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Weightopia is a new town that is similar to Pudgyville in that they have fat residents but unlike Pudgyville is not accepting of skinny residents. Residents are, on their own accord, divided up into groups as there are certain residents they hang out with on a daily basis.
Group A The  more dominant group compared to others, Group A is very keen on the idea of what they call "navel love". They use their size to convince Group B that the best idea is to gain weight. They also have negative reactions towards the chubby residents, which they dub "skinny fat".
Group B Much more timid than Group A, Group B on the other hand is specifically afraid to talk to Group A for fears of being intimidated or ridiculed. Group B is also much more open to other sizes and doesn't share the same appeal for their kinks.
Group C Known officially as "The Grayscale Girls", this group prints out newspapers the old fashioned way, paper and ink, with each member doing one contribution towards the paper. They believe in honesty as the best policy as well and won't stoop low enough to levels of blackmail and deceit.
Group D The main staff of Weightopia are mostly seen inside the school (Weightopia Academy), generally restricting discussions for situations that are out of the ordinary.
Group E The final group in Weightopia, Group E is generally only in contact with Group D in terms of getting things going as Group D does not partake in actual completions of projects but will help coordinate the visions.