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September 30th, 2014
See which celebrities attended the Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks movie! Equestria Daily: Celebrities Attended EqG Rainbow Rocks Premiere
Those artwork sketches from the Rainbow Rocks credits may be released! Equestria Daily: Rainbow Rocks Credits Artwork Getting Released?!
Octavia's Rainbow Rocks VA has been revealed! Equestria Daily: Octavia Rainbow Rocks VA
September 29th, 2014
Pinkie Pie gets ready for bed for the next roundup! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1063 MLP News
These finds includes Suffle, Equestria Girls merchandise and Glowy Glasses! Equestria Daily: Latest FiM Merchandise Finds September 29 2014
See who did the opening movie sequence and artwork in the credits respectively! Equestria Daily: Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Movie Sequence and Credits Artwork Owners
September 28th, 2014
This batch of finds includes a Christmas tree, ornaments and advent calendars! Equestria Daily: Latest FiM Merchandise Finds September 28 2014
"Teen Titans Go" is once again featuring MLP! Equestria Daily: "Teen Titans Go" Featuring MLP Again
More upcoming MLP conventions! Equestria Daily: Latest Upcoming MLP Conventions September 28 2014
September 27th, 2014
This roundup starts with Luna, Pinkie Pie and Pipsqueak! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1062 MLP News
Gatwick Airport has giant MLP images! Equestria Daily: Gatwick Airport Giant MLP Images
See what accesories come with Build-A-Bear Celestia! Equestria Daily: Build-A-Bear Celestia Included Accessories
G.M. Barrow shares art from the pending Daring Do Collection! Equestria Daily: Daring Do Collection Art Teaser
The Brony Fan Fair Convention has shut down! Equestria Daily: Brony Fan Fair Shuts Down
Blind Bags Wave 11 are now appearing in stores! Equestria Daily: Blind Bags Wave 11 in Stores
Unamee has several MLP shirts on  72 hour sale for $11! Equestria Daily: Unamee MLP Shirts on 72 Hour Sale
Epic Ink, a TV show on A&E, featured an Apocalypse Pony-themed tattoo! Equestria Daily: Epic Ink Apocalypse Pony-Themed Tattoo
See what went down at Heather Breckel's interview! Equestria Daily: Heather Breckel Q&A Panel Results
iTunes has a preview of FiM Comic #24! Equestria Daily: iTunes FiM Comic #24 Preview
Natasha Levinger, one of the FiM writers, is heading to Nightmare Nights Dallas 2014! Equestria Daily: Nightmare Nights Dallas 2014 Includes Natasha Levinger
These MLP-themed holiday cups are appearing at Dollar General! Equestria Daily: Dollar General MLP-Themed Holiday Cups
September 26th, 2014
Octavia and Vinyl Scratch/DJPON3 greet you for the next roundup! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1061 MLP News
Toywiz is taking pre-orders on the MLP Series 3! Equestria Daily: Toywiz MLP CCG Series 3 Pre-Orders
The Hub Network is becoming Discovery Family as early as October 13th 2014! Equestria Daily: The Hub Network Becoming Discovery Family October 13 2014
This commercial for the Rainbow Rocks merchandise has appeared! Equestria Daily: Rainbow Rocks Toy Commercial
iTunes has the original Equestria Girls soundtrack up! Equestria Daily: Original EqG Soundtrack on iTunes
An iTunes app called "Waiting is Magic" got the Cease and Desist order! Equestria Daily: iTunes removes "Waiting is Magic" app due to C&D
Hasbro is collaborating with Disney for a Disney Princess line! Equestria Daily: Hasbro Teaming Up with Disney for Disney Princess Line
Rebecca Shoichet, VA for Sunset Shimmer and Twilight's singing voice, is beginning "Stay Brony My Friends"! Equestria Daily: "Stay Brony My Friends" Charity Started by Rebecca Shoichet
September 25th, 2014
More MLP Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks images have been leaked! Equestria Daily: More EqG RR Leaked Images
The 2014 Annual is out now! Equestria Daily: MLP 2014 Annual Downloads
A site called "Woot!" is selling MLP-themed watches! Equestria Daily: Woot! MLP Watches
Here's the previous batch of Rainbow Rocks leaked images! Equestria Daily: EqG RR Initial Leaked Images
Those going to SalvageCon 2014 can expect Ashleigh Ball! Equestria Daily: Ashleigh Ball Going to SalvageCon 2014
September 24th, 2014
The "Best Worst Song Ever" is in Rainbow Rocks! Equestria Daily: Rainbow Rocks Features "Best Worst Song Ever"
