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Regular G3 Ponies 10
Smile Heart
Hair: Red and purple
Eyes: Fuchsia
Body: Light pink
Personality: Makes graphic designs, fun loving, often excited for Valentine's Day

Fun Fact: Sometimes she'll even give out stickers of her graphics to other ponies!
Mrs. Aqua
Hair: Tourqoise
Eyes: Light purple
Body: Blue
Personality: Loves microorganisms 
Fun Fact: She's discovered 10 new microorganisms!
Loop-De-Loop Flip Flop
Hair: Light purple
Eyes: Light blue
Body: Purple
Personality: Always thinking
Fun Fact: It can take her days to come up with an idea!
Goofy Gold
Hair: Orange-red
Eyes: Light orange
Body: Yellow
Personality: Loves obstacle courses with silly endings, can collaborate with Silly Silver to add additional entertainment

Fun Fact: Most of her obstacle courses involve pies and silly string!
Chilly Freeze
Hair: Bright blue
Eyes: Bright green
Body: Blue
Personality: Gets angry easily, grows an icy horn when angry

Fun Fact: The angrier she gets, the more solid the horn becomes!
Snuggle Pie
Hair: Gold and green
Eyes: Pink
Body: Blue
Personality: Loves stuffed animals, especially making them

Fun Fact: She has over 2000 stuffed animals!
Hair: Purple and red
Eyes: Bright green
Body: Blue
Personality: Can be nosy, mostly for stories
Fun Fact: She once did a story on herself accidentally!
Grammar Slammer
Hair: Pink and purple
Eyes: Light purple
Body: Green
Personality: Strives for proper punctuation and grammar, can be sneaky

Fun Fact: Although rare, if he makes a typo, he'll have a nervous breakdown!
Fruity Twist
Hair: Dark Blue
Eyes: Pale orange
Body: Dark red
Personality: Hesitant to move, very apologetic
Fun Fact: She'd prefer to be in a wheelchair over walking!
Doodle Sleep
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Blue
Body: Green
Personality: Gets agitated easily, hates long journeys
Fun Fact: The longer she has to travel, the longer her rant becomes!