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About Bulging Curves

Bulging Curves (formerly Depthtopia) is a new town that is comprised of two types of residents. The left side's residents are split into groups that rarely talk to one another, each with different views and beliefs. The right side's are more like Pudgyville residents, but theme things more on a semi-anthro look.
Left Side
As mentioned above, this side of Bulging Curves is made of groups, each with different actions and views.
Right Side
Navelle's residents are much more like Pudgyville's residents, only they design things in a more semi-anthro way with an actual pair of breasts and legs, similar to a female human's. They believe things need to have natural curves and not be bland. Their goal is to have everyone showcase their curves whenever possible and not be told off or ridiculed.
Group A
1. Dominant group
2. Enforces ideologies on others such as belly size and navel depth being critical to proper fat size

3. Believes in navel love
Group B
1. Timid compared to Group A
2. Less restricted on body types
3. Fears ridicule from Group A
Group C
1. The Grayscale Girls (nickname)
2. Prints newspapers with ink (each pony has 1 job)
3. Believe in accurate news and
not news formed from lies
Group D
1. Weightopia Academy staff
2. Discussions rarely made unless absolutely necessary
Group E
1. Stays in contact with Group D
2. Ensures Group D's visions come to pass

3. Works to resolve issues if project visions fail to work