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Movie My Little Pony: The Movie (2017)
(Part 4)
September 24, 2017
As the song comes to a close, Tempest raises Twilight's cage to her eye level, then all the way up to the top where Twilight gets a view of new landscape. Twilight is sorry for what happened to Tempest but Tempest insists she was meant to be alone and wants Twilight to feel the same way.  However, Twilight has the opposite problem, she failed friendship. Meanwhile, the ponies lay on the shore, looking sad and wonder what to do next when Spike races in to announce that Twilight has been captured. They need to get her back but are up against tough opposition so Capper makes it clear he's got the backup they need.
 Rarity isn't so thrilled to see him but is among the others when Capper makes an epic description of the five of them. Captain Celano and his crew are ready to help out and commend the Mane Fives' work for getting their spirits back. Furthermore, Princess Skystar appears in her true form to help out, knowing full well that Queen Novo will not be the least bit thrilled if she finds out. While Spike is rather disappointed at their lack of new friends down below the depths, the group get set for the next part of their adventure.
In Canterlot, Storm King's henchmen have captured pretty much everyone else, including Songbird Serenade, whom decides to sing for comfort (and maybe for practice but comfort is probably more likely).  Unfortunately, the henchmen watching her doesn't like her singing and shuts her up. Worse still, Twilight is carted in and sees Songbird Serenade locked up too and cannot gaze for long. Tempest carts Twilight into the Storm King's lair and Twilight gets to see the misfortune that happened to the other princesses.
While Tempest is ready to see what she can really do, the noise gets Storm King's attention and he comes out to ask for some clarification before turning to Twilight. Twilight explains her status but Storm King doesn't take it seriously and learns why Twilight is still able to talk and move. Furthermore, he doesn't like the look of his lair, finding it much too cute (though I don't see where there's any cuteness in the room at all, except for maybe the stained glass windows). He takes his frustration out on the floor, which causes a chain reaction.
The princess' magic is absorbed into Storm King's staff and he finally gets what he came for. He blasts Twiligut out of her imprisonment and considers it  a 1st rate demonstration. Once outside, he finds he can move the sun around anywhere he wants, leaving Twilight and Tempest somewhat feeling the same thing. While Storm King fiddles with night and day, Capper has put a new plan into action using a cake and the remaining ponies as "being held captive". Eventually, Capper's words allow them forward but Pinkie Pie has to return to being solemn or the henchmen guarding the entrance will suspect they were tricked.
As the cake passes by, Grubber can't resist having a taste and uncovers an eye staring back at him. Before he can figure out what's going on, he's taken inside the cake, causing the henchmen to rebel. However, Rainbow Dash summons Captain Celano and crew and with the ponies help, they begin to subdue the henchmen. With Captain Celano and crew finishing off the remaining henchmen, the rest of the Mane Six head for Canterlot Castle. Along the way, the ponies find more henchmen so with Princess Skystar and Spike's help they get through.
Tempest is in shock at what's going on and Twilight already knows why but Storm King doesn't care about any of it and creates havoc of his own. The ponies need a plan and Rainbow Dash gives Pinkie Pie a good idea. Meanwhile, Tempest reminds Storm King of the deal but Storm King shoves her aside as he was only using her and never had any intention of fulfilling her request. Tempest strikes back, leaving herself to fly back and hang on for dear life while Storm King is temporarily motionless on the ground after impacting the castle wall.
Twilight has a tough decision to make and chooses to save Tempest just as she begins to leave the castle balcony railing. Back on solid ground, Storm King has come to and is ready to blast them away. Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie is using her Easy Bake Party Cannon to launch the rest of her group into the sky with  help from Captain Celano and crew. They soar through the air and take out Storm King, sending him several feet from where he once stood, leaving the staff embedded high up inside the castle wall. The group reunite but the danger isn't over as the staff is still glowing with magic and slices off the roof, revealing the storm outside.
 They need to get the staff and Twilight gets the group to work together by forming a long chain. Storm King races to be first and it ends up being a close race but Twilight comes out on top, leaving her to fly out the window into the storm with Storm King. As Tempest and the others watch on, the storm clears up and Twilight emerges with the staff safe and sound. The group hug but Storm King climbs up the balcony tower and is ready to strike again so Tempest intervenes, taking the two of them out and causing his statue to land in pieces on the ground below.
Fortunately, the ponies use the staff to bring the Tempest statue back onto the balcony and are in shock that Tempest did what she did. Only Twilight knows why and sets Tempest free. With the Mane Six uncertain as to what to do next, Tempest sets things straight by re-inserting the staff into the ground, freeing Celestia, Luna and Cadence from their statue prisons. Once everything is back to normal, Spike makes the announcement they've been waiting for, the performance of Songbird Serenade.
Before she begins, Songbird Serenade commends Twilight and her new friends for helping to save Equestria and the group gets a very cheerful celebration. Finally, without further ado, Songbird Serenade gets her performance underway, revealing she has backup dancers (though I don't know whether the ponies understand what she's singing since parts are difficult to understand thanks to Sia's accent but they may just be awestruck that she's singing at all). While she performs and dazzles the crowd with acrobatics, Rarity gives Capper a special outfit and Twilight finds Tempest , whom has realized that parties are a common occurence with the ponies in Ponyville.
Still, she'd rather have her horn fixed but Twilight says it's as powerful as the pony using it. Since she did want to show everone what she could do, she uses her horn to add some fireworks. Furthermore, Tempest Shadow isn't her real name and she secretly whispers it to Pinkie Pie (and I agree it's a pretty bad actual name, worse than some of the G3 pony names). Regardless, it's a name that Pinkie Pie excitedly accepts.