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My All-Time High Fanfic Season 1 (Page 1)

1. This fanfic contains stories about weight gain and uses some foul language If this does not strike your fancy, it is not a recommended read.

2. All-Time High is about the daily lives of residents in Calorie Estates as they attend the town's main school known as All-Time High, which has very different rules compared to typical schools.

Why the Long Face?

        "You may or may not know this, but everyone at All-Time High has the ability to transform into horses. Why horses? It's kind of a long story. The town has what is called Equine Magic, a substance that gives them their transformation powers. It was first discovered in an underground pipeline beneath the town we live in called "Calorie Estates", which is a pretty small town with the school in the center and houses around it. It's about as easy to get to as you could get. No need to take the bus or anything," began Kyle.

        "So where'd the Equine Magic come from and how did we get it into us?" asked Marcus.

        "It was imported through a pipeline few new about until it began leaking out into the air. The scent it gave off was the first clue, but until we inhaled it, it had no impact on our bodies. Once enough was inhaled, the transformation began. It didn't take long to complete and at some point, it was discovered that we could do it naturally. Basically, the substance became part of the blood stream and was carried throughout the body, where it ended up with the muscles. This is where we learned to do it ourselves," added Persephone.

        "It wasn't easy because when only few of us had it, few believed it was a real phenomenon. We also weren't sure whether we'd like this change or not. Regardless, we had no idea how to get rid of it in case it proved to be a problem. Luckily we found it was the perfect solution to the short doorways at All-Time High. Our height was reduced about a foot in about 5 seconds when the transformation was complete. It was like looking at someone brand new, even though we knew them already. It wasn't easy to accept, though because they looked so totally different than we were used to," stated Sarah.

        "Now, it's pretty much why we're famous. Calorie Estates has earned the nickname "Mane Street" as a result of the fiasco. Unfortunately it was never discovered where the substance originated from. It was meant to be water, but the substance was somehow transported though the same pipeline. We'll likely never know who was responsible, but if we ever find out, they deserve our utmost thanks. We've become one of the most original towns ever created. If anyone asked if we'd want to go back, we'd just say 'neigh'," finished Samantha.



Knowledge is Power

         "Did you guys study for the test today? I hear it's a tough one," remarked Kyle.

        "How could I not? It was pretty easy to visualize the various terms," answered Marcus.

        "Like I was going to study all that drivel. I deal with that junk every day in class. I don't need it further etched in my head at home. That's the one place I get to stay away from it," admitted Kelly.

        "You really should've studied. Not doing well here could really set you back later," stated Samantha.

        "Yeah, it's never good to miss out on study time," agreed Sarah.

        "Well once I'm out of here, that won't even matter," assured Kelly.

        "That's if you get out of here. You know not passing here means summer school, right?" corrected Persephone.

        "What's the worst they could do in summer school, make me bare my belly?" questioned Kelly.

        "I'd bet it'd be much worse than that. You'd probably have to relearn everything," figured Samantha.

        "I'll just stay home after school is over for the year. No summer school for this girl," declared Kelly as they walked into class.

        "You might want to.....duck," warned Sarah.

        "UGH! Stupid doorway. Whose bright idea was it to make them so short anyway?" commented Kelly as she transformed into her pony form.

        "Take your seats, everyone. The test will begin shortly," announced Mrs. Weighsaton as she grabbed the stack of test papers.

        "I sure hope I studied enough," whispered Marcus.

        "Me too. I feel like I could do okay at least," agreed Kyle.

        "No talking, students. The test has begun," stated Mrs. Weighsaton. [Later that day...]

        "That was tough. I didn't think I'd finish in time. I just hope I got the right answers for much of it," remarked Marcus.

        "You probably did fine. Besides, you did well on the video assignment anyway. A lesser grade here won't hurt you too much," assured Kyle.

        "Anyone want to walk me home?" asked Persephone.

        "ME!" yelled Kyle and Marcus together.



