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September 5th, 2015
News: An OC named Ariel starts the next nightly roundup of news.
Source: Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1236 MLP News
News: Come see what'll go down at New York Comic Con.
Source: Equestria Daily: New York Comic Con 2015 Schedule
News: Lyra and Bonbon are getting a book in 2016.
Source: Equestria Daily: Lyra and Bonbon Book for 2016
News: You can now get Hot Topic's variant of FiM Comic #33.
Source: Equestria Daily: Hot Topic FiM Comic 33 Variant Now Available
News: Entertainment Earth has restocked the metallic Rainbow Dash figure.
Source: Equestria Daily: Entertainment Earth Restocks Hikari Metallic Rainbow Dash
News: 3D Model maker AeridicCore has updated their versions of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.
Source: Equestria Daily: AeridicCore 3D Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon Models Updated
September 4th, 2015
News: Trixie stars in the next roundup.
Source: Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1235 MLP News
News: A site called AllExpress is listing knockoff MLP hand puppets.
Source: Equestria Daily: AllExpress MLP Knockoff Hand Puppets
News: That Brony charity quilt from earlier in the year is going to GalaCon 2016.
Source: Equestria Daily: Brony Charity Quilt Heading to GalaCon 2016
News: BronyCon gets an honorable mention in Watchmojo's top fan conventions list.
Source: Equestria Daily: Watchmojo Top Fan Conventions Gives BronyCon Honorable Mention
News: These Equestria Girls pens have appeared.
Source: Equestria Daily: EqG Twilight and Rainbow Dash Pens
News: The MLP Instagram page updates with info on Equestria Games' Indigo Zap.
Source: Equestria Daily: MLP Instagram Updates Info on Indigo Zap
News: Equestria Daily has posted a startup guide for the now free MLP Gameloft game.
Source: Equestria Daily: Free Gameloft Game Startup Guide
News: These finds include a 2016 calendar, lounge pants and cookies.
Source: Equestria Daily: Latest FiM Merchandise Finds September 4 2015
September 2nd, 2015
News: Cutie Mark Magic Fashion Style Pinkie Pie and Coco Pommel have appeared.
Source: Equestria Daily: Cutie Mark Magic Fashion Style Pinkie Pie and Coco Pommel Appearing in Stores
News: This MLP-themed karaoke player has also appeared.
Source: Equestria Daily: MLP Karaoke Player