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Pudgyville is a town where all ponies living can be fat and happy with little to worry about from the outside world, especially with the growing number of boys arriving.
 The current mayor of the town and is always supportive of the ponies ways.
Ms. Sheila Current teacher of the town. She is very uplifting and tries to incorporate the town's theme into her teaching and stay with the ponies' desire to be fat by being fat herself.
Jasmine  The largest pony in Pudgyville and tends to show off at times by either wearing skimpy clothes or dancing in front of the camera. She is also the first pony to have a permanent weight.
Bob A big fan of Jasmine's body size and tends to hang out with her or look at her more than anything else. He has two friends named Kyle and Darren.
Kyle A friend of Darren and Bob's, he's less likely to tease and has a crush on Ms Sheila.
Darren He has a keen eye for detail and if he sees it happen, he'll be sure to make the other pony know it. He's also a friend of Bob and Kyle and seems to have an interest in G3 Rainbow Dash's shiny body.
Sarah A black-colored unicorn with a knack for wanting to help others as much as possible, though her kindness usually is not always appreciated, even if they know she means well.
Marie  The music teacher in Ms Sheila's school, she too adds the town's theme into her work.
Bonnie She owns the "Belly Buffet" diner and is nice to those around her.
Brittany Her words are as big as she is and as a result, ponies don't always understand her so she brings a thesaurus to help.
Chloe She loves the thrill of game shows and has always dreamed of participating on one.
Stella Leader of the group they call "The Calorie Stealers" and the one  usually coming up with the plot against Pudgyville, she started in Ponyville but later moved to just outside Pudgyville after seeing one of the town's magazines.
Mary Builder of The Calories Stealers' lair, she usually takes a back seat to Stella but is there to support Stella when their plan takes action.
Stephanie She builds the weapons for the group and is the only one that knows each of them by name and knows how they work.