Sitting G3 Ponies

*Based off of her toy pony version
Summerberry Silly Sunshine Royalette Round 'N Round
Lavender Lake Jade Garden Fairy Dust Desert Rose
December Poinsettia Dazzle Surprise Darling Dahlia Daffidazy
Coconut Cream Bumblesweet Wondermint  Twinkle Bloom 
Toodleloo  Strawberry Surprise  Snow 'El (2007)  Silver Rain 
Sapphire Shores  Rhythm and Rhyme  Princess Peppermint  Paradise Island 
October Calendula  Nov. Chrysanthemum   Midnight Dream  Merriweather
 Lullabelle  Love-A-Belle  Loop-De-La  January Carnation
Whistle Wishes  Thistle Whistle  Tangerine Sunset Star Flight 
 Star Catcher  Heart Bright Golden Delicious   Glitter Glide
 Fun Fairy  Frilly Frocks   Forsythia  Flutterbutter  
Finger Paints   Fancy Free   Dream Drifter  Doseydotes  
 Daybreak  Dance Slippers  Daisy Paisley  Cute Curtsey 
Crowning Glory  Cotton Candy (G3)  Comet Tail Coconut Grove
Shimmer Shine  Savannah Sage  Sand Dollar  Royal Twist 
Puzzlemint  Port-O-Bella  Peach Surprise  Misty Blue 
Mistletoe  Lovey Dovey  Love Wishes  Lolligiggle 
Lickety Split (G3)  Island Rainbow  Cupcake (G3)  Cheerilee 
Amberlocks  Aloha Pearl  Yours Truly  Yesterdaisy
Wysteria  Waterfire  Triple Treat * Toola Roola 
Tink-A-Tink-A-Too  Sparkleworks  Silver Song  Razzaroo 
Rarity Pinkie Pie Pineapple Paradise  Petal Blossom 
May Lily of the Valley  May Belle  Lily Lightly  January Joy 
Heather Winds  Garden Wishes  Desert Blossom  Daisyjo 
Cloud Climber  Bumbleberry  Brights Brightly  Bowtie (G3) 
Bee Bop  Banjo Blue Avalonia  Applejack (G3)
Sweetie-Belle  Sweetheart  Sunny Daze  Strawberry Swirl ('08)
Starlight  Starbeam  Star Swirl  Skywishes 
Rainbow Swirl  Rainbow Dash  Patch  Moondancer (G3)
Minty  Melody  Kimono  Gardenia Glow 
Fizzy Pop  Denim Blue  Clover  Cheerilee (2008)
Butterscotch  Bright-Eyes  Bon Bon  Blossomforth