Gold
Body: Dark red
Personality: Loves light refraction, especially with crystals

Fun Fact: She'll often use her body for science experiments involving refraction!