Closing the Gap

         "Lunch looks really good this time around," stated Marcus.

        "Yeah, spaghetti and meatballs. What a treat," added Persephone.

        "Not as much of a treat as you," admitted Kyle.

        "You're too kind, Kyle. I'll admit while I was prepared for the school's unusual criteria, I don't think I was prepared for so much praise. This wasn't at all like the school I went to before," replied Persephone.

        "What school did you go to before?" asked Marcus.

        "Lower Raise Academy. It was for those that couldn't really afford high tier schools that had advanced learning. It was a lot less strict than this school and I was fit back then too. They did have sports and whatnot, but classes were only 20 minutes each," explained Persephone.

        "Have you always had that belly ring?" asked Kyle.

        "Yeah. I always felt my body looked plain so I looked at myself in a mirror to think of the best place and of course the navel is middle ground. I never thought it'd still be there after gaining weight. My school never served lunch because they couldn't afford it with all the basic expenses for books so I had to eat big meals before or after school. When I heard about this school as the next part of the journey, I wasn't sure what to make of it. I was worried that there'd be issues somewhere regarding my size and choice of clothing. My family and I couldn't afford to go shopping or have me get a higher education so I was enrolled here," continued Persephone.

        "Enrolled is right. You have a nice double belly," noted Kyle.

        "Can we please talk about something other than Persephone's disgusting midsection?" questioned Kelly.

        "You really do have a problem don't you? Are you like jealous because Kyle loves me more than you?" asked Persephone.

        "Hardly. The discussion is always the same with Kyle. It's always 'Persephone is hot' and 'Persephone this' and 'Persephone that'. I think I could barf," corrected Kelly.

        "Don't mind her, Persephone. She gripes about everything. It seems to be in her blood," assured Marcus.

        "One day, I'll let Persephone know just how much I feel about her. She's a goddess and doesn't even know it, thought Kyle.



Show Your Work

        "Welcome back, class. I trust you had an eventful weekend considering your video assignments?" began Weighsaton.

        "Yes, Mrs. Weighsaton," answered the class.

        "Good. Now let's see. Who can I call on first? Kelly and Kyle?" replied Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "We're ready. Let's get this over with," muttered Kelly.

        "This couldn't be long enough," thought Kyle as the tape was inserted.

        "Kyle and I opted for something simple, jumping rope. We took turns holding the rope while the other jumped. I ended up going longer, which was much to Kyle's delight. Kyle did cause me to trip a few times though so if we're down a letter grade, it's his fault," explained Kelly.

        "Interesting choice, and certainly acceptable for the assignment. Kyle, were you enjoying working with Kelly?" remarked Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "Very much, Mrs. Weighsaton. She's heaven in motion," admitted Kyle.

        "You were a nightmare," retorted Kelly.

        "That's enough, thank you. Persephone and Marcus, are you two ready?" continued Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "We are," answered Persephone.

        "Persephone and I opted for a race. There wasn't a clear-cut specification for video length so we went for a relatively long race. We had fun and believe we did well enough to earn a decent grade," explained Marcus.

        "It was too much jiggle for my clothing and there was a comical ending as you're about to see," added Persephone.

        "My goodness. You two went above and beyond for this one. Good job," commended Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "Showoff," whispered Kelly. [Later that day...]

        "We get a B and 'Little Miss Princess' Persephone and Marcus get an A for a fluke. It wasn't even meant to be part of their assignment at all. I'll show the two of them with the next assignment. She won't be able to compete with the likes of me. I'll just have to make sure I'm paired with her so 'Flab and Grab' can't ruin it," declared Kelly.



Caught on Film

        "For those of you that didn't fare well on the first assignment, here's your chance to redeem yourself. Your assignment is to film yourself with someone else doing some form of activity with them. The only catch is no sexual activities or anything close to it. You will be graded on the overall activity and amount of jiggles in the video. Manually jiggling your fat doesn't count. I will assign each of you a partner and they'll be due Friday. Any questions?" announced Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "Are we required to wear crop tops and shorts?" scowled Kelly.

