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October 30th, 2017
Josh Haber and Nicole Dubuc will return for Season 8 as co-story editors! Equestria Daily: Season 8 of FiM Sees Josh Haber and Nicole Dubuc as Co-Story Editors
Though a bit obscure, it's clear from the cutie mark saddle that this is Pinkie Pie at Washington International! Equestria Daily: Washington International Pinkie Pie Horse
October 29th, 2017
The Equestria Girls short "Leaping Off the Page" is up on Hasbro's YouTube channel! Equestria Daily: "Leaping Off the Page" EqG Short on Hasbro YouTube Channel
Amazon.com is having a Fall sale on MLP merchandise! Equestria Daily: Amazon.com Fall Sale Tracker Includes MLP  
TeePublic has added MANY shirts on sale for $14 for a little longer! Equestria Daily: Latest TeePublic MLP Shirts and $14 Shirt Sale
October 28th, 2017
This roundup's giant batch of news is topped off with Flutterbat! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1444 MLP News
Paris Hilton has been seen on a floating Princess Cadence toy! Equestria Daily: Paris Hilton on Princess Cadence Innertube
The MLP Gameloft game updates again, this time for pirate ponies and Halloween! Equestria Daily: MLP Gameloft Update with Pirate Ponies and Halloween
Have a look behind the scenes for Flurry Heart's Heartfelt Scrapbook! Equestria Daily: Flurry Heart's Heartfelt Scrapbook Behind the Scenes Video
FiM Comic 59 is out now! Equestria Daily: FiM Comic 59 Downloads
October 27th, 2017
MLP CCG players can look forward to the 2017 MLP movie-themed set titled Seaquestria and Beyond! Equyestria Daily: MLP CCG "Seaquestria and Beyond" Pre-Release and other Info
Lord Tirek returns for Season 8! Equestria Daily: Season 8 Sees Return of Lord Tirek
iTunes teases 3 pages of FiM Comic 60! Equestria Daily: iTunes FiM Comic 60 3-Page Teaser
October 26th, 2017
Hasbro's Investor Call indicates MLP remains in good standing! Equestria Daily: MLP Doing Well by Hasbro Investor Call
Daniel Ingram is partially leaving the Equestria Girls team for FiM-centered focus! Equestria Daily: Daniel Ingram Leaving EqG Team for FiM Focus
There's a cover for "Twilight Sparkle's Science Fair Sparkles"! Equestria Daily: "Twilight Sparkle's Science Fair Sparkles" Cover
Just a reminder that Equestria Daily's Pumpkin Carving event is open! Equestria Daily: EqD 2017 Pony Pumpkin Carving Event Open Reminder
October 25th, 2017
The 2017 MLP movie has reached $35 million worldwide! Equestria Daily: 2017 MLP Movie Takes $35 Million Worldwide
These finds include posters, bowling pins and car decals! Equestria Daily: Latest FiM Merchandise Finds October 25 2017
The 2nd half of Season 7 hits Netflix in November! Equestria Daily: Netflix Adding 2nd Half of Season 7 November 27 2017
It would appear that a 2nd MLP movie is on the way! Equestria Daily: 2nd MLP Movie Upcoming?!
