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MLP News (Archived)
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September 30th, 2013
Applejack is a cowpony for the latest roundup. Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #782 MLP News
More info on the pending Alacorn Twilight comic and future FiM comics. Equestria Daily: Alacorn Twilight Sparkle Comic and Future FiM Comic Info
For those that had pre-orders cancelled, the two vinyl figures are back in stock. Equestria Daily: Funko Vinyl Figures Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Back in Stock
USA Today posted an article with an interview of Hasbro Studios' Mike Vogel. Equestria Daily: USA Today Hasbro Studios Mike Vogel Intervie Article
This was one of two available messenger bags at Toys 'R Us. MLP Arena: Rainbow Dash Messenger Bag Found at TRU
September 29th, 2013
Apple Bloom rides the Discord Viking ship for the latest roundup. Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #781 MLP News 
Things are cleared up for those not fond of Alacorn Twilight joining the comics. Equestria Daily: Alacorn Twilight Joining FiM Comic Clarification
Vinyl Scratch/DJPON3 vinyl figure orders cancelled at Hot Topic. Equestria Daily: Vinyl Scratch Vinyl Figure Sells Out at Hot Topic
Enterplay reveals all 9 exclusive Trading card promo cards as well as a booster pack and game mat. Equestria Daily: Enterplay 9 Promo Cards, Booster Pack and Game Mat Images
September 28th, 2013
The next roundup starts off with Scootaloo on her scooter. Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #780 MLP News
Princess Twilight Sparkle going to be a part of the FiM comics starting with issue #13. Equestria Daily: Princess Twilight Sparkle Joins FiM Comics
For what it's worth ($252.49), this mini pony-themed house has been found. Equestria Daily: Mini Pony-Themed House
The Fluttershy plush is indeed coming soon to Build-A-Bear Workshop and in her gala dress. Equestria Daily: Fluttershy Plush Coming to Build-A-Bear Workshop
This line of FiM-themed clothing by Zulily is being sold on their website. Equestria Daily: Zulily FiM Clothing Sale
September 27th, 2013
Princess Skyla, whom is only in toy form, enters the spotlight of a Nightly Roundup. Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #778 MLP News
Enterplay unveils the MLP dog tags from before. Equestria Daily: Enterplay Unveils MLP Dog Tags Previously Announced
Here's Welovefine's latest FiM shirts. Equestria Daily: Welovefine Latest FiM Shirts September 27 2013
The Hub's Equestrivia Challenge game adds Granny Smith. Equestria Daily: The Hub Equestrivia Challenge Game Includes Granny Smith
Have some Sweetie Belle when you start the next roundup. Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup#779 MLP News
Hot Topic adds Vinyl Scratch/DJPON3 and Octavia vinyl figures. Equestria Daily: Hot Topic Adds Vinyl Octavia and Vinyl Scratch Figures to Inventory
These knockoff versions of Hasbro's latest FiM sets have been found. Equestria Daily: Fake Hasbro FiM Toy Sets
A Build-A-Bear Fluttershy image appears. Equestria Daily: Build-A-Bear Fluttershy Image
September 26th, 2013
Even the NFL gets in on ponies. Equestria Daily: MLP on the NFL
Toys 'R Us' site lists the Spitfire vinyl figure. Equestria Daily: Spitfire Vinyl Figure Available on Toysrus.com
September 25th, 2013
This robot pony begins a rather short Nightly Roundup. Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #777 MLP News
This batch of merchandise includes slippers and puzzles. Equestria Daily: Latest FiM Merchandise Finds September 25 2013
TV Guide puts FiM in their top 60 list. Equestria Daily: TV Guide's Top 60 List Includes MLP FiM
The next MLP Talk episode, which is in part of a new series, is up. MLP Arena: MLP Talk Episode 9/23/13 Discussion
iTunes teases the "The Magic Begins" book. Equestria Daily: iTunes "The Magic Begins" Book Teaser
These glittery brushable pony toys have appeared on Taobao. Equestria Daily: Taobao FiM Glittery Brushables 
September 24th, 2013
Have some Rarity with your roundup news. Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #776 MLP News
Hot Topic adds a Spike hoodie. Equestria Daily: Hot Topic Spike Hoodie
See Comics World's variant covers for FiM Comic #11. Equestria Daily: Comics World NYCC FiM Comic #11 Variant Covers
Comics Alliance teases a few pages of the official FiM comic #11 due out soon. Equestria Daily: Comics Alliance FiM Comic #11 Teaser Pics
TeeVillain has a Halloween MLP-esque shirt for sale. Equestria Daily: TeeVillain MLP Parody Halloween Shirt
September 23rd, 2013
This is the latest roundup news you will see with Zecora as an Alacorn pony. Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #775 MLP News
