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Depthtopia (2021)

A blog that details the newspaper articles and events as they occur in Depthtopia.


Date (Article #)
Date (Article #)
12/25/21 (Article #14)
Big Belly Bullies Bring Better Behavior
In a surprising twist, Navelle's biggest residents opted to help the navel duo out in pretty much everything they needed. "We figured we can't bully them into making changes. They clearly need more help and we wouldn't have felt better about ourselves either. We each don't have many skills but I think we have enough to help out," said Melody Chime. Singing Hop noted they'll use their sheer size to advertise the town in a multitude of ways. Bouncy Love and Overflowing Love said they weren't expecting any help from their newest residents but is greatful they've turned things around.
12/13/21 (Article #13)
Tubby Inventors Making Fake Inventions?!
Group I's devices have come into question considering their quick releases. "We're just good at getting things right. Of course, we all check for issues but it never takes long as they aren't complex. Having 7 of us to each check the device before selling it really helps out. I don't see why it's being considered a bad thing," stated Honey Link. Sunshine Love added that the devices also have error messages built in so the problem can easily be identified and fixed.
12/5/21 (Article #12)
Anthro Residents Obtain Obese Statue
Much like Pudgyville, Navelle's side of Depthtopia now has a statue but it's not built for just one holiday. "We wanted a statue with more flair. This one can be used for any holiday. We just have to switch the setting to match the holiday in question. We had Mrs. Jiggle help us design it and Eduardo built it for us but said it would need to be maintained every other year to keep it working," explained Bouncy Love. Overflowing Love said the two of them and other residents that may be a part of the town are among the settings.
11/27/21 (Article #11)
Luscious Learning Leads to Remarkable Recess
Mrs. Prime Mary had her first recess break at her academy this week. "It actually felt good to let them have fun for a bit, whatever that may be within reason. Talk about taking weight off my shoulders. I can see why Pudgyville enjoys this so much. I was foolish to be so rule-heavy. Still, it is an academy so there will be rules, just less of them," stated Mrs. Prime Mary. Spiral Sweet added she's been allowed back in but has to wear a light colored shirt to minimize the glowing of her navel.
11/19/21 (Article #10)
First Rotund Residents Prove Particularly Problematic
Navelle's side of Depthtopia got more than they bargained for thanks to residents proving to outweigh their expectations. "Just look at us. We're fatter than the two running this place. Do they expect us to be pushed around by them? I hope not. We should be telling them what to do. They don't even know what they're doing," stated Singing Hop. Melody Chime said they've never seen a town so poorly handled.
11/11/21 (Article #9)
Bountiful Black Beauty Apologizes to Deep Navel Divas
Mayor Goldie Rain felt bad for the owners of the Navelle side of town not being allowed access. "I cannot speak for my own residents because I have only about half the control over them as I don't want them to feel restrained. At the same time, I want them to behave themselves and interact a bit each week. What they did back there was unacceptable. After all, we're two sides of the same coin. We should allow access to each side," explained Goldie Rain. Sunny Belle said she tried reasoning with Goldie Rain about thie issue but was quickly turned down.
9/27/21 (Article #8)
Colorful Cuties Build Bountiful Beauty
Navelle's side of Depthtopia finally got structures built but not in the way you might think, nor with how they looked. "Finally everyone here has a place to stay. Since the town is funded properly, we had money to spend on things that were necessary like homes. We opted for our anthro look with a more soft but rubbery design so that they'd last in strong winds and still look appealing. They're all two-story houses as well so you get a sexy view on the 2nd level," explained Overflowing Love. Bouncy Love said they just need residents to get the ball rolling more efficiently and expects to have them soon thanks to advertising.
9/19/21 (Article #7)
Grayscale Girls Admit Amusing Accident
The town's Grayscale Girls, whom design the town newspaper Deeper Intrigue, found themselves at fault for something related. "We were making the newspapers as usual but I tripped and ended up in the ink machine, which turned me from white to black and made it difficult for me to explain that Printy Pie wasn't me," stated Heart Princess. Printy Pie said even she was confused regarding the incident until they saw the puddle of ink on the floor.
9/3/21 (Article #6)
Anthro Admirers Showcase Sexy Shirts
The more colorful side of town opted for their own approach to fashion. "Each one has a message and a design on it. You can also change their appearance to your liking as both the letters and the design are customizable. We got inspiration from Computie Pie's inventions to make our own. Of course, we're much more technologically challenged so it wasn't going to be as fancy," explained Bouncy Love. Overflowing Love said some shirts do accentuate the navel if users are so inclined and come with designs that by default further showcase the area.
8/24/21 (Article #5)
Rotund Residents Gain Tubby Trend Setters
The latest group to arrive proved to have their own fashion statement. "We're the Core Group. Core is short for Corset, which is what we're wearing. We all have different preferences for how to wear them but we all know they're the best way to showcase flab because they either cause the flab to push out from underneath or are allowed to jiggle freely," explained Bubble Sun. Nightly Love added that they'll be selling their own personal line in the future.
6/19/21 (Article #4)
Deep Navel Divas Denied Other Side
Bouncy Love and Overflowing Love have opted to view the other half of their town but were met with restrictions. "They told us to stay on our side of the town, as if we weren't allowed but there was no sign saying we couldn't have a look. Besides, they're right there. Why shouldn't we have a look to see what they're all about?" explained Bouncy Love. Overflowing Love said they even showed that they were in the same overall theme as the residents but were still declined. Sunny Belle from Weightopia said they were traitors for having a town and thinking they could come over to the other side.
6/7/21 (Article #3)
Jiggly Mayor Opts for Rule Requirement
Mayor Goldie Rain has decided to require residents to talk to ponies they haven't met before at least once a week. "It gets pretty stale around here not to have proper discussion. Besides, there's no way to know whether you'll like the other pony or not unless you talk to them. They can resume their discussions the following day but by then, they'll have something else to discuss," said Goldie Rain.
4/20/21 (Article #2)
Rotund Residents Attend Academy
Depthtopia's other residents have been accepted into Weightopia Academy as they were in need of more students. "We made an exception for this group because they're a part of our town and they proved they had what it takes to get in," stated Mrs. Prime Mary. Sunny Belle noted that It takes less time to process the updated applications so you'll know on the same day whether or not you got in.
4/12/21 (Article #1)
Two Tubby Towns Become One
Weightopia, which had some success has opted to join forces with a town across the way that had financial struggles. "It was the only sensible thing to do. My town wasn't getting new members and neither were theirs. I wasn't originally happy with the decision until after I saw just how bad we were doing," explained Goldie Rain. Rainbelly said now they have others to talk to in case their own groups aren't willing but notes that it may not be enough to get the ponies to talk to one another.