Hasbro is having a webcast for their 3rd Quarter 2014 earnings in October! Equestria Daily: Hasbro 3rd Quarter October 2014 Webcast Pending
MLP is on the Short List again! Equestria Daily: MLP on Short List
September 23rd, 2014
Alacorn Trixie is the star of the next roundup! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1060 MLP News
A Derpy Hooves/Ditsy Doo-themed Deck Box is on the way! Equestria Daily: Enterplay Derpy Hooves-Themed Deck Box Pending
See where and when TrotCon 2015 will take place! Equestria Daily: TrotCon 2015 Date and Location
Shwings and Things (from before) will update their shoe inventory to include wings! Equestria Daily: Shwings and Things Shoe Accessories Pending
September 22nd, 2014
Twilight is a Jedi for the next roundup of news! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1059 MLP News
Another unreleased clip from the Brony Documentary is up! Equestria Daily: Brony Documentary New Unreleased Clip
OnlyFactory is continuing production of their plushies despite being shut down! Equestria Daily: OnlyFactory Still Manufacturing Plushies
Amazon.com has added images of upcoming MLP products! Equestria Daily: Amazon.com Pending Latest MLP Product Listings
Those giant Aurora plushies are now appearing in stores! Equestria Daily: Giant Aurora Plushies Now Available
September 21st, 2014
Arr, this roundup be featurin' four scurvy dogs in a battle for the booty! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1058 MLP News
This MLP T-shirt was the 16th winner of Welovefine's contest! Equestria Daily: Welovefine Contest Winner #16
It appears that Rainbow Rocks will be shown in the UK in October 2014! Equestria Daily: Rainbow Rocks in UK Cinemas for Octoboe3r4 2014!?
These finds include a MLP-themed Power Wheels, a pony purse and Fluffy Diaries! Equestria Daily: Latest FiM Merchandise Finds September 21 2014
Billboard, a music ranking site, has put the Rainbow Rocks Soundtrack at number 15 for their Kids music ranks! Equestria Daily: Rainbow Rocks Soundtrack Album at #15 on Billboards
Enterplay shares info on their Series 3 Fun Packs and there's a new Rainbow Dash Tin available! Equestria Daily: Enterplay MLP CCG Series 3 Fun Pack Details and Rainbow Dash Tin
September 20th, 2014
The next roundup starts off with Fluttershy in her bunny-ish costume! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1057 MLP News
New Cutie Mark Magic figures found (and those EqG figures from earlier)! Equestria Daily: Cutie Mark Magic Figures Found
Have an additional look at the MLP 2014 Annual due out soon! Equestria Daily: MLP 2014 Annual Extended Preview
Sydneigh 2014 is being revived as SalvageCon! Equestria Daily: Sydneigh 2014 Returning as SalvageCon
September 19th, 2014
Spike cosplays a character from the movie Kicka$$! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1056 MLP News
The X-Box inventory adds this rather unusual Rainbow Dash costume! Equestria Daily: X-Box Avatar Store Adds Rainbow Dash Costume
These Equestria Girls dolls have apparently been found! MLP Arena: New Equestria Girls Dolls
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PIKA Con, another MLP convention, is taking place where Sydneigh 2014 failed! Equestria Daily: PIKA Con Filling Sydneigh 2014's Place
September 18th, 2014
Spike carries Smarty Pants for the next roundup! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1055 MLP News
See what FiM Comic #26 is about! Equestria Daily: FiM Comic #26 Synopsis and Cover
Discovery and The Hub are breaking their partnership! Equestria Daily: Discovery and The Hub Ending Partnership  
Tee Public has a Derpy-themed shirt on sale for a little while longer! Equestria Daily: Tee Public Derpy-Themed Shirt Sale
Sydneigh 2014, a MLP convention in Sydney Australia is not taking place! Equestria Daily: Sydneigh 2014 Cancelled
One of the mystery names Meghan McCarthy tweeted earlier has been unveiled! Equestria Daily: Meghan McCarthy Name Tweet Revealed Name
Have a look at (presumably) that 48 page Equestira Girls Holoday comic's cover! Equestria Daily: Equestria Girls 48 Page Holiday Comic Cover?
September 17th, 2014
Have some Discord with your batch of news! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1054 MLP News
Ingrid Nilson, VA for Maud Pie, is hinting at possibly Maud being in Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks! Equestria Daily: Ingrid Nilson Maud Pie in Rainbow Rocks Teaser?!
