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Movie The Princess Promenade (Part 1) Released:
The movie opens in Breezie Blossom with a song as Zipzee, Tra-La-La and Tiddlywink play with each other and a ladybug while others are gardening with one on a pogo stick sort of thing to plant seeds (which I admit is quite clever). When their song ends, Zipzee finds a flower and despite the warning sniffs the flower and ends up in another Breezie's house, admitting that she loves the smell of spring and tells her friend that it's spring and her friend proceeds to take a shower. As it turns out, Breezie showers take about a second as she allows water to drip from the leaf above her onto herself. Zipzee announces to everyone else that it's time for their trip to Ponyville for Wysteria's Garden Club meeting, the biggest of the season.
The rest of the Breezies rush over to the "stage" where Zipzee, Tra-La-La, and Tiddlywinks are standing and are told that they're all ready for it. Then, as before, the trio decide who will lead the way and they settle for all of them to go together. With another song, Zipzee helps others with their baskets and they finally arrive in Ponyville, where the meeting is taking place but no one in their seat hears Wysteria up front until she yells at them briefly. Her announcement gets interrupted as the Breezies enter with the usual Zipzee reaction to the flower that, this time, sends her out of the building and sliding into a tree, taking out rows of flowers in the process. She's okay of course and Wysteria knows that special gardening takes tons of patience. Yet another song opens (and it's my favorite from this movie) about gardening with the Breezies helping out (and Zipzee sneezing to each flower she sniffs). To fix this problem, Zipzee puts a clothespin on her nose. Uh-oh!

 Where'd her clothespin go? It was just on her nose at 7:39 into the movie but is gone at 7:43 into the movie!
Zipzee finishes the song with a final sneeze and a laugh from her friends. Wysteria comments on how lovely the garden looks until she see something she cannot describe (though it sounds like she was going for weed, which it probably is). Pinkie Pie arrives as Wysteria proceeds to yank the "thing" out of the dirt and she doesn't want to hear that Pinkie Pie figures it's a weed so the two of them dig to remove the weed. Zipzee tells them that Rainbow Dash wants to put purple flowers next to the red ones but she herself doesn't think it's right at all but considers the "thing" a beauty. As Wysteria and Pinkie Pie go to get the weed out, the hole is too big and the two of them fall into it and slide down below. Once again, it's a battle to find who goes in first but after they decide to in together, they don't all fit so Zipzee ends up going in and Tra-La-La argues with Tiddlywinks about who goes in next but (for a change) they decide to stay.
Meanwhile, inside the hole, Pinkie Pie and Wysteria have somehow become separated but quickly find one another and Zipzee, scaring one another in the process. Now they discover a rather nasty smell and two tunnels. While Wysteria and Zipzee follow the right-hand tunnel, Pinkie Pie thinks about where she wants to go but ends up following the other two. They discover a flow and a mound of.....something (even I don't know what it is and as far as I know, they don't mention it either) with a flower on top (that is apparently not one  Zipzee is allergic to because she doesn't sneeze). The mound crumbles and Spike emerges with an obnoxious yawn, spooking the ponies. Spike covers his ears (or what resemble ears) as the trio scream but is relieved when they stop. They don't know who or what he is and Spike doesn't even remember his own name until Zipzee asks about the spikes on his tail. Spike also explains that his smell has taken 1000 years to perfect.
Wysteria asks about his flower but Spike tells about a legend where the person (or pony) whom touches the flower owns it so Wysteria gets to keep it.
The ponies decide to give Spike the royal treatment once they get out and Spike agrees to show them that. Above ground, Tiddlywinks attempts to explain the story to the others with a little help from Tra-La-La. Just as Sunny Daze is about to enter the hole, the castle door opens and Pinkie Pie, Spike, and Wysteria are standing there as they explain where they were and are now going to the Petal Parlor to get cleaned up so they weave past the crowd and dart off. At the Petal Parlor, Daffy (presumably Daffidazy) is introduced to Spike and their story about the cave, then she gets asked if she can help Spike and she inspects him. After some thinking, she agrees to help and despite Spike's words to talk her out of bathing him, she gets him in the tub and starts a song. Spike tries to get out but after the scrub on his back, he slithers back in, more relaxed than before. The bath finishes and she moves on to drying him off and trimming his claws. The song comes to an end and while Spike is getting his hair done, Wysteria seems to have gotten her own hair manicure because she's shaking off towels from her mane and tail.
