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Regular G3 Ponies
Flitter Butterfly
Hair: Blue and white
Eyes: Blue-purple
Body: Salmon pink
Personality: Handy with wood, dreams of literally flying like a kite one day

Fun Fact: Her dream of flying came from the Do Right Brothers when she saw them fly for the first time!
Hair: Depends on mood
Eyes: Light purple
Body: Yellow
Personality: Can have major mood swings
Fun Fact: She has enough electricity in her to power 100,000 homes!
Hair: Black and white
Eyes: Light pink
Body: Blue
Personality: Hardly complains, often likes to try her own food

Fun Fact: She invented Neighbiscut Cookies!
Chippy Doo
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Gold
Body: Light orange
Personality: Often uses similes, especially around Oreona

Fun Fact: He's trying to come up with a drink that involves his and Oreonas' favorite cookies combined!
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Light purple-blue
Body: Bright green
Personality: Avid lover of Jasmine, often distracted

Fun Fact: Each wall of his room has 20 pictures of Jasmine!
Hair: Red
Eyes: Light blue
Body: Light orange
Personality: Attentive to detail
Fun Fact: He managed to spot a typo in a VERY long name!
Smokey Flame
Hair: Red, orange, and yellow
Eyes: Dark blue
Body: Yellow
Personality: Loves destruction, mostly fires
Fun Fact: He was born from the hatred towards Smokey Bear.
Tidal Shores
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Dark sky blue
Body: Baby blue
Personality: Can have mood swings like the ocean
Fun Fact: When not fighting Smokey Flame, her rival, she tends to spend time relaxing at the beach as a way to literally cool off!
True Colors
Hair: Light purple
Eyes: Turquoise
Body: Rainbow colors
Personality: Passionate for the country, doesn't like dressing up

Fun Fact: She hopes one day to run for president!
Sweet Pie Swirl
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Green
Body: White
Personality: Generous, does not mind little mistakes

Fun Fact: Her dream is to enter a pie-eating contest!