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Nightmare Herald

A blog that details the newspaper articles and events Pon-Evil residents want outsiders to believe.


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Date (Article #)
Date (Article #)
12/29/21 (Article #16)
Navelle Translates to "Pon-Evil is the Best"
Yes, as awkward as it sounds, the name "Navelle" from Depthtopia's side of the town actually translates to a slogan we created. If you were to look into our town's dictionary, you'd find a whole slew of words made up by other towns that we've translated into English.
12/17/21 (Article #15)
Truffle Delight is a Pon-Evil Resident
He's got all the hallmarks of being a member. The only reason he isn't evil like us is part of his way of infiltrating Pudgyville. He's even snared a pony into believing his every word. You don't really think he's all girly and nice do you? That's part of his act.
12/9/21 (Article #14)
The Grayscale Girls Write Articles for Us
It may seem like they're writing about news in their side of town but we're the ones behind the articles. We tell them what to write, then hide it using advanced technology to make it seem innocent enough. You don't see the real text until it's too late.
11/23/21 (Article #13)
Alleged Fossils in Pudgyville are Fakes
Just like with the court case, Pudgyville has unearthed fake fossils from underground, probably planted there by the old town's residents as a prank. If you tried to hold them, they'd crumble away into nothing.
11/7/21 (Article #12)
Depthtopia's Groups are Bogus
Each group of Weightopia's side of Depthtopia is actually all the same group in disguise. They'd want you to believe they're all the same but if you take off the phony body suits, which I might add make them look fat when they're skinny, you'll see their true nature.
9/23/21 (Article #11)
Pon-Evil Has Evidence of Beauty Belle Court Case Fraud
In our cute little hooves, we have a tape proving the results of Beauty Belle's case were manipulated so she'd be thrown in jail. She was actually an innocent pawn in Pudgyville's game of lies.
9/11/21 (Article #10)
Pudgyville Pilfers Photos from Us
In what is probably the town's biggest surprise, we've found evidence they stole photos from us and they were altered! We were behind the great war, both how it started and how it ended. The town claims someone named Flippy Dove Treat was responsible for ending it and that the town was previously anti-fat. What a joke! Take it from us. We were there and they weren't.
9/1/21 (Article #9)
Joyful Town Wins Best Behaved Award
That's right! We've won an award for best behavior. It was our hard work and determination that allowed us to succeed. We'd like to thank ourselves for keeping friendly with everyone and we're anticipating more of the same in the future.
8/20/21 (Article #8)
The Big Merge was a Ruse
The so-called "Depthtopia" is nothing more than a giant lie. There's no such place on any map and would you really believe that two sides would actually join together so quickly?
6/23/21 (Article #7)
Weightopia Caught Stealing from Other Towns
We can prove it was them and that they stole. It's a real page turner. The photos don't lie, nor do we. The town's mayor is the most shocking of all. She orchestrated the theft and helped make a big haul.
6/11/21 (Article #6)
Depthtopia Hiding a Deep Dark Secret
We know it's not just about their love of fatties with deepness at the belly's center. They're using that kink to get rich off of everyone in town. Their owner already ruled that they owe her money.
4/24/21(Article #5)
Pon-Evil Opens Up Donation Store
Residents of Pon-Evil opted to open a store for donations. "They're totally free and it's also free to donate items. We're not even picky about what we accept as a donation," said Nightmare Danger. Decimator added that they'll have them all over town in the coming months.
8/24/20 (Article #4)
Pudgyville is Modeled after Pon-Evil
Yes, you read that right, Pudgyville copied us. We started the whole idea to have a town and they stole it. We went against the grain and now they're doing it. They're the true bad guys, we're just vastly misunderstood.
8/12/20 (Article #3)
Ponyville Doesn't Exist
A look at a map shows no sign of Ponyville anywhere so anyone claiming to have been there is a liar. There's no record of it ever being there in the first place and all maps claiming to show it are fake.
3/19/20 (Article #2)
Pon-Evil - A Paradise for All
At Pon-Evil, it is official that we're not evil at all. We just like a little humor as much as the next pony. In fact, the entire name is backwards and actually reads "Live Long". Our sinister faces are all an act using contact lenses and masks.
3/1/20 (Article #1)
Pudgyville Weight Gain Proven a Hoax
It has been confirmed that Pudgyville's alleged weight gain never actually happened. It's just stuffed balloons or special effects. They also don't support anyone but themselves and will lash out at anyone they don't like.