        "No. You can wear whatever you want, though the more flab the better, to a point of course," answered Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "Figures," sighed Kelly.

        "Partners shall be Persephone with Marcus, Kelly with Kyle, Samantha with Sarah, Jimmy with James, and Martin with Courtney," confirmed Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "You're lucky to get Persephone, Marcus. Let me know how she is up close, okay?" remarked Kyle.

        "Will do. We're going to ace this assignment," answered Marcus.

        "Let's get into your pairs so that you can start working together," suggested Mrs. Weighsaton before the class moves to their partners.

        "So, what're you thinking about for the video?" asked Persephone.

        "I don't know. The main option I'd want to do isn't allowed so I'll have to think about it," replied Marcus.

        "Why not some kind of race? It'd be nice and easy and would give us the jiggles necessary for a high grade," suggested Persephone.

        "I can't believe I got stuck with 'Flab and Grab' here. He's going to have to keep his hands off me if we want to have a good result, like that's going to happen. He may have been successful when we went on that little trip to the amusement park, but that was pure luck. He can't do it again," thought Kelly.

        "Any ideas, Kelly? I was thinking maybe we could build something?" stated Kyle.

        "You know that's not going to meet all the criteria needed for a good grade, right? That's like a 'C' at best," noted Kelly.

        "It's going to be a rough one, but we'll figure something out that'll get us the ideal position down the road," thought Kyle.



Pound for Pound

        "You think you know why you're here. To stay in shape and learn the value of proper diet," began Stuart, the gym instructor.

        "Finally, someone who knows how a school is supposed to be," muttered Kelly.

        "I don't know if I want to lose weight. I consider myself very lucky to meet the school's criteria on the fly," admitted Persephone.

        "I understand your concerns, but this isn't a fitness gym. It's a fatness gym. You gain weight with exercise. Allow me to demonstrate with these barbells. They look like your ordinary barbells, but they actually add fat instead of muscle when you use them. It's subtle, but over time you'll be bigger than you ever dreamed possible. Of course, you will only keep the accumulated flab as long as you use the equipment, but it won't just magically disappear the instant you stop using it. There will be a lag," explained Stuart.

        "Oh for fuck's sake!" exclaimed Kelly.

        "Something wrong?" asked Stuart.

        "Yeah, your method of 'teaching'. Why call it a gym if you're not staying in shape?" questioned Kelly.

        "You are staying in shape. Round is a shape. It's just not the typical shape of other gyms. Let's have everyone try the equipment out for today and see which ones you like best," answered Stuart.

        "Kelly, are you ever going to stop griping?" asked Sarah.

        "Yeah. It's not like your bitching has made things better for you or anyone else. Just go with it and then when the year is over you can go to another school," added Samantha.

        "Plus, look at your sister Persephone. She's having a good time," agreed Sarah.

        "That dimwit never knows the best ideas if they hit her in the face," remarked Kelly.

        "Wait, Persephone's your sister, Kelly?" asked Marcus.

        "Duh. It's not like I acknowledge that we're related or anything," snapped Kelly.

        "Does that mean I can't hang out with her?" asked Kyle.

        "Go right ahead, perv. See if I care," replied Kelly.

        "Who'd have thought a brat like Kelly would have such a nice sister?" thought Marcus.



Jewel of My Eye

        "Class, we have a new student joining us today. Her name is Persephone. I hope you'll make her feel quite at home. You can sit here, Persephone," explained Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "Thanks, Mrs. Weighsaton," stated Persephone.

        "Did you see her waistline? Total bombshell. That navel ring is so hot. It's practically lost inside that cave. I sure wish I was next to her," remarked Marcus.

        "You're not kidding. Look at her backside too. It's like two mountains of jello. Must be a dream to be someone like her," agreed Kyle.

