MLPT Bloopers

Key: M: Melody, P: Patch, C: Clover, S: Starlight, B: Bon Bon, SH: Sweetheart, BE: Bright Eyes, A: Ace, T: Teddy, L: Lancer, D: Director, BR: Brad(ticket manager in my episodes), MH: Miss Hackney, E: Everyone together, HN: Half Note, DZ: Dazzle (PTV Channel Host) DA: Dan the meteorologist(among other things) in my episodes, MM: Melody's mom, PM, Patch's mom, CM, Clover's mom, BM: Bright Eyes' mom, BB: Bon Bon's mom.

*Btw, if the lines the director gives aren't correct(or perhaps part of the lines the ponies are trying to get right aren't right), please tell me what the correct lines are and I'll fix them.*

Normal My Little Pony Tales Episodes

My My Little Pony Tales Episodes
T: I hope you ALL win tomorrow!
S: That'd be great, Teddy. *beep*
MM: Melody, I've received a call from Ms Hackney that you haven't memorized your lines for this show. Oh and I guess that means neither have I. *beep*
DZ: Thursday night is our second annual Battle of the Bands to see who's the best land in Ponyband *beep* MH: As it so happens, I caught the footage of the planes' impacts on tape *she slides in the tape*

BE: But that's our show not plane footage *beep*
MM: Congratulations on winning the contest.
M: I can say my lines right, mom, really I can. *beep*
MM: I'm sure you can, dear. *both laugh*
DA: Yes, we appear to be having a major smowsnorm moving in this evening. *beep*
DA(again): Yes, we appear to be having some technical difficulties. *beep*
SH: I wish I could help you out, Melody, I really truly do but I really truly can't for I'm memorizing my lines. *beep* MH: A sinkhole is a sink with a hole, I mean a crater in the ground that expands as the ground continues collapsing. *beep*
DZ: Don't forget Thursday night is our phone call to make sure you are all doing your homework. *a co-worker corrects her* Sorry, our Battle of the Bands.. *beep* BE: According to Wikipedia, a limo is a stretched car.
L: Wikipedia? That site's  unreliable.
BE: Wrong website *beep*
P: *jumps but misses the laundry pile* *beep*
P(again): *jumps but lands to the left of the pile* *beep*
SH: What could that noise be?
MH: I'd say it's that new band The Rockin' Beats playing outside
SH: *laughing* *beep*
SH: He's really really not like that at all. You just don't know me like I do. Wait, that's really truly not right. *beep* T:Is your dishwasher running? *beep*
T(again): Is your car running? *beep*
M: Is Patch there?
Patch's mother(on the phone): I'm sorry Melody, Patch isn't on for this scene.*Melody laughs* *beep*
MH:“Bright Eyes, you told me you had your lines right,” *she laughs* Guess I don't then. *beep*
HN: Gee Melody, sounded bad to me.
M:No, it sounded good, right? *beep*

L(stuttering):“It’s….it’s…..” *The figure appears.*


D: Let's take it from when the bus leaves for school...and action! *bus's wheels slip out from under the bus and roll away* cut! BR: That'll be 30 dollars
MH: How much is that in jangles? *beep*
S: *Plays tape but MLPT Theme plays.* Whoops, wrong tape. *beep* M: Yes, I can't believe I have tickets to see the Blevelend Clays! *beep*
M(again): Yes, I can't believe I have tickets to see the Cleveland Cays *beep*
M:Wow, a music concert and the chance to appear on BBC. *beep*
M(again):Wow, a music concert and the chance to appear on DVD.
Other ponies: (laughing) *beep*
M:Wow, this wasn't what was forecasted! Hey wait, there's a picture over my window!
P: Sorry. *beep*