The Press Release for those pending MLP vinyl records is here! Equestria Daily: MLP Vinyl Record Press Release
Tabitha St Germain is heading to Stan Lee's Comikazee! Equestria Daily: Stan Lee's Comikazee Having Tabitha St Germain
A site called Atomic Empire is listing the 4th Dimension Entertainment plushies for pre-order without permission! Equestria Daily: Atomic Empire Listing 4th Dimension Entertainment Plushies without Permission
September 16th, 2014
Another batch of those Party City MLP-eque costumes! Equestria Daily: More Party City MLP-esque Costumes
MLP sneaks its way into Major League Baseball! Equestria Daily: Major League Baseball Gets MLP guest
Those of you MLP fans in Europe literally get a special treat! Equestria Daily: Europe MLP-Themed Sweets
September 15th, 2014
Party City has added more MLP-esque-themed costumes! Equestria Daily: Additional Party City MLP-esque Costumes
More Ultra Pro MLP-themed card sleeves and deck boxes have appeared! Equestria Daily: Latest Ultra Pro MLP-Themed Deck Boxes and Card Sleeves
September 14th, 2014
Teepublic lists another MLP-themed shirt! Equestria Daily: Teepublic 24 Hour MLP Shirt Sale
Equestria Daily interviewed Brenda Hickey, artist of the IDW MLP comics! Equestria Daily: Brenda Hickey EqD Interview
A new batch of finds includes an EqG RR Stage, face tattoos and charms! Equestria Daily: Latest FiM Merchandise Finds September 14 2014
September 13th, 2014
This roundup features Derpy in a cup! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1052 MLP News
Amazon.com is taking pre-orders on the Diamond Select MLP toys! Equestria Daily: Amazon.com Diamond Select MLP Toy Pre-Orders
See what the Play-Doh Rainbow Dash set will look like! Equestria Daily: Play-Doh Rainbow Dash Style Salon Image
Everfree Northwest 2015 needs your help! Equestria Daily: Help Needed for Everfree Northwest 2015
This unusual looking Sunset Shimmer Equestria Girls doll has appeared on Amazon.com! Equestria Daily: Strange Amazon.com EqG Sunset Shimmer
September 12th, 2014
An unusual Rainbow Dash costume has appeared at Party City! Equestria Daily: Odd Party City Rainbow Dash Costume
Adweek nominates MLP under hottest TV show and network! Equestria Daily: Adweek Nominates MLP
The Rainbow Rock soundtrack is now available on iTunes! Equestria Daily: Rainbow Rocks Soundtrack on iTunes  
These vinyl records for MLP have appeared! Equestria Daily: Hot Topic MLP Vinyl Records
The MLP Manga is due out October 16th and here are some sketches! Equestria Daily: MLP Manga Out October 16 2014 and Sketches
Stay Brony My Friends Charity Interviewed Animated James! Equestria Daily: Stay Brony My Friends Animated James Interview  
Yet another Rainbow Rocks Trailer has appeared! Equestria Daily: Rainbow Rocks Trailer 3
This NICI Rainbow Dash plush has appeared on eBay's German site! Equestria Daily: German eBay NIC Rainbow Dash Listing
September 11th, 2014
Luna appears for the next roundup! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1051 MLP News
These Blind Bag erasers were found! Equestria Daily: Target Blind Bag Erasers
FiM Friends Forever Comic #6 is finally here! Equestria Daily: FiM Friends Forever Comic #6 Downloads
September 10th, 2014
Hot Topic unveils their variant for FiM Comic #24! Equestria Daily: Hot Topic FiM Comic #24 Variant
Michelle Creber, VA for Apple Bloom, is heading to Ponyville Ciderfest! Equestria Daily: Ponyville Ciderfest to Have Michelle Creber  
These bonuses are included with the "Spooktacular Pony Tales" MLP DVD! Equestria Daily: MLP "Spooktacular Pony Tales" DVD Bonus Items
Aforementioned "Spooktacular Pony Tales" DVD is now available! Equestria Daily: MLP "Spooktacular Pony Tales" DVD Now Released
Amazon.com has begun listing hardcover versions of FiM comics for future release! Equestria Daily: Amazon.com FiM Comic Hardcover Versions  
Additional Hot Topic stores have the latest Aurora Plushies! Equestria Daily: Aurora Derpy Hooves and Dr Whooves Plushies Appearing at Additional Hot Topic Stores
Amazon.com also lists FiM Comic Volume 6 for pre-order! Equestria Daily: Amazon.com FiM Comic Volume 6 Pre-Orders
M.A. Larson coming to Nightmare Nights Dallas 2014! Equestria Daily: Nightmare Nights Dallas 2014 Having M.A. Larson
Find out the VAs for Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze! Equestria Daily: Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze Voice Actors 
Many more POP figures on the way! Equestria Daily: Many Additional POP Figures Pending  
An online show called Man at Arms includes MLP! Equestria Daily: Man at Arms Show Includes MLP
September 9th, 2014
The next roundup features Luna sleeps after much gaming! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1050 MLP News
