MLP Bloopers

Key: R: Rarity, PP: Pinkie Pie, RD: Rainbow Dash, C: Cheerilee, M: Minty, SC: Star Catcher, SW: Skywishes, CC: Cotton Candy, D: Director, S: Spike, RZ: Razzaroo, W: Wysteria, TW: Thistle Whistle, TT: Twinkle Twirl, CR: Coconut Cream, PG: Unidentified Pegasus Pony, Z: Zipzee, T: Tralala, TD: Tiddlywink, DF: Daffidazy, PS: More than one Pegasus Pony, CN: Coconut Cream

*Btw, if the lines the director gives aren't correct(or perhaps part of the lines the ponies are trying to get right aren't right), please tell me what the correct lines are and I'll fix them.*

The Runaway Rainbow The Princess Promenade A Very Minty Christmas Friends are Never Far Away Dancing in the Clouds A Charming
M: This tasty treat is supreme, which rhymes with me *beep* DF: *pushes Spike up the ramp but Spike slides off one of the ramp's sides* *beep* PP: Merry Christmas, Minty.
M: Merry Christmas to you too Pinkie Pie *both fall forward* *beep*
PS(in a conga line singing and dancing): *all fall down* *beep* TT: Okay, let's try it from the top. 5, 6, 7, 8 and *she falls*
CN: Um, is that part of the dance? *beep*
PP: Is that your birthday book?
RZ: Yes, yes, yes it isn't, I mean is *beep*
D: Let's take it from when Rarity slides down the road on the cart....and action! *cart's wheels fall off as the cart rolls* Cut! Z: Tralala, you can go first.
T: After you, Tiddlywink
TD: Oh no, Tralala, I insist, you go last. *beep*
TW: Hey look everybody, the ponies are cheering up.
All: We're the ponies. *beep*
PP: Are you sure this isn't one of your special stories? *beep* SW: I wish, I wish, I wish I could get my lines right for this movie. *beep* W: We give Kimono one dub line instead of 8? *beep*
W(again): We give Kimono one charm bracelet instead of 7? *beep*
RD: My, you certainly weren't hungry. Would you like some more? *beep* S: Since you touched the flower, it's yours.
W: That's not the flower.
S: Whoops, here it is. *beep*
M(outside with the snowman): Maybe a smidge to the left... mm no.  Maybe a smidge to the right? *snowman's head lands in her face* Oops, sorry. *beep* SC(to SW): Can I count on you to say my lines right? *beep*
SC(again): Can I count on you to get me some party balloons to the party on time? *beep*
PG(trying to sip a drink):
D: Cut, we need a better straw!
M: *tries catching falling pottery and succeeds in catching all of them*
D: Cut, you're supposed to catch only the green one!
RD(about the image): No, darling, little to the left, more, more, this camera on, darling? *beep* S: Princesses do not sniff flowers and princesses do not screw up their lines. Oh dear, that's not right.
D: Cut!
All(as the giant candy cane passes): It's the Hear Comes Christmas candy cane! *the candy cane slips out from the ribbon.*
D: Cut!
PP(singing):Life's a blast, quite a treat, just fantastic positively pink.
SW: That's not our song.
PP: Sorry. *beep*
All(in a conga line outside): *Wrong music plays*
TT: Wrong music, sorry. *beep*
M: *speaks another language* Now who understands that? *giggles*
W: I'm not sure even I understand that. *beep*
M: Wow, you know so little about rainbows (giggles)
RD: I know a lot about rainbows, darling. *beep*
D: Cut! Take 2, and action!
M(again): Wow, you know so much about rainbows (giggles)
RD(again): Of course I do, darling. If I knew about rainbows, who would? Oops, sorry darling. *beep*
W: We all know that special gardening takes lots and lots of water.
D: Cut, it's "We all know that special gardening takes lots and lots of patience"! *beep*
TW: Rain? Did someone say rain? *whistles*
TW(again): Snow? Did someone say snow? *whistles*
D: Cut!
PP: Where did everybody go?
SW: Star  Catcher said they're scared. Wait, I mean not afraid, no, tired, oh you know what I mean.
S: I do.
Both: *laughing*
D: Cut!
SC: Greetings, I am Skywishes.
SW: Wait, but I'm Skywishes.
D: Cut, you're Star Catcher, Star Catcher!
RZ: Minty is our green machine. She likes cucumbers on her pizza, and all kinds of blue candy. Wait, that didn't come out right. *beep*
R: I'm thirsty.
C: We'll eat later.
D: Cut!
S: To get home, just follow the yellow brick road. *beep* PP: What's wrong with the real Santa?
Minty(guilty): Broken
PP: So it wasn't the real Santa?
D: Cut!
PP(being caught by SC): *Falls and misses SC*
D: Cut! Take 2, and action!
PP: *falling*
SC: *Tries catching and PP lands on SC's head* *both fall to the ground*
D: Cut!
TT: Alright, let's try it from the top.  *Ponies look puzzled.*
CR: How do we get on the ceiling?
D: Cut!
RZ: Six? I was just getting used to eight. No, no, no, that's not right. *beep*
D: Take 2, and action!
RZ: Six? I was just getting used to five. *beep*