Midtown Comics lists Trading Card Micro Fun Packs. Equestria Daily: Midtown IDW Micro Fun Packs
Toys 'R Us is having a Buy 1 Get 1 half-off sale. Equestria Daily: Toys 'R Us Buy One, Get One Half-Off Sale
K-Mart has the newest Blind Bag Collector Sets (with everything most recently listed on Taobao). Equestria Daily: K-Mart Blind Bag Pony Collector's Sets
September 22nd, 2013
The latest roundup is looking a bit "derpy" today. Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #774 MLP News
Toywiz taking pre-orders on the new Funko Minis and 4DE Plushies. Equestria Daily: Toywiz Funko Minis and 4DE Plush Pre-Orders
September 21st, 2013
Princess Twilight Sparkle is quite tired and starts the next Nightly Roundup news. Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup#773 MLP News
Funko maybe releasing Mystery Mini Ponies. Equestria Daily: Possible Funko Mystery Mini Ponies
Katie Cook and Andy Price coming to Granite State Comic Con next week and are currently at Rose City Comic Con. Equestria Daily: Katie Cook and Andy Price Visiting Granite State and Rose City Comic Cons
September 20th, 2013
A MLP FiM Kingdom Hearts crossover starts the next roundup. Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #772 MLP News
Could these be the next Xbox live game pics? Equestria Daily: Nightmare Nights Xbox Live Possible Pending Pics
Series 3 of the Enterplay Trading Cards confirmed for future release. Equestria Daily: Enterplay Confirms FiM Trading Cards Series 3
September 19th, 2013
Twilight Sparkle studies for the latest roundup. Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #771 MLP News
You can now get cutie marks at the Xbox Avatar shop. Equestria Daily: Xbox Avatar Shop Adds Cutie Marks
A show called Toddlers and Tiaras features a girl named "Rainbow Dash. Equestria Daily: Toddlers and Tiaras Show Includes Girl named Rainbow Dash
Peter New and Andrea Libman are among the list for a UBCP award. Equestria Daily: Peter New and Andrea Libman to Obtain Possible UBCP Award
Jayson Thiesson coming to Nightmare Nights 2013. Equestria Daily: Nightmare Nights 2013 to Include Jayson Thiesson
You can now buy the Nici FiM plushies. Equestria Daily: Nici FiM Plushies Available for Purchase
September 18th, 2013
The star of the latest roundup is Daring Do. Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #770 MLP News
More merchandise finds, including an OC Pony Creation Pack, shirts and international merchandice. Equestria Daily: Latest FiM Merchandise Finds September 18 2013
Taobao unveils more possible MLP toys. Equestria Daily: Latest Taobao MLP Finds
September 17th, 2013
Have some Applejack dressed as Link with your MLP news. Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #769 MLP News
TeeTurtle lists a Legend of Zelda MLP parody shirt. Equestria Daily: TeeTurtle Legend of Zelda MLP Parody Shirt
September 16th, 2013
Your latest roundup greets you with Screwball. Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #768 MLP News
Toys 'R Us' site is selling the Pony Lesson Set (with Cheerilee, Twist, Silver Spoon and Smarty Pants). Equestria Daily: Toysrus.com Selling Pony Lessons Set
Come see what Andrew Crews, designer of these MLP-themed shirts, has unveiled. Equestria Daily: Andrew Crews' Unveiled MLP Shirts
September 15th, 2013
This roundup's art is a little "sketchy" and begins your usual MLP news. Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #767 MLP News
Those Ty FiM Beanie Babies are showing up across the globe. Equestria Daily: Ty FiM Beanie Babies Appearing in Europe and North America
Hot Topic adds extras for your MLP costumes. Equestria Daily: Hot Topic MLP Halloween Costume Extras
Everfree Northwest needs some extra staff to help. Equestria Daily: Everfree Northwest Needs Staff for 2014 Event
September 14th, 2013
It's the Sweetie Belle and Buttons pairing for the latest roundup news. Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #766 MLP News
Jetpack Comics adds their variant to FiM Comic #11. Equestria Daily: Jetpack Comics FiM Comic Book #11 Variant
For those of you with Amazon Instant Video, it's getting the Bronycon Documentary. Equestria Daily: Amazon Instant Video Obtaining Bronycon Documentary
An Elements of Magic book coming in December. Equestria Daily: Elements of Magic Book
Tabitha St Germain coming to the Crystal Fair in Finland. Equestria Daily: Finland Crystal Fair to have Tabitha St Germain
With the apparent end of the Micro Comics coming, the IDW Forums have something coming in January. Equestria Daily: January to Contain Something Fun for MLP
Welovefine and TeeTurtle having deals on FiM shirts. Equestria Daily: Welovefine and TeeTurtle FiM Shirt Deals