Apparently a 48 page special Equestria Girls (comic?) is on the way! Equestria Daily: Possible Equestria Girls 48 Page Comic Pending
See what went down at the MLP event in Singapore! Equestria Daily: Singapore MLP Event Results
Amazon.com lists Coco Pommel and Sunset Shimmer Fashion Style ponies! Equestria Daily: Amazon.com Lists Coco Pommel and Sunset Shimmer Fashion Style Ponies
A Finnish Artist has been Ponifying Artists! Equestria Daily: Finnish Makes Artist MLP Figures
Welovefine has added more shirts to their ever-growing inventory! Equestria Daily: Latest Welovefine Shirts September 9 2014
Bronies the Musical has not only reached their initial Kickstarter goal but added a new Kickstarter for additonal funding! Equestria Daily: Bronies the Musical Kickstarters
Have six pages of FiM Friends Forever Comic #9! Equestria Daily: FiM Friends Forever Comic #9 Preview Pages
September 8th, 2014
Big Mac is SO FLUFFEH for the next roundup! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1049 MLP News
Here comes the 4th Rainbow Rocks clip! Equestria Daily: Rainbow Rocks Clip 4
These Aurora plushies are now appearing at Hot Topic! Equestria Daily: Latest Aurora Plushies at Hot Topic
This game called PonyRVille (which appears to be on the Oculus Rift) received an update! Equestria Daily: Oculus Rift PonyRVille Game Update
September 6th, 2014
This batch of finds includes 90s Fashion Style Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, sunglasses and sandwich bags! Equestria Daily: Latest FiM Merchandise Finds September 6 2014
More MLP-themed Chupa Chups (which are banned in the US as they are a choking hazard) figures on the way! Equestria Daily: New Batch of Chupa Chup MLP Figures Pending
There's now an image of the Season 4 FiM DVD that is pending! Equestria Daily: FiM Season 4 DVD Cover
Sitting MLP-Themed Banks are also pending! Equestria Daily: Pending Sitting MLP Banks
September 5th, 2014
The next roundup stars a playful Applejack! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1048 MLP News
Hot Topic's latest variant FiM comic is now available! Equestria Daily: Hot Topic Latest Variant FiM Comic Now Available
FiM's Season 4 DVD appears to be coming December 2nd! Equestria Daily: Possible Season 4 DVD Available December 2 2014
September 4th, 2014
Even World of Warcraft adds MLP! Equestria Daily: World of Warcraft Adds MLP Item
The Brazilian Magazine from before is showcasing the Equestria Girls dolls in better quality! Equestria Daily: Brazilian Magazine Equestria Girls Dolls Better Quality Images
Aforementioned Brazilian Magazine also mentions upcoming products! Equestria Daily: Brazilian Magazine Includes Possible Upcoming MLP Merchandise
Equestria LA is coming back after all! Equestria Daily: EQLA Returning Again
September 3rd, 2014
Pipsqueak meet a Five Nights at Freddy's character for the next roundup! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1047 MLP News
A website called Jezebel has taken a literally new perspective on Bronies! Equestria Daily: Jezebel Website on Bronies
The University of Brighton funded a MLP convention and didn't get positive feedback! Equestria Daily: University of Brighton Receives Negative Feedback for Funding MLP Convention
Amazon.com lists a Pinkie Pie Piggy Bank! Equestria Daily: Pinkie Pie Piggy Bank on Amazon.com
Borderlands makes some pony references in their latest video! Equestria Daily: Borderlands MLP References Video
Another Brony, another bullying scenario! Equestria Daily: Brony Bullying Again
Entertainment Earth's site lists the metallic MLP Rainbow Power keychains! Equestria Daily: Entertainment Earth MLP Rainbow Power Metallic Keychains
This butterfly wing Fluttershy figure pops up on Taobao! Equestria Daily: Taobao Butterfly Wing Fluttershy Figure
September 2nd, 2014
This roundup features Pinkie Pie off to have fun while Rainbow Dash sleeps! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1046 MLP News
This left out footage from the Brony Documentary features Equestria Daily! Equestria Daily: Brony Documentary Left Out Footage Equestria Daily Clip
More upcoming MLP conventions! Equestria Daily: Latest Pending MLP Conventions September 2nd 2014
A French website called trousselier is selling MLP-themed lanterns! Equestria Daily: Trousselier MLP-Themed Lanterns
There's an advertisement for the Rainbow Rocks Adiago Dazzle doll! Equestria Daily: Adiago Dazzle Equestria Girls Doll Commercial
September 1st, 2014
There's a preview of the next FiM comic! Equestria Daily: FiM Comic #23 Preview Pages
Tee Globe has a new MLP-themed shirt temporarily available! Equestria Daily: Tee Globe Princess Cadence-Themed MLP Shirt
These strange bodyless MLP heads have appeared at Toys 'R Us! Equestria Daily: Bodyless MLP Heads at TRU