        "Weren't you fawning over Kelly?" asked Marcus.

        "Somewhat. I think this new girl could be even better than Kelly," answered Kyle.

        "Are you two done squawking? I'd like to actually give back papers," questioned Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "Yes, Mrs. Weighsaton," assured Marcus.

        "Good because you two clearly didn't follow directions. You just wrote about your love lives instead of actually developing a clear-cut set of goals regarding your future," noted Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "Isn't that what the assignment was about?" asked Kyle.

        "You had to read between the lines to figure out what the assignment was truly about, Kyle. I guess that's not your best trait," added Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "No biggie. We'll get it in the next assignment," assured Marcus.

        "Persephone is an individual you can all learn from. She still did the assignment with flying colors despite not being present for when it was assigned. She actually wanted to complete it herself to get a good start on the school year," declared Mrs. Weighsaton. [Later...]

        "Damn,  what a body," thought Kyle.

        "Is there something wrong with him?" asked Persephone.

        "He always gets like that around bigger girls. It's kind of all our thing, really," explained Marcus.

        "Oh good. I thought it was more of disgust. I didn't even know of this school's rules and just happened to meet them perfectly. Nice meeting you guys, bye," stated Persephone.

        "It's going to be a great year with her around," thought Marcus.



Rule the School

        "This is torture. I thought it was bad enough having to go to this school and now I'm stuck here for SIX HOURS!?" thought Kelly angrily.

        "I hope you brought plenty to do. Otherwise it will be a rather uneventful length of time. I will be busy grading papers and planning for tomorrow's class," noted Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "Well, she'll be in for a rude awakening when she finds out my paper," smirked Kelly. [Meanwhile...]

        "Ah, Kelly's parents. Please come in. I understand you have a problem with the way the school is being operated?" stated Kevin.

        "Problem would be an understatement......um what's your name?" began Kelly's father.

        "Superintendent Kevin, or Kevin would be fine," explained Kevin.

        "Kevin, okay. Well it'd be much more than a slight problem we have with the school's operations. We don't really like the dress code or anything. It just seems like an excuse to see bigger girls exposing themselves," added Kelly's father.

        "It's certainly not. If you went to the other faculty and staff offices, you'd see plenty of them are following the exact same order. At All-Time High, it's not just increasing weight, it's also increasing learning. We feel it's better to learn in a fun way rather than the same old same old way every other school does. You don't need to worry about your daughter Kelly. She's in good hands," assured Kevin.

        "I don't know about that. She's been pretty angry the past few days," questioned Kelly's mom.

        "She's just letting off steam. I'm sure it'll improve. It's always stressful coming to a new environment and here, there's plenty to get used to over a short period of time. Just give her some time to adjust," continued Kevin.

        "Well......okay, but I'm keeping an eye on things," warned Kelly's father.

        "Understood, and you can always contact me by phone or e-mail with other concerns," nodded Kevin before Kelly's parents leave. [Back in detention...]

        "Finally, just an hour to go. I can make it though this prison of a school. All I have to do is keep going a little longer. They can't keep me here forever," thought Kelly.



Checks and Balances

        "Good morning, students. I can see much improvement over the weekend. You've all really fattened up.....except for Kelly. What's the excuse, Kelly? You also weren't in detention last week," noted Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "I was pretty stubborn to get it done, Mrs. Weighsaton. It's still a work in progress. I've put on a little, but not nearly enough. I'll try harder during lunch," explained Kelly.

        "What's up with Kelly? She seems....nicer," remarked Marcus.

        "Probably because I helped her out. My plan seems to have had an effect on her," replied Kyle quietly.

        "I'd expect you to report to me after school for 6 hours to make up for last time," ordered Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "Excuse me, but we'd like a word with the Superintendent," stated Kelly's mom.