October 24th, 2017
Part of the EqG shorts coming up will involve a Choose Your Own Adventure! Equestria DailyL: Pending EqG Shorts Include CYOA
A "My Little Pony Movie Busy Book" released in Canada with lots of figurines! Equestria Daily: Canada "My Little Pony Movie Busy Book" with Figures
October 23rd, 2017
Amazon.com adds many 2017 MLP Movie-related merchandise! Equestria Daily: Latest Amazon.com 2017 MLP Movie Merchandise
The MLP Gameloft game reveals the status of Capper and Celeano's crew! Equestria Daily: MLP Gameloft Game Confirms Status of Capper Dapperpaws and Celeano's Crew
October 22nd, 2017
Tails of Equestria gets an official 2017 MLP movie sourcebook! Equestria Daily: "Tails of Equestria" 2017 MLP Movie Sourcebook
Here's one review on the 2017  MLP movie! Equestria Daily: 2017 MLP Movie Review
October 21st, 2017
There will be 45 more EqG shorts down the road! Equestria Daily: 45 New EqG Shorts Releasing Starting November 17
The 2017 MLP movie has been recreated using stop motion! Equestria Daily: 2017 MP Movie Stop Motion Animation
Japan's Ponycon has their own MLP comic cover! Equestria Daily: Japan Ponycon MLP Comic Cover
October 20th, 2017
FiM Comic 62 includes an Andy Price cover that parodies The Saturday Evening Post! Equestria Daily: FiM Comic 62 Info and Andy Price Cover
Bronystudy returns with another look into the fandom! Equestria Daily: Bronystudy Latest Survey
October 19th, 2017
The Pony Pumpkin Carving Event is back for 2017! Equestria Daily: 2017 Pony Carving Event Open for Submissions
"Legends of Magic" Comic 10 is revealed with a tie-in to Season 7! Equestria Daily: "Legends of Magic" Comic 10 Info and Cover
FiM Comic #62 is also revealed! Equestria Daily: FiM Comic 62 Info and Cover
"Legends of Magic" Comic #7 is out now! Equestria Daily: "Legends of Magic" Comic 7 Downloads
October 18th, 2017
The 2017 MLP Movie has brought in two woman that fought over a theater seat! Equestria Daily: Women Fight over 2017 MLP Movie Seat
Foreign markets indicate the 2017 MLP movie brings in $4 million outside the US! Equestria Daily: 2017 MLP Movie Makes Estimated $4 Million at Box Office Elsewhere Too
October 17th, 2017
The next roundup has Rainbow Dash fearful for what Twilight has planned! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1443 MLP News
Another MLP Tinker Toy review article is posted Equestria Daily: MLP Rainbow Dash Tinker Toy Review
There's another 6-page preview for "Legends of Magic" Comic 7! Equestria Daily: "Legends of Magic" Comic 7 Additional 6-Page Preview
October 15th, 2017
The supposed "attack" on Bronies during "Fame and Misfortune" is detailed by M.A. Larson! Equestria Daily: M.A. Larson on "Fame and Misfortune" "Attack" on Bronies
A YouTube channel tackled a giant Twilight Sparkle cake! Equestria Daily: YouTube "How to Cook That" Giant Twilight Sparkle Cake
GMOD/SFM have added a Tempest Shadow model! Equestria Daily: GMOD/SFM Tempest Shadow 3D Model
October 14th, 2017
There's a cover image for the "Rainbow Dash Brings the Blitz" book! Equestria Daily: "Rainbow Dash Brings the Blitz" Cover
Yes it's true, Scootaloo has lesbian relatives in "Ponyville Mysteries: Riddle of the Rusty Horseshoe"! Equestria Daily: Scootaloo's Relatives in "Ponyville Mysteries: Riddle of the Rusy Horseshoe Confirmed Lesbians
MLP toys are back at McDonalds in the US! Equestria Daily: MLP Returns to US McDonalds
October 13th, 2017
The designer for the 2017 MLP Movie's end credits posts screencaps and a bit on his experience! Equestria Daily: 2017 MLP Movie End Credits Designer Screencaps and Personal Experience
Japan's MLP Cafe returns with new items! Equestria Daily: Japan MLP Cafe Returns with New Menu Items
This month's (presumably) European MLP Magazine has a Tempest Shadow figure included! Equestria Daily: Latest European MLP Magazine Includes Tempest Shadow Figure
October 12th, 2017
If you're still unsure about seeing the 2017 MLP movie, have a look at these reviews! Equestria Daily: 2017 MLP Movie Online Reviews
The 2017 MLP movie racks up an estimated 8.8 million at the box office! Equestria Daily: 2017 MLP Movie Box Office Estimates at $8.8 Million
New York Comic Con was toured and there's a fair bit of MLP! Equestria Daily: New York Comic Con Tour with MLP
Bronies get another article, this time from Salon! Equestria Daily: Salon Article on Bronies
MLP FiM has a new executive producer! Equestria Daily: Nicole Dubuc is New MLP FiM Executive Producer
October 10th, 2017
Derpy comes out of a pumpkin with your news! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1442 MLP News
