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Big Beautiful Ponies Page 12
Mrs. Giggle
Hair: Pale blue
Eyes: Pale green
Body: Pale pink
Personality: Doesn't like lopsidedness, takes action against those that show it

Fun Fact: She even makes sure that Glamour Giggle's tour follows an equal schedule each time!
Mint Mountain
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Bright green
Body: Blue-green and brown
Personality: Eats off of his belly rather than a table, messy when eating

Fun Fact: He'll slouch in his chair to make sure his belly is capable of supporting his plate!
Icicle Treat
Hair: Orange and brown
Eyes: Purple
Body: Light blue
Personality: Can panic easily if she's not cold enough

Fun Fact: To keep herself cold at home, she sets the room temperature to 25 degrees fahrenheit or lower!
Toffee Cream
Hair: Light brown and tan
Eyes: Orange
Body: Brown and pale brown
Personality: Eats any food she sees on the counter, even if she otherwise wouldn't like it or it was dangerous

Fun Fact: The reason for her behavior is due what her family calls "Food Vision" where her eyes only are clear when looking at food.
Boogie Belle
Hair: Red
Eyes: Pale blue
Body: Black
Personality: Loves music, especially concerts
Fun Fact: Her body plays sounds when touched due to her eardrums "keeping" the sound well after it stops!
Twilight Sunshine
Hair: Purple and fuchsia
Eyes: Red and dark red
Body: Gold and dark yellow
Personality: Encouraging, helpful, always on the lookout for those in need

Fun Fact: Her glow is brighter than the moon!
Friendship Shine
Hair: Yellow and pale blue
Eyes: Light purple
Body: Light pink
Personality: Hates darkness or dark colors
Fun Fact: She's even been known to not be friends with ponies whose colors are dark!
Giggle Flip
Hair: Gold and orange
Eyes: Purple and light purple
Body: Red and light pink
Personality: Giggling, or just bursting with laughter, depending on which ability is activated.

Fun Fact: She's been trying to find ways not to laugh to control her giggle fits!
Butterscotch Belle
Hair: Gold
Eyes: Tan
Body: Light orange
Personality: Always has a big dessert after every meal

Fun Fact: One dessert she asked for used up all the desserts in the fridge and the freezer!
Pudding Cupcake
Hair: White
Eyes: Red
Body: Half pale yellow, half brown
Personality: Hates dessert jokes
Fun Fact: She's proposing a ban on dessert-related puns!