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Article #15
Shimmer Shine Seeks Help for Embarassment
Shimmer Shine's unique property has made it difficult for her to come out and see everyone. "It's so embarassing. My rump lights up and it's so obvious to everyone else. Everyone has such a puzzled look on their face and I turn red even though I'm actually white," explained Shimmer Shine. Lily Lightly said she'll try to help out since she was in the same situation years ago when her horn glowed while she laughed.
Article #14
Sister Ponies Dance the Night Away
Residents watched as the pair of Sister Ponies took to the dance floor inside Twinkle Twirl's Dance Studio for a night to remember. "They were spectacular. I've never seen ponies dance so gracefully. It's no wonder they do things together. Not even Star Flight and Heart Bright could've done things this well. They simply don't know each other as well as these pairs of ponies do," remarked Twinkle Twirl. Dance Slippers and Dance Around said the secret is to know your dance partner's rhythm and try to synchronize with that. Tira-Mi-Su and Mochanut added they can all teach if the ponies are interested.
Article #13
Exclusive Ponies Pay Entry to Museum
A special pair of ponies with heart eyes paid the fee to enter the art gallery and decided to become part of the show. "We don't know who they are but they're very unique. They're like opposites to each other with one being white and the other being black. They say The Pony Project on the side but we don't know what that means. I guess they were part of some special show," figured Pinkie Pie. Sunny Daze said the ponies were posing like statues at different times of the day to keep the attractions going.
Article #12
Jewelry Ponies Jazz Up Sunny Day
The Birthflower Ponies used their cutie marks' jewels to dazzle the residents with a colorful display. "We had wondered what the jewels meant and after getting an explanation vocally, they decided to give another demonstration. They were all arranged in a circle so that the sun would shine on each of them directly. The sun was just at the perfect angle to catch a rainbow," explained Minty. January Joy said the formation was tricky to perform as they hadn't done it before as no one had previously noticed anything unique about their cutie marks.
Article #11
Skywishes Brings Residents Up, Up and Away
For a fun activity, residents agreed to take to the skies using the butterflies of Butterfly Island. "It was quite the ride. Most of us didn't even know it was possible but now we know otherwise. It was pretty surreal too," stated May Belle. Star Catcher said she didn't have enough butterflies for everyone to do it at the same time so ponies had to take turns and she split the butterflies into groups and rotated them to ensure none of them got tired very long.
Article #10
Ponyville Paints Plenty of Pictures
Everyone set to work this week painting images for an art museum. "We wanted to show the world what we can do besides be friends. Plus it lets all of us see the work their friends did and appreciate it. Sure we weren't all on the same level of art but we liked it anyway," explained Pinkie Pie. Minty said they were arranged based on skill level so those that wanted to work their way down could easily do so while others could simply skip to the art they liked best.
Article #9
Silver Song Sings Spectacularly
Residents awoke to a tune unlike anything they'd heard before. It was Silver Song starting the day with a melody. "We didn't know who or what it was at first. Then we relalized Silver Song was singing and raced to find her. It seemed it was a whole new song but we're not sure," explained Pinkie Pie. Silver Song said the song is a variant on something she'd sung elsewhere when she was into performing.
Article #8
Lily Lightly Chugs Her Way to Fun
Lily Lightly, whom had previously been afraid to be around others when her horn glowed, is now taking full advantage of it by using it to make the headlight of a train with others following suit. "I've never had so much fun before. It was like all my past fears were gone for good. Everyone had a blast and we used tents to make the tunnel to pass under," explained Lily. Sparkleworks said that even during the day the tunnel was sufficient at making things dark so Lily's horn could light the way.
Article #7
Star Swirl Brings Astronomical Slumber Party
Ponyville spent last night under a star-filled sky to view various areas of the cosmos. "Star Swirl really outdid herself here. She's generally not that talkative but tonight she really pulled out all the stops. We got to see many things we didn't even know existed. Some things we didn't get and she did her best to explain them. She's got quite the book collection on the subject," explained Pinkie Pie. Star Swirl added that her telescope is 6" and can see details of most planets quiet clearly and has a solar filter for viewing the sun, but doesn't expect anyone else to be willing to take that step yet.
Article #6
Cotton Candy Sugarcoats Everything
In what is perhaps her biggest dessert ever, Cotton Candy topped even the sundae for the pegasai's welcome party years ago. "Sweetberry and Triple Treat really did a number. I'm almost out of everything but it was worth it. I'll have tasty treats to for weeks. I think we did get carried away just a bit, though," stated Cotton Candy. Triple Treat said she couldn't believe her eyes when it was all done as it was unlike anything they'd done before. Sweetberry said she had vibes of when she decked out a cake that fell on Cotton Candy's head while playing checkers but felt it was even better than that.
Article #5
Kimono Opens First Ever School
Earlier this week, Kimono, the wisest in all of Ponyville, decided to open a school to teach her friends something new each day. "It's not a long class, just about 10 minutes a day where I teach them something I think they've never learned before. Of course, they can ask questions that end up making the class a bit longer but it's never more than a few extra minutes. The others seem to like it as much as I do," explained Kimono. Minty said she was fascinated at how many different shades of green there were. Rarity said she too had a good time, learning different colors.
Article #4
Minty Paints Castle Green
Ponyville's usually vibrant Celebration Castle had a totally different hue. "I thought it was St. Patrick's Day so I painted the castle green. I knew it'd take forever to do so had others help out. Pinkie Pie did stop me but only after I was mostly done. Star Catcher and her friends then dumped water on the castle to get the paint off. I guess I got a little carried away," explained Minty. Pinkie Pie said it was impressive that Minty even considered the idea, given how much work and paint was needed.
Article #3
Sunny Daze Hosts First Ever Solar Party
In what was perhaps her brightest idea ever, Sunny Daze opted to use the light she and her friends are given daily for an idea. "We needed sunglasses just to participate. We all got to get a tan but she also had equipment that was powered by the sun. None of us are sure how that all works but it made for a lot of fun," explained Pinkie Pie. Sunny Daze said there was a brief pause during the party when the sun went away, rendering the devices out of action.
Article #2
Pinkie Pie Adds Icing on Cake
While making a cake for their next party, Pinkie Pie unwittingly put the cake in the freezer instead of the fridge, which added a layer of ice to the top. "We call it the Ice Cake and we had to wait longer to eat it so we played more games until it was thawed out. It was quite the party too. I just got so caught up in things that where to put the cake didn't quite register correctly with me," stated Pinkie Pie. Minty said she thought she'd been the one to put the cake in the freezer but was relieved to find out otherwise.
 Article #1
 Rainbow Dash Makes Prism Park
Ponyville's biggest fan of rainbows went the full spectrum for her friends. "It's a wonderful sight, dahlings. There's colors everywhere from all angles. There's nowehere you can go in the park that doesn't have such radiant colors. I can't take all the credit, though, Kimono was the one to show me how it worked outside of Unicornia," explained Rainbow Dash. Pinkie Pie said it was less pink than she wouldve wanted but still had fun in the park.