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Brittany's Belly Beginnings
My parents were known for their big words. They didn't think small words were worth saying as they felt they were more for younger ponies. Of course, as one would expect, anyone they talked to had to understand them but from what I could tell at a young age, they seemed to. I on the other hand did not and always had to ask them what they were talking about. When they didn't really feel like telling me, which was quite often, usually because the conversation was important, I had to look up the words I didn't know myself. Since then, I've made it my mission to explain what I'm saying to others in case they don't get it. My weight was the result of lots of reading, either to understand the words in the books I read or to just read the books and I often ate while I read. The big words sure made the stories more interesting and I think helped me better visualize what was going on. Once my parents' friends moved away or moved on to other things, we decided to move to Pudgyville where I've become friends with many other ponies.