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About Bulging Curves

Town basics:
1. Philosophy 100% supports fat and weight gain only.
2. Some residents are nice about telling others
3. Pudgyville is considered their rival due to supporting both fat and skinny ponies.
4. Everyone has friends.
5. Town originally started as "Early Pudgyville".
6. No groups or families.
1. Weightopia Academy - Learning center for students as taught by Mrs. Prime Mary.
2. Jelly Belly Furnature Pub - A teacher's lounge of sorts with tables and chairs for relaxing and a bar to get drinks and food.
3. Deeper Intrigue - Marks the center of town and houses the ponies that make the town's newspaper.
4. Housing - Numbered "BC-1" to "BC-400" and includes both staff and regular residents.
5. Jiggle by the Sea - Restaurant