A company called Fascinations is doing metal MLP figures! Equestria Daily: Fascinations Doing MLP Metal Figurines
October 9th, 2017
The rest of Season 7 is already leaked on the internet! Equestria Daily: Remaining Season 7 FiM Episodes Leaked
The 2017 MLP Movie is rated an A- by CinemaScore and has racked up just under $3 million at the box office as of Friday! Equestria Daily: 2017 MP Movie Rated A- by CinemaScore and Estimated Under $3 Million at Box Office Friday
Evidentially, the movie's spot on the timeline is between Season 7's finale and Season 8! Equestria Daily: 2017 MLP Movie Occuring Between Season 7 Finale and 8
Canada's TV channel Treehouse TV will be airing two episodes next weekend! Equestria Daily: Canada's Treehouse TV Airing Two FiM Season 7 Episodes Next Weekend
Here's a teaser of some upcoming 2017 MLP Movie related CCG cards! Equestria Daily: MLP CCG 2017 MLP Movie Upcoming Cards Teaser
October 8th, 2017
Hasbro's YouTube channel now lists  the Equestria Girls short "Shake Things Up"! Equestria Daily: Hasbro YouTube Channel Adds EqG Short "Shake Things Up"
There's still be time to participate in the Build-A-Bear premiere event! Equestria Daily: Build-A-Bear Workshop Premiere Event
Here's some estimated earnings for the 2017 MLP movie at the box office! Equestria Daily: 2017 MLP Movie Box Office Earning Estimates
October 7th, 2017
If by chance you haven't seen the 2017 MLP movie yet, you can check out Queen Novo's VA on the Kelly Rippa show! Equestria Daily: Uzo Aduba on Kelly Rippa Show with Seapony Clip
IMDB has opened up the 2017 MLP movie for review (and I've already done so)! Equestria Daily: IMDB Allowing Reviews of 2017 MLP Movie
MLP is getting some EZ-Link cards from Singapore's Public Transport! Equestria Daily: MLP Singapore Public Transport EZ-Link Cards
"Once Upon a Zepplin" may be up before Discovery Family airs it! Equestria Daily: Canada Treehouse Channel Airing "Once Upon a Zepplin" Early?!
Entertainment Earth is having a sale on 2017 MLP movie merchandise! Equestria Daily: Entertainment Earth 2017 MLP Movie Merchandise Sale
iTunes teases "Legends of Magic" Comic 7! Equestria Daily: "Legends of Magic" Comic 7 iTunes Teaser
October 6th, 2017
The MLP Gameloft game updated with more 2017 MLP movie stuff! Equestria Daily: Latest MLP Gameloft Game 2017 MLP Movie Update as of October 6 2017
There's now a Tempest camera filter for Facebook's Camera Mask! Equestria Daily: Facebook Camera Mask Tempest Camera Filter
Though not specific to the movie, there's some etiquitte to be had with the 2017 MLP movie! Equestria Daily: 2017 MLP Movie Etiquitte Reminder
Yet more 2017 MLP movie screenshots appear thanks to an interview Equestria Daily: "Cinematography of the My Little Pony Movie" Interview Screenshots
October 5th, 2017
The "Ponyville Mysteries: Riddle of the Rusty Horseshoe" is released now! Equestria Daily: "Ponyville Mysteries: Riddle of the Rusty Horseshoe" Available Now
FiM comic 59 is also out now! Equestria Daily: FiM Comic 59 Downloads
October 4th, 2017
Amazon.com's German site lists the 2017 MLP movie on DVD March 16, 2018! Equestria Daily: Amazon.de 2017 MLP Movie Possible DVD Release Date
October 3rd, 2017
Netflix has added the 'Tales of Canterlot High" and it lists the specials! Equestria Daily: Netflix adds EqG Specials under "Tales of Canterlot High"
This week's FiM episode has a promo teaser! Equestria Daily: "Once Upon a Zeppelin" Teaser Promo
Canada may be airing two Season 7 episodes early! Equestria Daily Canada Airing "Uncommon Bond " and "Secrets and Pies" Early?!
October 2nd, 2017
Twilight rises into the sun for the next roundup! Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1441 MLP News
If you missed the "The Making of My Little Pony the Movie" special, it's been uploaded! Equestria Daily: "The Making of My Little Pony the Movie" Special Uploaded
More minor 2017 MLP Movie news, this time with ticket sales and events! Equestria Daily: Latest 2017 MLP Movie Minor News as of October 2 2017
October 1st, 2017
The next Equestria Girls short previously aired is up on Hasbro's YouTube page! Equestria Daily: "Subs Rock" on Hasbro YouTube Channel
The 2017 MLP movie Twitter page reveals six more posters! Equestria Daily: 2017 MLP Movie Twitter Additional Movie Posters
Two more TV spots show additional 2017 MLP movie scenes! Equestria Daily: Pony Fever and Epic Event TV Spots Additional 2017 MLP Movie Scenes
The 2017 MLP movie will be in 2500 movie theaters on opening day! Equestria Daily: 2017 MLP Movie Debuting in 2500 Theaters on October 6
You can use these 2017 MLP movie animated stickers in comments! Equestria Daily: 2017 MLP Movie Facebook Animated Stickers