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Regular G3 Ponies 3
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Dark pink
Body: Dark gray
Personality: Runs around a lot, sometimes after standing still

Fun Fact: Her speed has let her travel 1000 miles in just a few minutes!
Sunset Glow
Hair: Dark blue
Eyes: Green
Body: Black
Personality: Often throws parties for her faraway friends, doesn't like long trips

Fun Fact: One of her parties ended with a Total Lunar Eclipse!
Twilight Moon Sparkle
Hair: Fuchsia, Light purple and blue
Eyes: Dark purple or green, depending on mood
Body: Purple
Personality: Has big mood swings
Fun Fact: She represents my two favorite ponies from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"!
Singing Butterflies
Hair: Pink and green
Eyes: Light blue
Body: Yellow
Personality: Gets stage fright, especially with big parts of a play or movie

Fun Fact: She fainted while playing Juliet in Romeo and Juliet!
Lullaby Song
Hair: Light purple
Eyes: Gold
Body: Light pink
Personality: Likes 80s music, ignores anything newer

Fun Fact: She plays a different 80s song each afternoon!
Sunshine Sweets
Hair: Light brown and gold
Eyes: Bright green
Body: Maroon
Personality: Always keeps a smile, even on bad days
Fun Fact: Even the darkest stories cannot keep her from smiling!
Rose Swirl
Hair: Pale green
Eyes: Blue
Body: Fuchsia
Personality: Open to new ideas, likes all flowers
Fun Fact: Her garden has one of every flower that exists!
Hair: White
Eyes: Yellow
Body: Dark blue
Personality: Laid back, doesn't like mornings
Fun Fact: She catalogues all sounds she hears at night each night!