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Ms. Sheila's Lessons

We use this technique to find the angle at which the fat meets the rest of the body. For example, we could use it to find the angle at which the belly meets the back hooves. To do this, you'd need to see the approximate angle where the bottom of the belly curves. Then you use that to find out the angle it rests on the back hooves. It's a fun way to learn how fat behaves and is a different way of sharing your knowledge with another pony.
Belly Beach
Belly Beach is Pudgyville's only beach. Residents come and go from it multiple days during the week. It's a relaxing location with plenty of sand dunes that resemble bellies, hence the name. Its name is also derived from the indentations in the sand residents here make with their belly and of course the occasional formation of a belly in the sand. The beach was formed by Flippy Dove Treat to give her new fatty friends a relaxing place to be. With plenty of fatty fun to be had, Belly Beach will continue to remain an icon and a hot spot for years to come.
An ancient city on the other side of Pudgyville that was thought to be lost long ago and is believed to have been accidentally sat on by a giant pony as evidenced by the giant rump-shaped imprint in the ground. Due to all the trees that surround the city, few even know the place had existed, let alone been apart of some kind of mishap. Residents in Plumpeii were indeed fat and may have built the city sometime after the early Pudgyville was built. Today, Plumpeii is empty as residents left after the accident occured. It is possible they found Pudgyville and live there now.
Those that have Flabnesia are unable to remember their weight number and can lose all memories if left untreated.
Heart Eyes
(Beginning, Desiring, Adoring, Maddening)
The Beginning stage is when the pony is first thinking about love. At the Adoring stage, the pony is in love but can easily snap out of it. The Desiring stage puts the pony deeper in love and is less likely to be out of love. In the Maddening stage, the pony is in love for life.
Explanations (events, etc)
Booty Beach
The very beach in Pudgyville you know as Belly Beach wasn't always called that. In fact, it used to be called Booty Beach. Why? Early Pudgyville residents didn't want to show their belly yet as they were so used to having to hide it during the town's anti-fat days. As a result, they showed their rumps while they were there and that's where the name came from. As you might expect, that changed and it's all thanks to Flippy Dove Treat. When residents started to show their belly, the beach was renamed Belly Beach to reflect that and the indentations the bellies made in the sand. Regardless of what name it's called, Belly Beach is the perfect place to relax so close to town and continues to be part of the town that supports fat exposure.
The Hungry Games
A competition created by Patricia that'll surely work up an appetite and a sweat because the competitors are required to be without food in the hours right before the event. Then, they compete for the dish provided at each event. Events pit ponies against each other in a variety of ways from running to jumping and swimming. The winner, which is decided by our three judges gets to decide whether to eat their earnings right then or save them for later, though will likely eat it then and there. Win or lose, The Hungry Games is fun for everyone, big or small.
Booty & Belly Day (aka Plumpsatubby Day)
We honor this holiday named after the pony (and their two fillies) whose actions determine what we do for fun that day once he comes out. If he rubs his belly, we have a big feast that night and play games during the day. If he slaps his rump, we wear specialized panties and skirts (or shirts if you're a male pony) for the day and share what Booty & Belly Day means to all of us.
Naughty Night
Named for its overweight festivities, Naughty Nighty is celebrated once a year on this date (October 31st) in Pudgyville. Residents pick out costumes and head to Ms. Sheila's school for a night of candy and fun. Of course, you may find we give candy a little differently than you're used to. Since the event lasts all night, school the following day is cancelled to allow everyone to get adequate sleep.
New Gainer's Day
This day honors ponies just starting to gain weight, or those trying to gain weight but not having any success. Those that celebrate this day give the new gainers food to help them achieve their goals. This is so they can not only feel like we care but ensures that there will not be any problems regarding their diet.
Plump Day
Celebrated on the third Wednesday in June, Plump Day honors those whose ancestors helped make what Pudgyville is today. Greetings are done by having two ponies bump bellies together, them bumping rumps together as a way of saying thanks for keeping this flab alive. Afterwards, you share the progression of how you came to be so big and you each exchange hugs.
It's a time of year where residents of Pudgyville can scour the ground for eggs filled with treats and/or paint eggs on their bodies. The name came from when the early Pudgyvillers thought it was Flanksgiving and had a feast in the evening after searching for eggs.
Muffin Top Day
A celebration on December 25th to honor the glorious fat bellies of Pudgyville that originated from one overweight pony named St. Pudgemas trying to slide down the chimney and getting stuck, leaving a muffin top. Participants decorate their bellies with glitter and parade through the town, delivering gifts to their fat friends.
This is a holiday we celebrate every year and it honors the day fat and skinny ponies came together after Flippy Dove Treat ended the war. Its name is from the first initiation, with a skinny and a fat pony touching flanks.