        "Anything you can talk to the Superintendent about can go to me too," assured Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "Just what kind of school are you running here? This is the worst curriculum I've ever seen. Crop tops and shorts? No public decency? This is not the behavior students should be adhering to," protested Kelly's mom.

        "Superintendent Kevin has made his decision. If he wants to run it this way, then so be it. All I do is enforce that rule throughout the school. Furthermore, your students are required to come here at least until the end of the school year, or did you not read the fine print when you signed the document?" added Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "We'll see about that," snapped Kelly's father before the two headed out.

        "This doesn't sound good. Sounds like Kelly's parents are trying to shut the school down or something," whispered Samantha.

        "They don't have the power. Wait and see," corrected Sarah.

        "I just want this stupid issue to be over," thought Kelly.

        "With that escapade out of the way, I'd like to note your first homework assignment is due tomorrow. Write a paper about your weight goals and whether or not you'd want someone to help achieve that goal. 1 page long and single spaced," explained Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "I can hardly weight," muttered Kelly.



Hitching a Ride (Part 2)

Last time...

        "What say you and I go to dinner together?" suggested Kyle.

        "Go to dinner with you? I'd lose my meal because of your sick mind," retorted Kelly.

        "I figured you'd say that. What about the carnival? Do you like amusement parks?" asked Kyle.

        "This whole thing is stupid. Why did I agree to this? He hasn't done anything for me at all yet. It's probably an excuse to see what he calls "my goods"," thought Kelly.

        "Here's your cotton candy, Kelly. I thought we could take the Tons of Love next," stated Kyle.

        "Let's get this over with," sighed Kelly. [Later....]

        "That was so boring. I felt like I was going to be sick. At least the cotton candy was good. I'm deciding what's next and it's the Bumper Cars," remarked Kelly.

        "Whatever you say," agreed Kyle.

        "You better believe it, perv. You're following my orders not the other way around," declared Kelly. [That evening...]

        "Well......that could've been worse. I guess this wasn't so bad," concluded Kelly.

        "You mean that?" asked Kyle.

        "Yeah. You weren't even staring at me like you usually do at school. It took some real guts to bring me out here. I still don't like you for your behavior, but you're a bit more tolerable. Just don't get used to it. I'm going back to my usual behavior in class on Monday," explained Kelly.

        "Thanks a lot, Kelly. I'll remember this day and what you said forever. I'll try to keep the antics down a bit," added Kyle.

        "I'd hope so. It gets pretty old having a pair of eyes follow you whenever you cross paths with them. Now we need a way home," continued Kelly.

        "We walked here, remember? My house is just up the street. I just need to know where yours is," corrected Kyle.

        "That I can help you figure out. I sure hope your friends can tone things down a bit too," answered Kelly.

        "I'll break the news to them on Monday," assured Kyle.



Hitching a Ride (Part 1)

        "Kyle, what are you doing?" asked Marcus.

        "What I said I'd do yesterday, Marcus. I wanted to prove to Kelly I wasn't just about her body. The best way I can think of to do that is to help her out," explained Kyle.

        "Well you know how stubborn she can be. She gives you an earful just for seeing us guys," noted Marcus.

        "Shhh! Here she comes," whispered Daniel.

        "Hi, Kelly," stated Kyle.

        "Hello, loser....I mean perv," muttered Kelly.

        "What say you and I go to dinner together?" suggested Kyle.

        "Go to dinner with you? I'd lose my meal because of your sick mind," retorted Kelly.

        "I figured you'd say that. What about the carnival? Do you like amusement parks?" asked Kyle.

        "What are you up to? This isn't so you can grab my flab in return is it?" questioned Kelly.

        "Can't a guy take someone he loves out somewhere special?" asked Kyle.

        "You don't love me. You love my overflowing muffin top. You wouldn't be able to focus on any rides we went on anyway," corrected Kelly.

        "Let me prove it to you just this once," requested Kyle.

        "Fine, but you're paying and if I catch any gawking, we're done," added Kelly.