Spike's hair do is ready but it's more of a don't than a do. Daffidazy can't figure out what's wrong with herself today, that is until she realizes that Spike isn't a pony and deals with his hair again and impresses herself with the result. On a stage, Wysteria introduces her "audience" to Spike and they learn all about him while he introduces himself to the new princess Wysteria and PW (Princess Wysteria for short) can't believe her ears that she's now a princess. Back at the Petal Parlor, several ponies are getting their hair done and Daffidazy can't figure out what style of hair to do PW. PW enters, saying nothing has changed but there's still planning to do for the promenade but Spike enters, saying she must start her training. Zipzee offers to take up the role of planning and heads off before PW can respond. PW starts feeling a little more confident that it'll be fun being princess as Tiddlywinks and Tra-La-La agree to wait on her.
PW and Spike leave as her friends chant the first part of her new "name" and decide to plan out the promenade in honor of their new princess. Back in Breezie Blossom, Zipzee is needed by her friends to help but she must get her tools and head back to Ponyville. Inside her house (or what I presume is her house) she digs through her tool chest but can't find anything good enough for a princess. Inside the (Crystal Rainbow Castle?), Wysteria is balancing books on her head as Spike gives the next lesson in song with other ponies joining in. The song ends with several bowing before Wysteria, then Zipzee struggles to figure out which flower to which basket.
Meanwhile, things aren't going so well for the floats as things are falling over or (in the case of Rainbow Dash and Sweetberry) they argue over which of them caused the accident. They stop, however, when they see Wysteria and explain that they're working together on the float. Wysteria checks on Sunny Daze's float as Spike intervenes again, saying that princess don't water and that "Yo, 'steria" isn't a way to talk to a princess. Now Pinkie Pie and Minty are incidentally making their floats connected together and the two of them quarrel over whose float it is until Wysteria stops by and is interrupted that princess don't sniff or dig in the dirt. Uh-oh! At, 34:54 into the movie, where'd Minty's other leg go? She had it before Wysteria went to help dig at 34:33 into the movie but it seems to have disappeared after Wysteria is pushed away by Spike!

After another brief quarrel between the two about whose float Wysteria liked, Wysteria tells them their float is great with the two of them working together. Wysteria just wants to be called Wysteria, her friends don't understand. Spike restates what he said earlier but Wysteria doesn't find herself fun at all. At a "meeting", the ponies discuss the fact that Wysteria is missing from the Promenade but Pinkie Pie proposes that they do it themselves and everyone agrees. They also know that Zipzee did her best. Inside her "palace", Wysteria is starting to regret touching the flower and Spike hopes that she wasn't talking to him but she was talking to herself. Spike also hopes that she was telling herself what a great princess day has been done. Wysteria sadly agrees and walks out to the balcony, feeling depressed despite Spike's words of encouragement. Instead of helping Wysteria get to bed, Tra-La-La and Tiddlywinks try to fulfill Wysteria's request for Rainbowberry Juice but they cannot because (from what I gather) they need 3 Breezies total or it doesn't feel right. Zipzee is seeing that everything on her list doesn't match the floats.
Wysteria heads down to look at the floats and spots her own tiara float and figures that Minty helped due to the green on it, then goes around fixing the floats. Back inside, Wysteria makes an announcement to Spike that she wants to be herself and Spike falls asleep on the floor from his chair, insisting he's fine and he'll just find another princess. It takes Wysteria saying she still wants to be a princess and a yelling in Spike's ear to get Spike's attention again and Wysteria wants to teach Spike about being a pony. Meanwhile, Zipzee is still struggling with the baskets of flowers and ponders why she agreed to take up the job, then decides to put the bouquet of flowers on Wysteria's float.
She then overhears Tra-La-La and Tiddlywinks' usual lead-the-way quarrel an joins in and is reunited with them. Wysteria tells them that it's not hopeless and helps fix the float. The next day, Cotton Candy announces the first ever princess Wysteria and the floats start to pass by, then stop as Wysteria gives a speech about her role as being princess and to make everyone else a princess too by having each pony, one at a time, come up on to Wysteria's "stage" and get a special outfit (including a wingless Star Catcher-like pony complete with Star Catcher's symbol and hair colors) with an accompanying song. Uh-oh! At 47:56 into the movie, how is Rainbow Dash with the others on the ground when she was called up on stage to get her princess outfit at 46:32 into the movie? Everyone is a princess (or prince) too!