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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Bloopers

Key: R: Rarity (FiM version), PP: Pinkie Pie (FiM version), RD: Rainbow Dash (FiM version), F: Fluttershy (FiM version) C: Ms. Cheerilee (FiM version), D: Director,

S: Spike (FiM version), NM: Nightmare Moon, AJ: Applejack (FiM version),

TS: Twilight Sparkle, DJ: DJ pony shown in "Suited for Success",

PC: Princess Celestia, PK: Pony knights that pulled the carriage in "Mare in the Moon (Part 1)"


*Btw, if the lines the director gives aren't correct (or perhaps part of the lines the ponies are trying to get right aren't right), please tell me what the correct lines are and I'll fix them.*

Actual Episode-Based Bloopers Episode-inspired Bloopers
Suited for Success  
RD: It needs to be, you know, cooler....about 20% cooler.

R: I'll give you 20 DEGREES cooler.

HT: These things look like they were thrown together with everything but the kitchen sink.

DJ: *record scratch*
R: Who died and made YOU the fashion police?
HT: You DARE to question me?
R: You didn't HAVE to view them and you're clearly stubborn as a mule. *turns to mule standing next to her* No offense.

RD: Let's hear one.
F(softly): Yay!
RD: Louder!
F(still softly): Yay!
F:*grabs a bullhorn* YAY! *RD faints* Too loud?
Look Before You Sleep  
AJ: I ain't budgin'
R: I'm calling Sleepy's after all they're the mattress professionals.

AJ: Why can't y'all do it yourself?
R: I'm the FASHION professional *beep*
Bridle Gossip  
Z: You will make Zecora's anger explode! Why I am speaking in third person, I don't know. *beep*  
Winter Wrap-Up  
PP, TS, and S: *crash and form a snowman*
S(singing): Frosty the pony is a pony's tale they say. With a mane a tail, four eyes and four hooves made for feet. *giggles then begins another song* Winter Pile-Up, winter pile-up, let's build a snowman right here. Winter pile-up, winter pile-up 'cause the fun is always here.
AJ: Why don't ya'll go around the mountain and we'll see you there?
S(singing): She'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes. She'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she...
Rest: SPIKE!
S: Sorry
Feeling Pinkie Keen  
PP: I was going to say watch out for that cliff
RD: What am I, Rainbow Dash of the jungle?
PP: Mmmm more like Rainbow Dash on a cliff.
Bridle Gossip  
R: Just look at those stripes, how gallant! Think we can return them to Old Navy?

AJ: LITTLE jokes? Very funny
Spike: An Applejack action figure with lassoing action!
TS: Spike, you realize that's the REAL Applejack, right?
Spike: The real Applejack is about your size.
AJ: Spike, how could y'all forget that I was made this size from the Poison Joke?
Spike(singing): I've got a golden ticket!
TS: Uh Spike, what script are you reading?
Spike: I'm not reading a script. I know the song by heart.
Friendship is Magic (Part 1)  
TS: You're the mare in the moon, Nightmare Moon.
NM: Well, well, some pony remembers me
TS: Actually I was told to say that, I don't know you at all. *Rarity faints*

AJ: Soups on, every pony!
PP: On what, the grass? *beep*

S(referring to making a friend): Just try
TS: Hi
PP: *gasps then faints*
TS: *sighs* Medic!

RD: What's with you and falling off cliffs today?
TS: I must be a cliff hanger
S: *badum tsh*
RD("climbing" down to the ground): Spider Dash, Spider Dash. Does whatever Spider Dash does (and apparently that's climbing down an invisible rope). *beep*

*NOT part of above episode*
RD: *flies through the sky and a police siren is heard* Aw come on.

PK: Rainbow Dash, as the royal knights of Princess Celestia, we're going to have to give you a ticket

RD: To the Grand Galloping Galla?
PK: No, a $150 ticket for flying too fast.
RD: It's part of my name, you know, Rainbow DASH.
PK: Have a nice day. *flies off*
RD: Consider my day RUINED.
Friendship is Magic (Part 1)  
NM: Remember this day little ponies for it is your last. From this moment forth, the night.....will last.....FOREVER!

PP: Um no it'll only last twelve hours except in Neighvada
Friendship is Magic (Part 1)  
NM: Do you not recall the legend? Did you not see the signs?
PP(singing): I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes. *beep
Friendship is Magic (Part 2)  
PP(Singing): When I was a little filly and the sun was going doooowwwwwn
TS: Tell me she's not
R: She's not, oh sorry, she is.

PP(singing): I'd hide under my pillow from what I thought I *stops singing* OW, dumb meanie tree.

PC: Twilight Sparkle, my faithful student.
TS: You're.....not pink?
PC: What do you mean?
TS: This toy version of you is pink
PC: Must've been in the sun too long
S: Hey Twilight, want to see our photo album?
TS: Okay.
S: Here we are cowering before Nightmare Moon *CLICK* Look, we're right there at the table, how cute are we? *Twilight rolls her eyes and sighs* *CLICK* There's Sweetie Belle and I under the table at the party.

TS: Thanks for the show but I must be going.
S: We still have several more photos left.
TS: Sorry but I really have to get going.