        "Great. You won't regret it," admitted Kyle. [At All-Time Low Park...]

        "You're buying me candy first," ordered Kelly.

        "Shouldn't that be for after the ride? I wouldn't want you getting sick or anything," advised Kyle.

        "Just get me some cotton candy you perv!" shouted Kelly.

        "Right away," agreed Kyle.

        "This whole thing is stupid. Why did I agree to this? He hasn't done anything for me at all yet. It's probably an excuse to see what he calls 'my goods'," thought Kelly.




Slacking Off

        "Class, we're halfway through the week and I'm still not seeing any progress from the same few of you. Am I not being clear enough or are you being defiant?" questioned Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "Maybe it has to do with how the school is being run?" questioned Kelly sarcastically.

        "You're worst of all, young lady. You may have met the weight criteria prior to joining, but I have yet to see the crop top and shorts requirements met from you. Are they too expensive for your frame, or are you just not interested in the curriculum's needs?" added Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "What do you think?" scowled Kelly.

        "Do you want detention? I can definitively say you're only seconds away from it," warned Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "It'd beat having to put up with such dumb rules," retorted Kelly.

        "That's it! You have detention, Kelly. I'll see you after school for 3 hours," announced Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "No you won't," thought Kelly. [Later that day...]

        "Kelly, you're going to get in bigger trouble for missing out on detention," protested Samantha.

        "So? She needs to be taught a lesson about how to actually run a classroom. Besides, like I don't have enough trouble with those stupid boys, my plump figure and already tight clothing," replied Kelly.

        "Just give into it, Kelly. It's not the end of the world. Besides, it's not like you can leave anyway. You're stuck at the school until the end of the school year," agreed Sarah.

        "Shut the hell up and watch me," boasted Kelly. [That night....]

        "Kelly, we need to talk," admitted her mom.

        "About what, sending me to another school? questioned Kelly.

        "Your attitude and the phone call we received today. You skipped out on detention. What's gotten into you?" replied her father.

        "The school has the most barbaric 'needs'. They expect everyone to weigh at least 200lb and wear crop tops and shorts. What kind of clowns do that?" asked Kelly.

        "We need to have a talk with this school," thought her mother.

        "We'll see what we can do to fix things, honey," stated her father.



Eat Up

         "So what's on the menu?" asked Sarah.

        "Nothing good from what I see," remarked Kelly.

        "You're such a Negative Nancy," admitted Samantha.

        "Yeah. You could at least be cheerful once in a while," added Sarah.

        "Not happening with a school this bad. Two days in and I have enough info to write an essay on it," muttered Kelly.

        "Hi, Girls. Want to sit with us?" asked Marcus.

        "Sure," answered Sarah.

        "No way. You pervs are nothing but trouble," declined Kelly.

        "We are NOT pervs," protested Kyle.

        "A very unlikely story coming from three boys that can't help but stare at a girl's bulging waistline," recalled Kelly.

        "Well either way, it's not like you have any other place to sit. The other tables are full," added Kyle.

        "Ugh, fine. Don't expect any praise from me," remarked Kelly.

        "How're you all adjusting to the school requirements? I find it pretty hard, but I've heard this food is supposed to help gain weight faster," started Marcus.

        "It's been a mixed bag. Sarah and I are willing to cooperate, but Kelly just isn't having any of it," explained Samantha.

        "That's too bad. I wish there was some way we could help," stated Kyle.

        "No you don't," protested Kelly.

        "I do too, Kelly. I'll prove it," insisted Kyle.

        "Oh come on. You're drooling over my midsection," noted Kelly.

        "Huh? What? Oh, sorry, Kelly. I'll get on that tomorrow. Let's eat for now," responded Kyle.

        "It does look good," stated Sarah.

        "I guess we have no choice," added Samantha.

        "Whatever," muttered Kelly between mouthfuls. [Back in class...]

