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Ms. Sheila's Lectures

Jiggle Mound Avalanche
An alluring sight for any that see it as this is the action of a fatty lifting their own fat or the fat of another fatty and letting go. This generally causes the fat to bounce and jiggle in place for a few seconds. It works especially well if the fat is already exposed but will generally become exposed if the outfit is tight where the action is applied. Of course, the fatter the occupant is, the more appealing the result. In Pudgyville, this is seen with the ponies that have mates for the pleasure of their significant other. It's a very sexy way to show your fatty friend that you care about them.
Jiggle Mound Crevasse Canyon
You're probably familiar with this term under a different name but it's the revealing of the top part of the Jiggle Mound Crevasse, usually as a result of a tight outfit. It is a very common sight in Pudgyville as all our fatty residents put it on display by default. Unlike Jiggle Mound Flash, however, this phenomenon isn't restricted to fatties. If you're skinny and revealing this part of the body, you're revealing the Jiggle Mound Crevasse Canyon as well. As a general rule in town, the more of this that is exposed, the happier the pony or ponies seeing it will be as it means a good part of the rump may be on display. Of course, some may choose to reveal all of it and that also falls under this event. Either way, the event is a reminder that our residents fully support a sexy rump exposure.
Jiggle Mound Overlap
A pretty common sight if you're a fatty given that the space you need is generally much smaller than the space you have available. As a result, the body is distorted so that it can "fit" into the space, often making the occupant uncomfortable. However, it can also occur even if there's plenty of space available such as brushing past an object that is close by. In the same fashion, the fat is distorted during the period it is pressed against the object(s). While not a typical event in Pudgyville, it's still appreciated here.
Jiggle Mound Oscillation
We've all seen this and recognize it as the hypnotic movement of fat when walking. It is most seen from the back with the rump but also appears with the belly. It can also be made to happen on your own by slapping the area yourself. The name comes from the back-and-forth movement of the fat and is something we all enjoy seeing.
Jiggle Mound Flair
Jiggle Mound Flair is the scientific term for accentuating the fat of your body, usually with jewelry. Clothing doesn't really count towards this as it actually covers the body more than it accentuates it. Jewelry is typically the easiest to apply to the body, making it ideal for when you want a little extra. One would think thongs would apply to this but they do generally cover the one area that goes against this sort of thing.
Belly Birthmark
It goes by other names too but has the same overall meaning. It is the very spot where you were connected to your mom and is an iconic part of Pudgyville given we see it a lot here. The scientific term was derived from a pony named Nay Veil, whom came up with the term when he was required to sign his name. He then realized his own name could be a scientific term. Of course, it was modified to what it is today but we thank him for his contribution anyway. We at Pudgyville enjoy our Belly Birthmarks all the same.
Jiggle Mound Crevasse
A scientific term for a very familiar part of the body. The bigger one is, the more likely it is to be exposed from clothing. The name is based on where the two fat halves of the rump meet as well as referencing similar cracks in solid surfaces like rocks. The pony that coined the term was a Geologist studying rocks and one of his colleagues made it as a joke. Since then, he's made it the scientific term and is also the pony to coin the term for fat in general called the Jiggle Mound. We're always happy to see the Jiggle Mound Crevasse in Pudgyville and it's also part of our iconic Cheeky Mountains.
Jiggle Formula
The Jiggle Formula was invented by a pony fittingly named Belle E. Jiggle. It is comprised of three separate formulas that combine and are inputed into the Jiggle Formula. These formulas are Belly, Booty and Muffin Top. Each formula has its own assigned letter. B for Belly, Y for Booty and M for Muffin Top. The formulas are written as follows:
J = B + Y - M
B = W (o - 35)
Y = B/2
M = B - Y
States of Jiggle Matter
The four states of Jiggle Matter are Soft, Squishy, Bouncy and Flabby. They reflect the changes to one's body over time with eating habits. During the Soft state, you can press into some areas of your body. Next is the Soft state, where the softness becomes much more apparent. The third state of Jiggle Matter is Bouncy and this is the stage that you and I are most likely in now. The fat is able to bounc and sway as the body moves about. Finally is the Flabby state. Fat is abundant and there's no denying you're a fatty.
Explanations (events, etc)
Belly Birthmark Types
We all have Belly Birthmarks but there are also different types of Belly Birthmarks. An obvious one is the one you see most commonly in Pudgyville, the Spiral Belly Birthmark. It is named because of the spiral-like shape it resembles. Of course, there are variations that are more "in depth" than others but it's all the same idea. The next one is the Tri-Belly Birthmark, which we've found with Bouncy Love and Overflowing Love so far, and is shaped like a triangle. The other one, which we've never had here yet, is the Enhanced Belly Birthmark, which is basically the reverse of all other Belly Birthmarks. It sticks out as opposed to sinking in. You'll likely find it with pregnant ponies but it can also be found with ponies not undergoing any sort of changes. Whichever one you have, you can bet we'll be there to admire the fat belly it's attached to and all the moments it becomes visible, whether intentional or not.
The Great Jiggle War
Although Flippy Dove Treat had won the War of Fattrition, a new war started called The Great Jiggle War. It was a different kind of war in that ponies debated what size was best to represent the town and its new philosphy. Once again, Flippy stepped in but found it much harder to sway the early Pudgyville fatties that it was fine to be fat at any size. Worse still, she was chastized for "not having the right fat size". After years of planning and attempts to convince the town's early inhabitants, Flippy finally turned the residents over to the idea that fat at any size is a good way to represent the early town of Pudgyville.