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Rainbow Blessing Volume 12 (Page 1)

St. Fatty's Day
Quick-Play Spell
Target 1 "My Pudgyville Pony Goldie Flop" in your Graveyard; Special Summon it.
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/ef26ea1026291004
Parent Teacher Conference
Normal Spell
Target 1 "My Pudgyville Pony Ms. Sheila" and 1 "My Pudgyville Pony Mrs." and/or "My Pudgyville Pony Mr." monster you control; they cannot be targeted for attacks or other effects this turn.
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/533b3c1026290994
My Pudgyville Pony Mocharoni
LIGHT / Pudgyville Pony / Level 4 / ATK 0 / DEF 2100
Once per turn: You can Special Summon this card from your Graveyard. You must control no cards to activate and to resolve this effect.
Rainbow Rare
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/d62abd1026290974
My Little Pony Tomalia
LIGHT / Pudgyville Pony / Level 4 / ATK 1600 / DEF 1200
Once per turn, if you control "My Pudgyville Pony Galapeño": You can target 1 card in your Graveyard, then if that card is still in the Graveyard, toss a coin and apply this effect.
● Heads: Equip that target to "My Pudgyville Pony Galapeño".
● Tails: Equip that target to this card.
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/6c88df1026290984
The Garden of Eaten
Continuous Trap
After activation, put 3 counters on this card. You can remove 1 counter from this card, then target 1 "My Pudgyville Pony" monster you control; put 1 counter on that target. When there are no counters on this card, return this card to its original position. You can only control 1 "The Garden of Eaten".
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/6ec2341025303264
Cousin Crossroads
Normal Trap
Target 1 "My Pudgyville Pony Jasmine" and 1 "My Pudgyville Pony Yasmine" you control; their DEF becomes 4000 until the End Phase.
Rainbow Rare
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/95af921025303224
My Pudgyville Pony Mrs. Spice
LIGHT / Pudgyville Pony-Type Synchro / Level 7 / ATK 0 / DEF 2600
1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner "My Pudgyville Pony" monsters
Once per turn: You can discard 1 card, then target 1 "My Pudgyville Pony" monster in your Graveyard with less DEF than this card; Special Summon that target.
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/3eca5c1025303234
My Pudgyville Pony Yasmine
LIGHT / Pudgyville Pony-Type Tuner / Level 2 / ATK 0 / DEF 1800
If you control "My Pudgyville Pony Jasmine", you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). Once per turn: You can target 1 "My Pudgyville Pony Jasmine" you control; this card gains DEF equal to half that monster's current DEF, until the End Phase.
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/4cc3241025303254
Normal Spell
Target 1 "My Pudgyville Pony Pop Drops" and 1 monster your opponent controls; Change the battle position of the opponent's monster, and if you do, apply this effect based on that monster's current battle position.
● Attack Position: Its ATK becomes 0.
● Defense Position: Its DEF becomes 0.
Rainbow Rare
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/3d60901024277254

Normal Trap
When an opponent's monster targets an Attack Position "My Pudgyville Pony" monster you control for an attack: Target that "My Pudgyville Pony" monster; negate the attack, and if you do, change that target to Defense Position.
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/a3200e1024277224
My Pudgyville Pony Surprise Doodle
LIGHT / Pudgyville Pony / Level 5 / ATK 0 / DEF 2800
Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) while you control 2 "My Pudgyville Pony" monsters with the same Level as this card and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. When this card is Special Summoned while you have 5 cards in your hand: This card's DEF becomes double its original (printed) DEF.
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/beec8a1024277244
My Pudgyville Pony Bright Belle
LIGHT / Pudgyville Pony-Type Flip / Level 3 / ATK 0 / DEF 2200
FLIP: Discard 1 card, then draw 1 card.
Rainbow Rare
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/65a90f1024277234
Equip Spell
Equip only to a "My Pudgyville Pony" monster. It loses 700 DEF, also it cannot be targeted for attacks.
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/9aa49d1023126504
Plump Party
Normal Trap
Special Summon 2 "My Pudgyville Pony" monsters from your hand with the same Level; they become Level 9. You must control no monsters to activate and to resolve this effect, also those monsters cannot be Tributed for a Tribute Summon/Set or be used as Synchro Material.
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/190ece1023126554
My Pudgyville Superhero Pony Sister Sitter
LIGHT / Pudgyville Pony-Type Xyz / Rank 9 / ATK 0 / DEF 4500
2 Level 9 monsters
Once per turn: You can target 2 "My Pudgyville Pony" monsters you control with the same Level and DEF; their Levels becomes their combined Levels. If this card has "My Pudgyville Pony Chatrina" attached to it as Xyz Material, it gains this effect.
● This face-up card gains 2000 DEF during your turns only.
Rainbow Rare
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/f023e31023126784
My Pudgyville Superhero Pony Lovely Lecturer
LIGHT / Pudgyville Pony-Type Xyz / Rank 4 / ATK 0 / DEF 2000
2 Level 4 "My Pudgyville Pony" monsters
Once per turn: You can target 1 "Pudgyville" in your Graveyard; activate it. During either player's turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; this card gains 600 DEF.
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/842ba41023126524
Muffin Top Day
Normal Spell
This turn, your opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to the Summon of "My Pudgyville Pony" monsters.
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/28acee1021907934
Pudgyville 2 - Bigger is Better
Field Spell
(This card's name is always treated as "Pudgyville".)
"My Pudgyville Pony" monsters cannot be destroyed by battle.
Rainbow Rare
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/a498ab1021908254 *Mature*
My Pudgyville Pony Sherry
LIGHT / Pudgyville Pony / Level 3 / ATK 1600 / DEF 1200
Once per turn: You can target up to 2 "My Pudgyville Pony" monsters; change their battle positions and if you do, draw 1 card for each monster whose battle position was changed by this effect.
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/becea61021907904
My Pudgyville Pony St. Pudgemas
LIGHT / Pudgyville Pony-Type Synchro / Level 9 / ATK 0 / DEF 3600
1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
Must be Synchro Summoned or Special Summoned by its own effect and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. Once per turn: You can add 1 "Muffin Top Day" from your Deck to your hand. If this face-up card leaves the field: You can Special Summon it during the End Phase. You can only control 1 "My Pudgyville Pony St. Pudgemas".
Super Rare
Artwork http://www.imagebam.com/image/4dbfc41021907924