        "Students, I've seen at least a few of you accepting the terms of this school, which is great to see.  However, some of you are not following directions. You'd better shape up or else," reminded Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "I hope Kelly turns things around," thought Samantha.



Talk the Talk

        "I thought we'd never get done with class. Now it's time to take it up to that Superintendent," stated Sarah.

        "I hope they're really nice," stated Samantha

        "I just hope they'll listen. The last thing we need is someone like Mrs. Weighsaton," remarked Kelly.

        "Girls, welcome to All-Time High. I'm Superintendent Kevin. What can I do for you?" greeted Kevin.

        "You can start by explaining what the hell is wrong with you regarding that dumb requirement for class!" shouted Kelly.

        "What she means is we're a little confused about the requirements. We feel it's a bit lopsided," corrected Sarah.

        "Ah yes, the Overflow Rule. That's to make our school unique. You see, most schools are against this sort of thing. I felt it was time for a change of pace so I had the rule essentially reversed. It doesn't seem like you all like it very much," explained Kevin.

        "You think?" scowled Kelly.

        "Oh just call it a hunch," assured Kevin.

        "Is it as one-sided as it appears to be?" questioned Sarah.

        "Goodness no. I guess it wasn't relayed properly to Mrs. Weighsaton. It's perfectly balanced. Anyone attending the school has to meet the requirements, even the faculty and staff. Of course, it's such short notice so time must be given so that everyone adheres to the conditions," replied Kevin.

        "Anything else she may have forgotten?" asked Kelly.

        "Nope. I think that's everything," stated Kevin.

        "It'd better be," remarked Kelly. [Later that day...]

        "What's gotten you so worked up, Kelly?" questioned Sarah.

        "You never were a bright one, Sarah. Haven't you been paying attention to my rants?" admitted Kelly.

        "Well no. You make them all the time so it's kind of become routine," answered Sarah.

        "I tell you one thing. I am NOT putting on weight for this stupid school and its stupid teacher and I don't care what punishment I get in return," declared Kelly.

        "She'll come around," thought Sarah.

        "Let's hope so," added Samantha.



Getting Schooled

     "Ugh, I can't believe we're going to this school. We haven't even gotten into class yet and I'm already disgusted," remarked Kelly.

        "Maybe it won't be that bad? A name like All-Time High can't be all that bad," assured Sarah.

        "You wish. That name alone just screams bad. I just hope we have a tolerable teacher," replied Kelly.

        "Come in, come in. We'll begin shortly," stated Mrs. Weighsaton

        "Oh man. I think I'm gonna like it here. Check out all the hotties. Each one ripe with abundance jiggles," remarked Stan.

        "I know what you mean, Stan. I like the one with blue hair. She's a keeper," agreed Marcus.

        "Now that we're all here, let's first analyze your current weights. Here at All-Time High, you're going to be expected to have a minimum weight of 200lb with a crop top and shorts for attire," explained Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "Seriously? That's like the most non-existent dress code I've ever heard. Fat is gross. You can't expect everyone to follow this silly requirement," protested Kelly.

        "Let me see here. Ah, Kelly Sun is it? Well let me tell you it's actually not my rule. The superintendent at this school has specifically instructed me to enforce the requirement at this school. You'll just have to get used to it," continued Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "I don't like this either," added Sarah.

        "Yeah. What's going to be the point anyway?" questioned Mary.

        "Take it up to the Superintendent if you want to know more. That's what they've told me. You can find him in Room A5, which is just down the hall. Here at All-Time High, you'll have regular homework assignments, tests and quizzes. I expect good grades from all of you, including the gawkers in the back," added Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "What about the boys? They're not wearing crop tops or shorts. This seems like bias against females," questioned Kelly.

        "This is day 1 so no one will be punished if they don't meet the requirements yet, but you have a week to get there," assured Mrs. Weighsaton.

        "Let's just see how this goes. It's a brand new school year and there's plenty of fun to be had," stated Sarah.