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The Squishy Impression

A blog that details the newspaper articles and events as they occur in Navelle.


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Date (Article #)
Date (Article #)
6/9/20 (Article #8)
Fatty Food Favored by Rotund Residents
Residents have found the food to taste better than anyone had hoped for. "There's fruit inside, which I think is key to why we all like it. Of course, the fruit is covered with chocolate so it's a double delight. We only need one per meal though as they're pretty large," stated Wonder Shine. Fairy Love added that since she's considering baking, she can try to make them herself so that the expenses can then go to building the town further.
6/1/20 (Article #7)
Voluptuous Video Uploaded to Sexy Site
In hopes of getting more ponies to come, residents have helped create a website to advertise the town. "It's called "Deep Belief" as a reference to whom we hope will be more fatties with kinks like ours. We of course accept fatties in general but this town currently has residents with our kink. It's a very interactive site too. My sister and I have little animations done where users can interact with us to see what we're like before meeting up," explained Bouncy Love. Fairy Love says she loves the interactivity most of all. Overflowing Love said they had to spend many hours to get the site working properly as the animations were tricky to put online.
5/20/20 (Article #6)
School Schematics Puzzle Rotund Residents
The new school's design layout was revealed to the small number of residents in the town but they don't quite know what to make of it. "It's nice but I'm not sure I can see the final product yet," remarked Wonder Shine. Bouncy Love said that it's only a rough draft and plans to work on it in between meetings with Eduardo and other town activities.
5/8/20 (Article #5)
Fatties Fix Financial Fears with Food
In order to compensate for the residents living there, food has been provided to the town with temporary selling places. "It's probably not what everyone wants but it's a starting point and it's not that expensive to buy or sell," explained Wonder Shine. Fairy Love said that the food is still fattening, which is useful for the town's philosophy.
4/26/20 (Article #4)
Deep Divas Receive Remarkable Results
Bouncy Love and Overflowing Love were able to get more insight on what it takes to be mayor from Eduardo in Pudgyville. "He told us that we should come up with a list of things ponies should have to meet in order to become mayor and have candidates be tested for that criteria in the best way possible. We asked Eduardo to explain that further and he said that one of the things he was required to do was run the town successfully, which meant trial runs on a smaller scale. We'll maybe wait until we have more residents before doing our own trial runs," explained Bouncy Love. Overflowing Love added that those that didn't make it as mayor could be given other jobs in the town if they were capable of doing so.
4/10/20 (Article #3)
First Fatty Friends Arrive
New ponies with a love of navels as a whole have made their way into town. "I'm Wonder Shine and these are my friends. We found out about this town but weren't sure whether anyone would actually love navels like we do. It felt like a dream to find this town and see that it's true. We're not yet sure about the school, though. We'll need more information about it first," explained Wonder Shine. Bouncy Love says the school currently has limited seats but the schedule slowly takes you through the perks of being a fatty. Overflowing Love says she may partake in the school as well to provide the more "in depth" class if being mayor doesn't work out.
3/27/20 (Article #2)
Jiggly Duo Starts New Fatty School
Bouncy Love has opened up a school for those wanting to learn more about what makes them tick. "Admission is currently free and will teach ponies to love being fat, and if feeling adventurous, take it to the next level. Figured I needed something to balance out my sister's own career at being mayor. Of course, she hasn't gotten there yet," explained Bouncy Love. Overflowing Love added that they'll contact Pudgyville mayor Eduardo for tips on what criteria should be met to become mayor.
3/9/20 (Article #1)
Deep Relationship Formed from Tubby Town
Residents of Navelle celebrated with the start of their very own town, though there were few residents to start with. "It's only just getting started. We'll soon get others into place but for now, we'll be okay. We even have a sexy neighborhood. We'll need to elect a mayor as well so that'll come first," explained Bouncy Love. Overflowing Love said she'd like to make herself mayor given it was her idea to create the town as a whole.